Satyamev Jayate 4th Episode: Does Healthcare Need Healing?

People believe medical practitioners to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to safeguard their health. Many a times this belief becomes a nightmare. Though a few doctors have bought ridicule to this noble profession, most still want to maintain the sanctity of their Hippocratic Oath. What do you think? Can you trust your doctor?


If you have already watched Satyamev Jayate 4th episode which was broadcast on 27th May 2012, please send your votes on the official website of Satyamev Jayate where Amir Khan ask this question-

“Should every state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their state so that all citizens get medicines at the lowest possible price?”

Just visit this official website of Satyamev Jayate & give your vote. Your 10 seconds can bring a change in the society.

Watch Here the Full Episode of Satyamev Jayate


Some highlights from above episode of Satyameva Jayate

After highlighting a series of social issues affecting Indian society, film actor Amir Khan, in the fourth episode of his show Satyameva Jayate, turned the spotlight on healthcare and malpractices in the medical profession. Compromised ethics, corruption, scandalous revelations in medical treatments were among issues highlighted by Khan with the help of research and experts.

Plight of common man

Satyamev Jayate brought to light the shocking cases of a number of unfortunate people who suffered at the hands of fraud doctors. A well researched team of Amir shows the plight of common people who are deprived of medical facilities because they can’t pay the fee or charge of medicine. In support of this they told the highlighted an incident where a 24 year old pregnant woman died along with her unborn child due to the doctor’s insensitivity and lack of medical attention. VS Venkatesh is one of the victims of the medical fallacies. Though Venkatesh’s problem could be cured easily, doctors made him undergo four surgeries unnecessarily.

Hyderabad based Arvind Kumar’s case was a bit similar. Although Arvind was admitted to ICU for three days and was advised to undergo a surgery; he refused to follow the doctor’s advice and relied on his own intelligence, thus avoiding a surgery. But none of these patients could not escape the huge hospital bills.

Operation uncalled for

Incidents involving an army major and his wife (who died because of forced surgery) and patients being mislead regarding illnesses were relayed. But the shocking tale was that of a village in Andhra Pradesh where women (on a large scale) were advised to undergo operations for uterus removal. Dr PV Ramesh, who was among the guests on the show, said it is impossible that so many women would have had to undergo the operation. As a result of those faulty operations, women are unable to conceive and have been lurching in the throes of poverty.

Solutions Provided By Amir Khan

As a solution, Khan introduced and promoted the one of the best concept of Generic Medicines. Dr Samit Sharma, IAS, Managing Director, Rajasthan Medical ServicesDr Samit Sharma   Corporation, who came to the show, has been helping poor people in Rajasthan by setting up Generic Medical centers aiming at selling medicines at a MUCH cheaper price.

Amir also congratulated Dr Samit Sharma and encouraged him to open such centers in all states of India and requested audiences to lend their support for this noble cause. They even announced some great help if someone wants to open a Generic Medicine center in your area.

Amir also highlighted the positive side of our healthcare system after showcasing the noble workDr Prasad Shetty of Dr Devi Prasad Shetty who is running Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore.  By just paying say Rs. 10 every month, Dr Shetty is helping people from the lower strata of society to undergo expensive surgeries which would have been impossible otherwise. They are also working well in Chennai & AP and trying to bring the awareness all over India.

The show, in totality, focused on how our healthcare system is in a shamble, and what steps should be taken to bring about some positive changes in its functioning. While educating audiences, the show has raised slew of questions on the doctor-patient relationship. To what extent can we trust our doctors? Do they really care for our well being? Are they justifying their profession by doing illegal act? Amir says on the show, human value is priceless and it does not matter if we are rich or poor. We must know our rights and put up precise questions! As well-meaning citizens, we need to chip in with our contribution to the society and help others out, just the way Amir does in every episode of Satyamev Jayate.

We the people can bring the change. By passing the message of such facilities among the people, we can have more and more such hospitals and generic medicine centers. I really want your help to vote for the issues raised in this episode. Just click here to visit the official site and vote.


  1. Rishikesh says:

    The program will definitely bring change, always hope for good things to happen in India.

    • Only HOPE, this will definitely NOT CHANGE any thing. This is BUISNESS just like IPL, to make lots of money on VIEWERS rating.We am adami will waste time on these programs and Celebrities will earn money and enjoy

      • Samarth says:

        I think you have your issues Mr. Sinha. All your replies have to do a lot more towards IPL then the issue. Atleast amir is making a effort, may i ask what have you been doing to tackle this problem. Hope is the only thing we have to live up to. It inspires people to change the system instead of “it will not achieve anything”

        Please do not delete the comment

        • RAVIKANT says:

          Dear Samarthji, Great to see you being positive, but please think what Aamir is showing is negativity to raise TRP of the programme, where are the those tens of positive incidents behind each negative incidents? He is destroying FAITH and that is dangerous for the patients, they will get confused and it is a matter of LIFE.

          • Tejaswini says:

            Please dont use the words like TRP, business or Publicity . They are trying to do something good, if possible support them otherwise let them do.

          • Shivaji Mathur says:

            @Ravikant, Those who go through rough phases in life at the hands of unscrupulous medical fraternity will definitely empathize with Aamir’s episode on Healthcare needs Healing. For others it can be a TRP gambit but definitely not for people like us who have suffered. Aamir is doing our job.

          • Samarth says:

            Sure Mr Ravi. You need to show the truth however negative it be, only then can you know the true extent of the problem. Once we know this, then we can change the situation. Aamir is not doing this show for TRP’s that i’m sure off. Even if one person gets empowered by watching this show, then it will be worth it. I know, i’m being very simplistic but i strongly believe in it.

        • Increasing TRP is vry minor thought. Showing reality which all of us are experiencing is a reality.

      • Tejaswini says:

        They are doing some good things dont try to say bad about this..
        This is the main thing why India is not improving that is we are not supporting good things. If anybody doing some good things, if possible support or help them otherwise keep quite please dont oppose to that. Let them do.

        What Amirkhan is doing know that is really great,every Indian has to support n everyone has to get aware of that.

        • RAVIKANT says:

          @Shivaji, I think if you have suffered (I dont know the technical details) you would not be going to a doctor again. My only concern is-this is a delicate issue please portray it in the right manner so that FAITH is not destroyed. Thats why I said for every one bad incident few good incidents should also have been shown. It should have been a balancing act. My question is-with so much of acrimony towards docs how all of us would be treated. Ills are everywhere, no-one is trying to locate the root cause-we need a new Constitution for the 21st century India. To clarify Im not a Doctor-Im a CA.

          • Shivaji Mathur says:

            @Ravikant, yes I have suffered and that too at the hands of doctors who were supposedly as good as my friends as I was regular with them for a long time. You probably did not see full episode. Aamir has shown interviews with doctors and medical practitioners who do not endorse the unhealthy way of functioning of medical practice in India today. If I am alive today to write these few lines is because of professional genuineness of few doctors as compared to ingenuity in a huge mass of others. The aim of telecast is to make masses become aware of various means being adopted by the doctors, pharmacists and pathologists for their financial benefits at the cost of others’ health. We urban people, with awareness of everything happening around us get trapped by unscrupulousness, imagine the rural people who do not at most times be even ready to believe these means adopted by doctors unless they see such programmes.

          • Mr Ravikant you are not a doctor but sure seem to be there consultant making lots of money out of their ill gotten wealth.. so pls stop shielding them and tell them to mend their ways or else faith will go and you and me cannot stop it from going..

      • yes every thing is BUSINESS like IPL not changing any thing because most of the people thinking like us.but In India one person doing to change at lest 1% percentage.
        that person is AMER KHAN.but what we do for our India.

        • RAVIKANT says:

          @Ajay this is the problem of our country all will talk bullshit and do nothing. I challenge you first go and enquire about me and then comment and I hope you would be doing a lot for this country. We all will be very much pleased to know about those details. Have guts and reply me for my details. You wont bcoz you will not have time except for yourself.

    • rushiukesh says:

      if anybody trying to good things for our country

      We always seeing possitively .

      One day that should be good result.

    • Dr.Umesh Kar says:

      I am watching the show for last 4 episodes, probably missed earlier 2-3 episodes. These are really SUPERB in many senses.First ,it is informative,second it is the sordid stories that happen around us and need a sense of protest, realization, motivation for the safeguard of helpless innocent lives of our society who reap the sufferings for no fault of theirs..I am really moved.And more important is the way of nice and heart touching.We are really ignorant of many things and this show enlightens our knowledge .It should go on…..

  2. yes very state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their states…If each one of us wud try, we wud definately achieve the goals for everythings thats shown in satyamev jayte

    • Dear Dolly,
      satyamev jayte is just like IPL to make lots of money, this will not achieve any goal except Amir & the chenal will make lots of money. State or Centre governments are for Tata , Ambanies not for you or me ” AM ADAMI’

  3. Manikandan Ramakrishnan says:

    Its a Brave show.Heart Touching and meaningful show…

    Thanks to Amir Khan for handling great show.

  4. Gopinathan Nair says:

    I am regularly watching this programme. All Indians should spend some time to watch this to know where we are and what is happening here.

    • You are right, every indian should spend as much as posible time to watch this so that Amir and the Chenal can earn lots and lots of money by chenal rating, more then IPL,do you expect any result, just remember after six months.

      • wow your super,u have grate business tomorrow we start one program like this then we also earn more money.[If we didnt get any result and at same we didnt get any lose ]

  5. Rahul Gupta says:

    Hello Team,

    Its really appriciated that you have taken right move against the genric issue.

    Rahul G

    • Dear Rahul Gupta,
      right move against the genric issue, for what? t remove social problems. Sorry this is just BUSINESS like IPL. When ANNA could not do any thing what these programes will do.

      • k c shah says:

        Dear sinha,

        Be Positive! when nothing changes there is a great change happening soon forget IPL its a controversy ! its a game not every Indian is involved in it. But when it comes to medicine vevry citizen is involved sometime in thier life! Let cheers atleast some one has taken an initiative to bring a change in the society, instead of writing a comments you can also start something to chnage the society atleast if you can achieve 5 to 10% its a big change for the country. Think and Be Positive.

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Please ask him to substatiate the effectiveness by Randomised Control Trial reports of generics vis-a-vis Branded, he is saying only half truth, remember Mahabharat Asvathama mara gaya magar hathi.

  6. L.N.Arora says:

    I salute to the efforts of Amir Khan & its a very good awekening show I support hearedly

  7. narinder malik says:

    real meaning of RAM RAJYA is Satya Mev Jayate. we all talk about honesty, trthfulness, sweet, sincere to duty but in reality we all do the opposite. let us all pledge that we all should start working towards the betterment of the society by our acts. Lust for money and power is the great hurdle towards this goal. I sincerely work towards the mission Satya Mev Jayate.


    I was observing since from last 4 episodes each and every week i am observing different topics and i felt that the people around us are suffering from so many problems and i felt human beings are supposed to behave like human being and no other animals also do not do like this

    • B.N.K. Reddy,
      animals also do not do like this but HUMAN DO.The fault is in our socity so deep we can not think, but these programs ( this or caun banega karorpati etc)are not to reduce fault is in our socity but just for Business to make money and donot expect any result

  9. Raghunath Hampi says:

    Yes Priya we can certainly change the things but we must come together. We got freedom from the cluches of English rule because our forefathers fought without caring for their life family. But unfortunately now we the people think first for self, family, relatives and last is the society. We have to change this to first soceity, then for ourselves and society change in society will automatically change our life also.

  10. Rajan Joshi says:

    Talk shows exhibiting reality are good. Hope someday, someone will take up something seriously.

  11. Col SS Pundir says:

    Yes we can do a lot. Charity begins at home, least we can do is to take first step ourself. As far as medicine are concerned, we should focus on alternative medican treatments like yoga, naturopathy, unani and homeopathy treatment which are affordable by all.

  12. sharad mohan says:

    super show

  13. chandrika says:

    yes it is a fact that the show hosted by amir khan is making the public aware of the social evils we are facing in our country today. it is a good show in respect of making the people aware that something is wrong somewhere and some steps have to be taken. getting aware is the first step toward success. success is pretty far at this stage. the evils that have been plaguing the country for centuries cannot be abolished but awareness is the need of the hour and this has been done by amir khan in a good way. we should all support it and endorse it. we should at least know the true situation and know where what is wrong and try to rectify it. and whenever such a situation arises in our life we should try to support the truth rather than save our skin which we have been doing all these years albeit unknowingly. this will surely bring the change that amir khan wants to bring to india. satyamevajayate.

    • Dear Chandrika,
      Do you realy expect”this will surely bring the change that amir khan wants to bring to india. satyamevajayate.” I am Sorry just remember after six months every one forget every thing except Amir and the chenal will have lots and lots of money, nothing else will remain.

      • Mr Rameshwar Prasad Sinha, Can please shut ur negative comment ……… it seems u are a SRGay fan …….. FYI kind information if aamir wanted to earn profit from this show then he would had told is Endorsement Products Owners to stay away from this show ……. bcoz he doesnt wanted the message to get diverted which he wanted to reach masses ……………….. One more free advice ……… “I u cant motivate a person, then u dont have the right to demotivate the same” …………… Get Well Soon Mr Rameshwar ……….. May this comment will change u, which is the motive of Satyamev Jayate ……………..

  14. Amita Sood says:

    The number of accidents and people falling prey to serious epidemics is rising day by day. Sadly, Manly people succumb to death because they weren’t given timely treatment. The hospitals don’t even admit a patient who is taking his/her last breaths if his/her family isn’t able to make advance payment.
    Making the medical facilities affordable to a common man will only increase the life span of people which will further effect the entire nation in a positive way.
    so for a HEALTHY India, governments needs to open generic medicine stores throughout their state so that all citizens get medicines at the lowest possible price?

  15. Suhas Upadhye says:

    I am very much liked the way this shows going. I would be happy to join this group to improve our india.

    Yes! We need to change ourself and then change people which is bad in our mind n culture.

    I am 100% support for Satyamev Jayate.

  16. Satyamev Jayate show can chaqnge society

  17. pankaj sharma says:

    whenever we all of us will not be the part of removing problem like scarcity, education problem.

  18. there is no way to change our socetiy untill we ourself understand each other and comes forward to help the society change.. Amir’s program is just like watching cartoon network “justise Leauge series”..

  19. Thanks Amir,
    You are doing good job to show all the world that a lot pains are there. We are busy in our daily life and in metros mostly peoples don’t have time to help and listen anyone. If a person is dying on the road side no bloody will help them. So encourage our Great Indian peoples to help the needful guys. Why the peoples are running far from the truth, you are giving the power to those who dump the pain in their hearts.

    Our young generation has some but need to wake up call. So good to see your program and one day we will be one of best country of the world. JAI HIND

    Ankush Arora
    Ludhiana Punjab

  20. Pramod Deshpande says:

    I liked the idea of Generic Medicine Centers. I don’t understand how an IAS officer from Rajasthan can do this but none of other IAS officers from other states have even thought about it???? Wake up call for all IAS officers.

  21. Dear Priya,
    Episodes like Satyamev Jayate may make a little change in society but till the people are true to themselves it may not play wonders. There are two sides of a coin which should be viewed in right perspective. I do not say the person who is putting his/her case is wrong but it had become customary to show other in bad light in herself or himself right. 1st of all a person should introspect his persona then truth will come out which shall be of great help to the society.


    • shiv kumar srivastava says:

      really i thought after watching satyameva jayate where r going my country i am really feeling that know if i bought medicine medical store than i will be pay 500 /- but i bought medicine generatic medicine shop same medicine only 5/- are yaaro is desh me gov. se lekar sabhi lutere baite hue hi

  23. G K Agarwal says:

    Yes, Mr Amir Khan has great capability to bring positive change in the society without any

    • R.L.Naagar says:

      do u know any thing about amir, no, keep quite, he is just making bucks only
      to play with emotion of poor indian.

      • RAVIKANT says:

        Very well said Naagarji, all the people commenting here are illiterate unaware of medical ailments, their treatment methods and medicines. They all are being swayed away emotionally by a Celebrity and feel proud following a person who is speaking half truth n I would say half Lies.

  24. anil kumar verma says:

    It’s awesome ! This is very effective way ……….


  26. Dear sir,
    Fine and wish the same as the Amir Khan and the administrator prefers and could be implemented across India. This is not only the case where the commons have been exploiting by the skilled professional and the officials.
    My vision is get rid of grievances which are dire need (medical,legal,agricultural and most vital to the subjects of India where govt. should themselves extend their own outlets in line with the medicines ,insecticides for the agrarian to produce and feed the food to the public for which impose the norms and rules is mandatory by the politician and administrators.attitude set for rendering this type of service is essential for politician as well as neoadministrators.

    • R.L.Naagar says:

      lots of shown on various channels abour medicines other other corruptions etc,
      no body take interest, when a celebrity, host the show. this is rediulous. so many efforts done by journlists taking risk. amir does nothing new. just to fool people of india emotionly.

  27. Kusumlata Kumari says:


    I am really like Satyamev Jayte because we are getting situation surrounding us. It shows realty of life and conduct motivational tips for everyone.

    Thanks Satyamev Jayte,


  29. papanna says:


    Actually, I am not seeing this shows I just Heard about this,

    Now I want see this show and give myself a better future and feedback to the belongings

    Thanks for giving such a wonderful feedback to me Ms. Priya

    Thank u so much

  30. Chandrasekaran says:

    I happened to see the Programme last Sunday. With that I can not make any conclusive comment about the Programme. But since this programme is being conducted by Aamir I hope it would be delivered in a professional way. However I have heard about several such programme existing to brinig about Social awareness on various issues presently India is facing. I feel this kind of programme should evolve into a strong movements. We sould not forget that India is having excellent Talents, Skills and beyond huge Human Resource. Why all these characters don’t emerge among ourselves. May be, we were under slavery for nearly 500 years in the Regime of Britishers. Our initiative power has become sluggish. Now is the time a strong Movement should take place to educate uneducated, to naurish undernaurished, to literate illitertes and to politicise poor politics. Who is going to do this ? Aamir any answer?

  31. vasudha says:

    I love this programme… but people do have to rethink about this to do their help to society

    can generic medical shops do the online business? becoz, to start so many generic medical shops it takes lots of time. Meanwhile why cant from rajasthan do sell medcines by online or through courier… so that many people can afford with courier cost + generic medical cost than the outside medical shops(private ones)

  32. jaivardhan says:

    This z amaging starting. I thnks to amir who starts this kind of episodes.actually someone from us has to come front to solve the desease of our society. I hope nd pray for amir for his succeed. Bahut dua milegi amir bhai lage rho

  33. Hi! Priya
    Friendly Good Morning
    Thank for send me a mail and also thank for give me a Oportunity of my opinion
    Im also actuly happy the way it shows the problems of India, but it is not possible
    to change our society becouse main problem is OUR SELF, OUR INDIAN PUBLIC and whenever we stop curruption that time solve all problems of India.


    • Sreekala says:

      Hi Priya,

      Good Day to you,

      Hema is correct, until we change ourselves, the problems that we are facing could not be changed or over come. Hope atleast by seeing this show some or the others who are still suffering will take some steps to over come their problems.

      Thanks for writing to me and asking my opinion.

      With Best Regards
      K Sreekala

  34. Sandipan Autane says:

    Hi Amir,

    It is a great work and efforts that you have put together to bring these issues up and discussed very well. I am feeling that there is still an issue left to discuss and that is of health insurance and strategies of hospital about the person who have these health insurance. I have my example where my wife was admitted to one of the big hospitals where they admitted her for almost 15 days. The problem she was going through was fever and weakness. During her admission they kept on testing her blood every day to check the platelets. only first day she had fever and after all other days she was only feeling weakness.
    After 15 days they suggested to take samples from her bone marrow for testing. We were lucky that we straight away denied and seek the discharge from the hospital. later on we took her out for a change to our home town and she started feeling well and energized.

    Behind all this what i felt was hospital just tried to kept us admitted to increase the bills and they know that as it is going to be paid by insurance company so we will not have any problem.But they never though of what patient might have going through. since then I always have fear to visit big hospital as you never know because of what reason they will admit you and how long they will keep you admitted.

  35. Abdulla says:

    It’s Really God for every Indian. Aamir doing is wright, After watching this program i learn about our responsible things. Thank u Ms Priya G…

  36. Hi,
    In todays situation (amir khan) was doing very good work through satyamev jayate. because today in India 99% govt servants, political leaders are currupted, and Govt. system also too flexible to support them to do curruption. So dear friend watch this programme regular & try to save our country.
    Satya Mev Jayate.

  37. Hello

    This program very interesting

  38. Devendra Verma says:

    Good one, but we all knows the issues and everyone should come up with the solutions. I am also feeling very poor with the child on the trains. Can we have a system??

  39. Can Amir & this show alone bring the change in our society?
    Is there something we can do?

    I thinks this show is very good and all peoples are shock in this news, but this is only show, nobody any action this peoples. all the doctors in used this way, because only money is important for this peoples. and nobody change in show any doctor & no people change. but some people is beware of this type of doctors.
    Definitely good show and his team is very good work in show the real India and their peoples.
    But no effect of this show in any doctor or any people because this is only news some time all people is forget & no change in doctor or peoples. Today all people is very busy in life.

    Show is good, this type of shows require for peoples, because few peoples are beware of some types of peoples.
    thanks for Satyamev Jayte ……………………

  40. Hemanshu says:

    Don’t think it is very effective as it was advertise!!!
    - Giving very less time for interviewing different people
    - He should share the method/person details with which we can connect to do something good for our society
    - Very popular for Amir (and TPR for channels) but not close to Mango people (Aam aadmi)
    - Again after every episode, we got inspiration but what next that’s a big question in my mind


    Excellent programme on these types of burning issues,which each / every person has in his/her mind & unable to express

  42. Govindaraj says:

    Thanks for informing me, the same program is telecasting “STAR VIJAY” in Tamil I really appreciate Amir to giving this opportunity to reach the normal citizen, so many corruption are there in India, I hope this program will give awarness to public, it should help to reduce the corruption gradually.

  43. sadique says:

    we are very thank ful to amir and his team, and appreciate this. I want also to be a part of this. i live in Gaya (Bihar) and request to you that if possible please give me a chance to do these around my home.

    Thnx & Regards
    Sadique Hussain

  44. HIMANSHU says:

    This is just a light shown to us….which path is wrong and which path is correct. It is us, who has to travel and make the difference. Atleast this program is bringing awareness and making people alert and giving a break to thnik about surroundings. Television was meant for that.
    Mr. Khan has given a new definition to TV in 2012. Thanks to the anchor, director and producer.

    Definetely it will be appreciable if someone keep a track of cases highlighted in the forum and keep updating the audience on progress. It will be a big threat to the one who is not fit for our society.

    Himanshu Prasad

  45. rakesh rai says:

    satyamev jayate is very good serial,this theam is very good ,if amir khan is really interested to change in India,please do the job serious.I am very big fan of Amir khan,

    We are with Amir Khan by step to step.


    Rakesh Kumar Rai

  46. Saumya Saran says:

    Hello ,

    This is actually the way to open the eye of everyone in a very sophisticate way. The facts which we know some where but deny to accept it , we are able to open towards those facts and making things clear and more understandable. I got touched by the subject of child sex abuse, lot of things is been clear to me especially the boys part.
    So i would say people should watch it makes us understand if any situation arise than how to deal with it.

  47. Amir Sir,
    I beleive that you have chosen the best path to bring about a change in this rotten system. Many people might be working for our country but unfortunately they are not reached to each and every person in the country due to lack of publicity and lack of attention given by the corrupt media. People like you can easily spread a message taking advantage of your fame. Unfortunately no one dares to do this. I expect the same thing which you are doing from people like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachhan, etc..
    Please let me know if I can contribute a bit towards what you are doing.

    Thanks a lot to take up this responsibility.

  48. jaivardhan says:

    Agar ladke wale paise mange to wo dahej hai per agar ladki wale paise mange to usko kya kahenge? Jain samaj me ein dino ye pratha chal rahi hai ki ladki wale paise mangne lage hai iis ka koi solution hai kya kisi ke pass?

  49. Vikrant says:

    it’s really a good show, now the counter effect is started in the peoples.
    if everyone starts to reacting to problems we have a really “our happy India “

  50. gaurav singhal says:

    Very good show thanking you.

  51. better late than never………………. i appreciate the yeomen service undertaken by Mr. Amir Khan through his show…..SATYAMEVA JAYATE…..

    believe me…… the insight into opening many centres as in Rajasthan is certainly the need of the hour… Every state invariably for the benefit of its residents shall have to adopt the opening of many more centres where really medicines are made available across 24×7

    it is not by just voicing our thoughts, we need to formulate something concrete in this regard. Mr. Amir u r just doing a great job and i pray god to give u success in your vision.

  52. First of all I really appreciate for this programme keep it up I am also with u with regards and love

  53. I’m in for it…………
    Request everyone to support it……..

  54. Gajanana.S says:

    Nc Show,

  55. Dharamveer says:

    see definitely it will open the eyes of our sleeping system but what happen with this i, you or any body dont want to give his/her time for this things , we have no time yar. I am saying you that not that people are criminal but me & you also the same responsible for same. Amir Khan is trying to make some revolution but i dont think that some thing new happen. If it will happen then believe me i m the person who will happy.

    we are the people who waste 100/- in any scrap. but dont want donate a single rupee to a child who ask for money on road when u stop ur cars at redlight. at that time u are searching chillers but dont want to give 5 rs or 10 rs.

    this is the india yar

    so many things

  56. Pramod Kumar pandey says:

    Satyamev jayte kaaryakram apne uddeshya meyn safal hota dikh raha hai…. lekin yahan ke jimmedaar log ki khaalen bahut moti ho chuki hain bhrasht prashashan ka bhi poorn sahyog mil raha hai. aisa nhin hai ki ye baaten logon ko pataa nahin, log apne swaarth meyn andhe neta, adhikaari aur public jaanboojh kar isko badhaava de rahe hain… lekin fir bhi hamara kartavya hai buraii ko saamne laana aur usko samaapt karne ka prayas karna is maamle meyn Amir badhayi ke paatra hain…

    • ashok kumar goud says:

      in etv telugu channel i saw because i knoe telugu excellent my favourite hero running this show iam so happy

  57. yes yes yes. Dr Devi Prasad Shetty and Dr Samit Sharma doing the better than best job. I want to share one incident. last year mere chacha ji ko doctor ne cancer bataya tha. aur kyoki unki financial condition ggod nahi thi jiski wajah se unhe itne jayda tension hui ki aaj wo is duniya me hi nahi hai. jis tarah Dr.Shetty ne heart care start karke logo ko zindagi jeene ki rah aasaan ki hai usi tarah cancer k liye b hona chahiya kyoki aaj cancer logo me sardi zukaam ki tarah ho raha hai kuch had tak uski wajah wo insaan khud hi hota hai par agar Dr koshish kare to is bemari se b india ko mukti mil sakti hai. agar mere chacha ji ko dr ne unki bemari lailaaz hai ye na jataya hota unko thik ho jane ka housla diya hota to aaj do bachcho k sir par baap ka saya hota. plz do something. aur Dr se sirf itna kehna chahungi ki paisa hi sab kuch nahi hota insaan ne paisa banaya hai paise ne insaan nahi to plz help them by your skills.

  58. ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is a really inspiring show……Seeing the ads of the show at first made me think that its a regular show off kinda show, but watching the very first episode of that, changed my impression…. Kudos to you Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao for production and idea of this show.
    The subjects that had been chosen to discuss so far were very relevant and the facts were very shocking…… All the episodes produce tears from the viewers and we wonder where humanity has gone….. That doctor who needlessly did a kidney and pancreas transplantation and as a result killed the patient, we should not let them get away, they are a shame to our nation and to entire humanity…. We did see a lot of them in the last 4 episodes…… We also saw some brave people who met their disasters with their head held high………….Thank You Aamir, I am with you…..
    Rahul S.

  59. we have to make powerful rules for this issue on both parents and doctors also

  60. Amir Sir gr8 job. keep doing. we all with you.

  61. Hi….I’ve been watching all the episodes of this new programme launched by Aamir Khan and am very impressed with this superstars efforts.
    It has been great to see that besides doing entertainment, atleast few actors are there who are raising public morals for social causes.
    Moreover, I would like to highlight one problem of Traffic congestion and parking of vehicles on public roads by some people who do have the parking space available at their own places. If Aamir would address the Indian people, specially the Teenagers, for the same.
    This could avoid a lot of accidents and public chaos and will make our nation proud…


    Amit Sharma

  62. I am watchin it every week. Its really a wonderful work taken up by amir khan. But amir alone cant change this system, all people should come forward and take part in this. Its not a so easy to solve these kind of problems. Main thing is the whole system is a problem. If we want to stop all these kind of issues, we have to start it with the system.. And it cannont be a one man show. Everyone should feel responsible and take part of it…

  63. jitendra dubey says:

    really its good for us. bcoz its related for some family problems and also related some economics conditions related all indians. so every sunday will see this show. i just say mr amir khan u r just doing great job and i hope u r success for your vision. really satyamev jayate is the gud show which was related our entire life .

  64. Abishai says:

    This problem is very old and is the result of a very old human nature known as “GREED”. It greed which make doctors & not only doctors to do such inhuman thing.
    The only way to which i think to remove such evils from our society is to incorporate values in our teaching system at schools. As we can see that in our schools, there are very big syllabus consisting of all the scientific , literature and other knowledge, but there is no room for value.
    Values should be taught in school from small to higher classes effectively, so that children should grow with those values and become honest in there work. And i think than we don’t have to make any other plans for the betterment of our society.

  65. sandeep says:

    if he is so powerful then in no time he should get the changes in the society, but govt. machinery is such that only meeting with dignities will be held (ALL FART NO SHIT)

  66. Til date no one exposed the corrupt picture of the medical profssion in India , what Mr Amir Khan showed us, our political heads should realise the truth but also every medical personal should feel it by heart, other wise one day will come when general people of India will take drastic action against those corrupt medical persons.



    • RAVIKANT says:

      What are you saying..Do you know how many types of cold are there? You want people to take self medication? Bhai first gather some knowledge about diseases and medicines….the ailment of our society is this, self medication and then when ailment becomes unmanageable run to Doc and blame him. Please beware of this……..self medication.

  68. Pradeep Chamoli says:

    satyamev jayate is the best shows instead of all. I like and wait eagerly for this show . I think many of people will change their mind after seeing this show. and will come ahead. this show will also help to eradicate the bad thinking of people.

  69. This show not alone bring change in our society but can bring some changes. The important problem is our law is not that much strong ,it needs a change bocoz people always thinking about loop holes.I hope Amir,s show is the begining to change.

  70. It is a useful effort by Amir.Nothing can be achieved oernight.Educated people have to be well educated on the subject and to make them understand the true spirit and bring it in practical use in day day to working.In other words it should be in our blood rather.Once this instinct becomes a part of our life we can feel we have some patriotism in our heartr for our motherland.

    So let us follow the line and do spmething drastic to bring a smile on the lips of each and every man in the society and more so on the faces of less fortunate ones.Amire your awareness will definately bring some good results in the near future.God bless all.

  71. Santosh says:

    Dear Mr.Amir,

    Thanku for changing Medical. I am Very Happy.

    I have one Request , In Unnecessary IPL Invest money they people to Divert to Medial Villages Doctor so they will happy , & Electricity last two month for IPL Divert to Villages Hospital.


  72. The show, in totality, focused on how system is in a shamble, and what steps should be taken to bring about some positive changes in its functioning. While educating audiences, the show has raised slew of questions on all which is invalued. To what extent can we change the system ? Do they really care for our well being? Are they justifying their duty by doing illegal act? Amir says on the show, human value is priceless and it does not matter if we are rich or poor. We must know our rights and put up precise questions! As well-meaning citizens, we need to chip in with our contribution to the society and help others out, just the way Amir does in every episode of Satyamev Jayate.

  73. Hi , I have seen all episodes this is very good for our socity.He is trying good way to change socity.Might be successfully.

    Best regards & thanks to Amir.


  74. ASIF SHAIKH says:


  75. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Very good

  76. I really appreciate the move of SATYA MEV JAYATE and the team. They are creating awareness and opportunity to rethink about where we would be if not taking lessons from our own mistakes.
    We all must ask some big questions from ourselves. Who we are, where from we are where have we to go etc.?
    We must learn diff between religion and rituals.
    That,” Happiness comes only when you give happiness to others.”
    To provide pain and suffering to any soul is sin.
    Instead of condemning religion try to learn from it.

  77. sudhin kr. mitra says:

    ” Yes ” I and my family members are with Mr. Amir khan and all other Doctor’s and Govt. officials.
    We want this type of challange for our society and we are always with ” SATYAMEVA JAYATE’s ” team. If we could do something for the society , that would be greate for us.

  78. No doubt the effort is wonderful. We need to enhance access to maximum people in the Society. If sponsers available can condut the shows in village levels where community is homogenious.

  79. there is urgent need to bring out rotcounts bt=y ltd listed cos committing fraud in manipulation of ac on poor investors

  80. Yes Amir is doing a great job, It’s an eye opener for all of us. I have go through the same bitter experience with my husband heart problem 2 years back and am still paying for it. Spending for expensive medicines. Nusrath

    • vandana says:

      I really appreciate this show as it is focused n worked for common man problems and find out the root of corruption in our society especially in our healthcare system as they are not justifying their duty by doing illegal act.
      Recently me had lost my father-in- law as he was patient of liver damaged, he admitted round about 2 yrs in Jaipur golden hospital in Rohini where doctors done their experiments with his body but nevered diagonsised his actual problem and when we turned for second opinoin his liver almost 80% damaged and after knowing his actual problem we moved him to Medanta Hopsital Gurgaon for lever trasplantation but their his condition was critical n his body was not support for liver trensplant operation but knowing all this facts they nevered show ua actual picture and finally they admitted him in ICU 4 days in normal bed n 22days in ventilater n whenver we asked for his health they consoled us we will try our best treatment but his condition is critical and if spoke to remove ventilater then they convienced us by saying no no he has chanced to survived but in end we had lost our dady n doctors gives us only their bills which was 14lakhs and simply says sorry.
      By my shocking tale me only focused on how our healthcare system is in a shambled and this types of shows helps us to takes steps that should be taken to bring about some positive changes in medical professions and their functioning and also our society.

  81. It’s a shame that malpractices in Medical (the so called “Noble”) profession has increased to such a level. Government/MCI are not doing their part, and are definetely having a “CUT” in this flourishing industry.

    Hats of to Aamir Khan who has atleast raised this issue on a Country level. But big pharma companies , Doctors, Hospitals will never want these malpractises to be curbed since they will be out of business and won’t be able to make huge profits.

    Although Govt has opened Jan Aushadalaya’s in few parts of country, but please visit any one of them and you will be surprised that they usually don’t have medicines or are OUT of STOCK.

    Definitely steps needs to be taken to curb this menace.

  82. Dear priya,

    i dont thik so we have to do anything in it as amir & this show can alone do the changes in society if everyone take it positively…………………..

  83. It is the responsibility of the every Indian to fight against the evil practises that being carreid out in India which is spoiling the environment of a society.

  84. lageraho natubhai says:

    Dear friend
    Every human is at any point of time patient and every patient is consumer and every consumer has the right of services. Further every patient is human and has constitutional rights to get human treatment. we are observing government is minimizing her responsibilities by privatization of health sector and health is prime for survival of human and it must be government responsibility to provide free health related treatments and keep healthy environmental so health of human being maintained. Laws for different control, issue, related to health are formed but doctors and hospitals are violating and we are hearing different cases of commercial practice of doctors or hospitals.
    Every citizen believe doctor as GOD but major doctor and hospitals are becoming profit oriented and commercial and medical ethics are not observed. cases of not having timely medical treatment, not having proper treatment and malpractice leads wrong not needed operations and lab test and high charges etc.cases of medico legal are increasing in consumer courts and system become corrupted. Authority never takes legal action even after complains and every human are losing trust from their believed god-DOCTORS. Doctors become killers, brokers of big medicine companies and poor patient are ultimately succeeding or feeling hatred.
    We have started to have concern for such patients by developing non profitable, on political peoples forum to serve such patients. In other country many patient association are there and are working to serve them before they ask for help.
    We are joining good social activist, ethical doctors and hospitals, medical stores, laboratory for serving humanity. We help financially, we help legally, we provide care and we extend our loves to them at their place by network of volunteers, nurses, medicines etc.
    We hope to form (every block, taluka, village level to state and country level) patient association who can serve patient, can fight for patient’s right and help to establish transparent, responsible, accountable system. We think individual help is limited and if associated systemized help avail then every patient can be served. Ultimately patient is god and must be served.
    To join us email-,or meet us, to associate SMS/call on phone no-09228484459, Surat, gujarat.INDIA.

  85. mohammed akbar says:

    Dear Priya,

    I am following Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks
    & I am really very happy the way it shows the problems of India.
    I hats-of to Mr. Amir Khan
    This programme is very good no words to tell its really unbelievable programme
    Can Amir & this show alone bring the change in our society?
    Is there something we can do?

    mohammed akbar

  86. Archana says:

    I watched Satyamev Jayates all episodes and i am totally agreed with all these. from this serial Amir really doing very good job like a social work. He shows the real truth of our Society. I reallly appreciate you Amir. I salute you.

  87. N S N Reddy says:

    The programme is bringing the facts of the life. Thanks to the organisers. The crux of the problem today we are facing is greedyness at all levels. This need to be addressed on priority focusing attention on education and value systems in the country. Let us strive in this direction with letter and spirit to achieve the desired results.


    yes it is not too late ? we should follow the things and make life of everyone comfortable as God has given us the oppertunity to serve masses in true sense…Thanks and regards….God Bless…R.k. Gogia

  89. Sampathkumaran says:

    I have viewed this only on 27th May, 2012. It is very good serial. By doing this we will come to know who is responsible for increasing the price rise. By mass movement only we can stop and eradicate the bad and unwanted things which is plagued our India. Media should be responsible for educating the uneducated.

  90. s

    Actually, I am not seeing this shows I just Heard about this,

    Now I want see this show and give myself a better future and feedback to the belongings

    Thanks for giving such a wonderful feedback to me Ms. Priya

    Thank u so much
    Pankaj kumar

  91. Debasis Chhaule says:

    I thing this programme can create more consciousness among people following the episode and others indirectly. Thus we will be more careful and causious about taking medical treatment from doctors and nursing home making misleading commitment.

  92. Health care is meant for healing. Healing in itself requires multidisciplinary approach depending upon the type of wound/disease.No body and no subject alone can deal with healing accept GOD( The only greatest of great healers.).All others are helping HIS cause.Integrated approach can serve it better.

  93. Sanjay Chawla says:

    Dear AAmir, Thank you for bringing such a nice show. WwPlease keep up the good work. It is an eye opening show. Your very hard efforts will definitely bring a change. Regards, Sanjay Chawla

  94. Nanda Kishore says:

    It may change our system up to some extent at least. Every Indian wants that kind of change in our system. Hope for god all people learn from this.

  95. Naveen Gupta says:

    This is a real show by Real Hero, I salute to him.

  96. Nikita Agarwal says:

    We need to support Amir Khan for his purpose.

  97. Naveen Kaushik says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a completely different thought on this show. These people be it Amir or Airtel, are businessman, they just look the people as a market and hit the people and increase the TRP and make money. Be it girl child issue or medical practitioner issue, they have nothing to do with helping us people. I heard from somewhere that Amir is charging 3 Cr per episode and off course Airtel/starplus is also making good money. If they really want to do something then would they start an NGO with all the earnings from this show so that they educate women, prevent girl child murder, open hospitals in villages. They are just selling the emotions of poor people that is all. If Amir really want to do something why does not he go to the Delhi govt and ask to start special courts to give justice to thousands of rape victims. On day I listened on 93.5 Red FM, there was one villager on air from the village where Mr Amir Khan the socialist shoot his film “Pipli live”, he was complaining that Amir and his Team used electricity over there did not pay the bills of 3 lacs and now the power supply of the entire village has been stopped due to this non payment. I think first Amir should pay this bill before talking on social issues.

    Believe me, all that type of people are just doing each & every activity just for money and for nothing else. He talk about poor condition of the women in this country then why did he leave his wife after 18 years of marriage and married to a much younger lady, really shame on the people who make Amir type people their Ideal.

    Please think… just don’t get influenced..


    • RAVIKANT says:

      I toltally agree with you, the problem is everyone is influenced by his celebrity status and negativity sells. The show is a combination of these two ingredients. Ask him to talk about positivity and gain that TRP…..the show would flop.

  98. Arshad Faridi says:

    ……….Aamir`s Show is a nice effort to lead us to say Jago Re India….

  99. it is possiable beacouse i also did same things with our darty socity and poltision

  100. indira dinesh says:

    Muche satyameva jayate ka sab episode acha laga. me to kahati hum amir khan jaise log es duniya me hona chahiye

  101. just these episodes are nothing more than a soap opera/serial.
    to really make people/judiciary sit up and take notice and bring about realistic changes, we must get the sleepy politicians involved in thi9s and case by case give exemplary punishment to high profile defaulters,to begin with./

  102. Really very good programme, This programme is very good no words to tell its really unbelievable programme in future we should abolish such things from our society. wish him very success.



  103. manjesh says:

    This show is doing its best to bring some real fact about where are we and where we should go from here.
    And i need to thank the persons who are telling there stories to make a path for young India.
    I would differently want to tell one thing please don’t encourage any politician to this show because it may spoil the goal of this show.

  104. Ajay Suri says:

    I recd. Mail to give my comments: But the mail i recd. in that it is written that “I am happy…..” how can you be happy rather last episode was so touching that it bade me wept and crying from my heart when listened to Dr. Smith from rajesthan. More generic medicine locat6ions must be opened accross the India.
    Ajay Suri

  105. Randhir Kumar Singh says:

    Mai agar prime minister rahta to jitne bhi corruption failane wale hai sabko line me khada karke Goli mar deta taki dusra sahas na kare ……………..

    Aamir Khan ne Bahut hi achha programe chalaya hai dekhte hai kaha tak safal hota hai aur government kitna follow karti hai

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Isiliye to aap PM nahin hain, emotions mein bah kar decision lenge? Sikke ke dono pehlu dekhiye, Aamir ne sirf ek pehlu dikhaya hai woh bhi aadha sach.

  106. RAMESH KAPIL says:



  107. Aamir khan is doing a well job for the nation.

  108. More Anil Narayan says:

    I like Satyamev Jayte Programme very much. & I am agree with whatever show is explaning us thats true & we all need to develop ourselves and others also.

  109. Sir,
    We have to think hundred times before taking english medicines and surgery, what kind of after effects its going to leave on the body. Why not we think to move towards AYURVEDIC treatment which was the solid base to stay healthy & fit by our ancestors and without having any side effects. English medicines theory is based on (poison kills the poison) ; in each medicine/ Tablet there is poison to kill the disease and we intake it in our body,and due to this we get rid from one disease but facing towards another one. I think we must move to AYURVEDIC treatment.
    VIVEK Ranjan

  110. Dear Priya,

    I watched the episodes and honestly and sincerely thank Mr. Amir Khan for bringing such heartbreaking facts in front of us… Its He who started it and I am sure if we seriously think of the future of our children than we detfinately must get to gather and fight for a better future….

    Thanks Priya for all your updates.


  111. Priya, you are doing a very nice job… I like all your articles and i go through you mails which contains useful information and other knowledgeable stuff…

  112. Yes sure it will bring changes because the thingh are worst only when they r hidden.

  113. No, alone Aamir can not bring changes in this system, but we should appreciate the
    steps he has taken to do so. In fact people from all the areas should come forward and form a committee to keep check on doctors, or human rights organisations should appoint members to keep control on such issues relating to human life. Thanks to Aamir.

  114. Kirankumari Grandhala says:

    I really appreciate Aamir Khan and his team for the efforts they are putting for SATYAMEVA JAYATE. From this show many secrets are being revealed and all have come to know how illiterates are sucking the blood of poor and middle class and even rich people in the name of money. It’s a shame on our society that being highly qualified and being in a dignified professions they are at the back of people like beggars. I hardly find any difference between our beggars and these Doctor’s.

    We treat Doctor’s equivalent to GOD, but they want to be the deamons. I would like people who are literate and illeterate to support such type of shows and follow what they say and apply in their lives, then we can overcome the situations upto some extent. Otherwise our India would be down forever and ever.

    I am from South, and I would like Aamir to concentrate even our side too. Because here everybody are interested in grabbing money and no one is there to serve the people. Especially our politicians. I would like Aaamir to bring out those dirty fellows who are sucking the blood of the poor and middle class people.

    All the poor are remaining poor and middle class people are remaining middle class. But the rich are becoming the richest day by day. I don’t know why those idiots grab lakhs of crores even they eat only thrice a day. People who stay on the platforms don’t even have proper clothing to cover themself and don’t have proper food to eat. But these fellows have Aalishan Bungalows across the country. Shame on people who leave their ethics and destroy others and build their bungalows on them.

    I have alot to say, but no one bothers. Aamir you please go ahead and bring all the facts into light.

    I ask the people, is it a big deal to open a GENERIC MEDICAL SHOP. There is no problem with the people, but it would be a problem with Doctor’s. Whatever, Aamir you please don’t leave this and let people to get involved into this enjoy the freedom of
    India. Previously we used to be slaves for Britishers and now for Doctor’s, Lawyers,Politicians etc.,

    I am really ashamed to be a LITERATE that too in INDIA. If all the literates participate to overcome these and bring all the money out, then our INDIA may be another US. I wish those days would come. All the youth must raise their voices.

  115. prashanth B A says:

    There are lot things in socity that is concern to our life, but we are not able do anything and raise our voice due to the support , yes lot of things are shown in SATYAMEVA JAYATHE which is 100% right, but there should be factors consider before asking questions to the socity , I really like some of the concerns raised by Amir in this regards and really want to support the voice. This is for my life and my socity not for others life and others attention.

  116. VEENA TARI says:

    as i am also a female ,its heart touching programme, i am watching Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks
    & I am really very happy the way it shows the problems of India.
    I really admire and appricate such busy person to do such programs to Mr. Amir Khan
    This programme is very good no words to tell its really unbelievable programme.

  117. Bhawna Malhotra says:

    I appreciate wat aamir khan is doing by this show, hats off for him. But after watching this show i can also say that his information is not completely accurate as i had a personal experience with Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudyalaya, Bangalore. He is actually a liar and very money-minded person. He is a very selfish person. Today despite of having so much money my father is suffering from a rare and risky disease which can take away his life any day. And all this is bcoz of Devi shetty and his fellow assistant. This is bcoz we wentto Devi Shetty for treatment but he was very manupulating, selfish and money-minded as he asked for 10 lacs for the treatment which at first day was only for 2 lacs.
    But i felt really shocked and disappoineted when Aamir khan praised him bcoz he doesn’t deserve it at all. I was expecting a lot from this show but by this i felt that evn this show is planned.

  118. i think this is best show ever broadcasted on society shows
    and remind us, to treat daughters equalily to sons ,, and seen very good mooves in society ,, in every religion .. there is no dominating points in our shashtras but ,, certain people feed curruption of dowery

  119. Samaritan says:

    There is no doubt that Aamir Khan is doing a good job. My sincere request is to media to appreciate and recognize these efforts. We put in a lot of effort while criticising people who are wrong doers in society, I feel we should also put in some effort to recognize and appreciate the samaritan efforts by fellow citizens like Aamir Khan. There were channels who were doing mimicry and were ‘making fun’ of Satyamev Jayate. I feel that if anyone person is doing good we should not bring the person down unnecessarily. Totally uncalled act on part of media. Lot of appreciation to Aamir Khan for the good cause.

    P.S. : Spelling of Aamir Khan’s name is AAMIR and not Amir.

  120. prashant singhal says:

    A little proverb says “EK AKELA CHANA BHAD NAHI PHOD SAKTA” so thats right but at least revolution must come for these warming issues. We must support to AMIR with physical, mental and wherever required.
    From the ancient times voice of a single person has pressurized but now we are living in a independent nation.
    This is not only AMIR duty but in my view all persons especially young & teenagers must come to help with AMIR.

    Prashant Singhal

  121. I am very much thankful to Priya and others who given a chance to me to forward my comments. I think a serious effort is required in this regard because its directly connected to each nevery one and our future depends on it. A MUHIM is also required to promote Ayurvedic treatment because its now scientily proven that we can totally cure all the diseases by Yoga and ayurvedic treatment.
    Vivek Ranjan.

  122. Yes this is the very good idea to educate the people, & society in certain areas in fact by these they are serving knowledge to the people.

  123. Dear Priya,
    First of all appreciate the efforts of Mr.Amir Khan for bringing this show potraying the serious issues our country is facing which we every indian should think about and act on it.
    Change starts from within.. the time an individual starts acting on these evils the society can become healthier.

  124. Hello priya mem,

    yes SATYAMEV JAYTE will change that kind of things in india who the people watching that… if they have inside human being.. im dame sure for that.. and at last not for all peoples but i will try my best to change that bed thing which held in near society… we are indian guys… always for the rocks and to the rocks… all world salute us for our brotherhood so not for our society but for my india… i love my nation.. and i love my country people… jay hind..

  125. kusshal says:

    Please share details of generic drug stores in mumbai as by father has undergone bypass and need a series of medicines,
    besides this, how do we overcome bribing in government sectors, its said Sonia Gandhi and Sharad pawar are the richest indians in the country or even the world, with the swiss bank account deposit holding.

  126. varun rai says:

    i like the episode . but genrik medicine is not solution for this problem because in India first problem is we have a lot of non degree doc they are creating most of problem like youraj singh. genrik medicine avalevel all over India but there Mrp. is so high and chemist take this and max gov. hospitals ban this for there unsafe production proses
    first we need a price polisi for gen. med.
    and so many issus who effect us rileted to helth.

  127. VEENA TARI says:

    Generic Medicines this medicines should be made available to BPL people all over INDIA

  128. Aamir as always has been leading the social cause & is doing a great job, It’s an eye opener for all of us. We should all give maximum support the problems of the issues get sorted out.

  129. Hi,
    “To complete the hundred miles we need t0 initiate single step”
    Yes , i hope Mr. Amir khan had put his step ,but single people cannot revolution the corrupate mind instant,all we have to stand and supports ,but follows ownself by doing implememtion respect to their own professionalism may be you doctor,lawyer,teacher,social services etc…………

  130. RAM PRASAD says:


  131. Anupriya Basu says:

    It is nice to see the 1st time in Television Programme that there is many child sexual harrasment now a days in India. Although the age of 3 to 20 to 25. However it very awareness of all parents to their child. Do not get them to your nearest relatives independently it is very much harmful to your child. So Keep your child along with parents. Take care about them. Be the bright future.

    Thanking You,

    Anupriya Basu.

  132. Ranjit Sadakale says:

    I am following this show from last 4 weeks.
    Really nice show.

  133. syed adil says:

    I think this is the real picture of life which is shoing in satyamev jayata ,but amir khan has brought the fact of only 50% the reality is bit different seeing this sho we only 20% of indian r been to change, what about the corrupt mp mla police govt people in put sector industries each an every second their is corruption going on , in India muslim girls r not been getting married at their age of 30, 35 reason middle class to top class only problem is dowry,and the girls r subsiding is their any changes we can do ,but we r unable to to so because of their mentality

  134. madhusudhan says:

    Hi,first i thank to amir khan,this show is usefull for future .

  135. Corruption & cheating is not only in medical field it is everywhere, in offices, IT sector !!!!

    Actually i have also faced similar situation when my mother was takinig treatment.
    i also struggled a lot to get good opinion from a good reputed hospital.

    i have also paid money under the table to a dcotor who was working with Apollo hospital for my mother’s uterus removal.

    Doctor sugegsted her to remove so we went ahead but till now it is not clear to me why it was imp.

    • येहा के लोग सिर्फ सुनते हे और भूल जाते हे इस लिए मुझे नहीं लगता की ये एक program से हमारा समाज बदलने वाला हे. बस सिर्फ hope कर सकते हे

  136. Ashim Dey says:

    Dear Priya
    In One Word I Can Say It’s a Great Show. Many Many Thanks to Amir Khan for being a part of this Great Show.

  137. This show is really good because every person know the problem of our society but who clean it its ?. This show the answer of this question. so keep every one to aware….jai hind

  138. Hi priya
    I am following Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks
    Mr.Amir khan doing outstanding job.
    & I am really happy the way it shows the problems of India.

  139. hi,

    Apart from appreciating this wonderful act by Mr. Amir Khan and colleague , some people are making finger on Amir, why people always search for negative when someone doing social work. i thought even if any terrorist do the same i will appreciate it .

    But here the Mr. Perfect (Amir Khan) is doing the same.
    I hope this will work to mature our country people and make them more smarter.

    Thank you Amir and Company.

  140. Hussain says:

    Dear , friends this show is really vry good, n I appreciate Amir. I like Amir From ma childhood, but wanna tell something to Amir.
    He’s just wasting him time,
    Nothing n no changes will happen in India, cx of the. corruption until we remove all the politicians from thr post n hires a Educated persons for politics, then the change may happen…
    I request Amir to don’t waste him Time..
    N go for a Shoot……

  141. Dear Priya,

    Satyamev Jayate is a good and educational programme for everyone to see, realise and take necessary action. We have to collectively contribute to the welfare of society and bring out the malpractices and corruptions taking place with the medical stores, doctors,etc. After all it is for the people and their welfare. So, people have to jointly contribute and take necessary action.

  142. Prabhat Swain says:

    Hallo Priya,
    I this is a outstanding invention for our country as well as poor people in India.
    who are daying because of they are get proper source of treatment and medicine due to money problem

  143. Rajamani says:

    This new venture which Amir Khan has entered into will create a change to many things which have been affecting our day to day life. I wish Amir all success in this new venture which he has entered into.

    All the best Amir Khan.

  144. Kanwal Bedi says:

    My family is watching this program regularly. We really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Amir Khan bringing the burning issues of the society to the lime light for their solutions. Hats-off to Mr. Amir Khan.

    Last Sunday program was really heartening. I wish with the collective efforts of all us, can bring change in the society for social evils. In my opinion Medical Treatment should not be in private hands it should be through Government Hospitals only.. No private clinics. Service to the masses should be the motto whether poor or rich

    Best Regards

    Kanwal Bedi

  145. I am thankful to Priya who given a chance to me to forward my comments.
    Actually, I am not seeing this shows due to time problems but heard about this,
    Amir Khan is doing a great job, It’s an eye opener for all of us.

    I am very happy that someone from us doing this great jo.

  146. Dear Priya N,

    thanks for email me..

    My Opinion is one person can not change the our society, but he can send massage to every one…

  147. Lakshman says:

    The root cause of all this is the very high cost of medical education in private institutions.Imagine guys paying upto ONE crore for a medical seat.I know guys who say that such high costs can be recovered from huge Dowrys they will get in marriage.The disease begins when a student who does not have the passion for such a noble service & looks at the whole thing very commercially. The quality & commitment definitely suffers.

  148. Mahendra says:

    I am thankful to Priya who given a chance to me to forward my comments. and I am also watching the show to every Sunday 11 O’clock on Star Plus so Amir Khan is doing a great job, It’s an eye opener for all of us.

    I am very happy that someone from us doing this great job.

    Thank you

  149. Mujhe ye show dekhake bahot hi achha laga , but mere kuch sawal hai ameer khan se.

  150. Sumon khastgir says:

    I am following Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks & I am really very happy the way it shows the problems of India.
    i appreciate the service undertaken by Amir Khan and the Start plus through his show. I think a serious effort is required in this regard because its directly connected to each one and our future depends on it.

  151. T.R.Kapur says:

    yes, I watch satyamevjayte every Sunday. I only hope that it is able to awaken conscience of our millions. However, the problem is too complex. Rather than showing problems in our society, we should come out with possible solution – then only we would be able to change the greed and selfishness in our society which have for centuries harmed our country. My best wishes. Thanks

  152. Gowrisankar sabinkar says:

    The whole problem lies in the society.society consists of people.many people in India now do not have morale.moral education is something which has to come through genes or by birth or through early childhood mother care.We have read and even seen in the recently concluded “VEER SHIVAJI’ episode telecasted through “COLOURS” CHANNEL that his mother told him Ramayan /Mahabharat and stories of great veterans which made him to have a feeling of patriotism from childhood..He generated a feeling of swaraj first among Marathis and then it spread whole of India.In the deciding war with the army of Adil shah,Nawab of Bijapur,his mother JiJiaBai says tho him,when HIRANYA KASHIP -a demon-gets immortality blessing from from LORD BRAHMA THAT HE SHOULD NOT BE MADE TO DIE BY MEN, APES OR VULTURES OR IN DAY TIME OR NIGHT TIME BY ANY WEAPON OR NON WEAPON. LORD VISHNU MAKES HIM TO DIE BY his nails.This provoke a thought in Shivasji and kills representative of Adil Shah with false nails when both embraces each other under disguise of treaty of friend ship to kill each other. Effects of greater epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat and other epics concerning gods & goddesses were not thought by mothers/at schools /colleges/by way of lessons/cinemas/dramas.What is seen in India is corruption may open a number of medical stores or a number of SB accounts for every family particularly economically downtrodden to directly credit government subsidy in to their accounts..It will be of no use.The amounts will still be not credited to their accounts and the money will be siphoned off.,by someway or the other.Likewise,in medical stores either they will charge more amount or they will say no stock and the medicines will go through other route market.For this,the very thinking of people,the morale of the people of India has to be changed.,until then there will be of no use ,you may bring umpteen number of enactments/legislation.See,if Man Mohan Sngh wish to bring black money into India,his own M.Ps will not allow it,because their money is in Swiss Banks.Where is the end.As somebody said on ther day,there should not be handing over of money/passing the money of father to their inheritance of money.whatever a person earns he has to spend in his life time or it will be confiscated by government and it will look after their children only to the extent they become bread winners i.e.up to the age of 25 or so.Unless,this act comes,there will not be an end to the greediness of people which leads to make them corrupt.

  153. Dear Priya,
    Is Amir Khan or the chenal showing it dooing it free,NO-They will earn sufficient money and every thing will remain same, every one will forget it. Some leaders may show sympathy and earn some faver only.NO Celibraty is serious about improving am adami problems. Now word Sacrifice is only for dictionary or am adami.The difference between poor & rich indicates this.
    Thanks for giving oportunity to give a coment.

    • vinod mallik says:

      Dear Priya,
      I have no words to express my feeling after watching programs/episode of Amir Khan. This is an actual example of panorama of our Indian Society. Beginning and steps taken by Amir is really appreciable. The formula of “ekela chalo re” to be followed by Amir. Gradually people from all the different communities will be join this movement including some of the political figures also. They will promise to support the issues raised in the episode but how far they will be able to success is a question mark. But even than, something is better than nothing and later starting is also better than never. People from our society and community will be aware and to decide what to be followed and what to be ignored.
      Now the part of its legality, we all the Indian residents are fully aware that Laws are already made for many years before for the protection of all the social evils/corruptions etc. and can be modified/tightened as and when/wherever is necessary, but everything is possible only when government is really interested otherwise everything is on paper as usual.
      One more thing is also possible to make success this programs, if this program is fully supported and determined by few industrialist. Law is already there, “Amir & Co.” should not depends upon the government. Amir’s group should itself along with all the specialists from different areas should form a platform/NGO (May be Amir’s own NGO’s can also do it) . This group should establish their on hospitals, at least one Hospital in every capital of State in beginning and gradually it can be increased. Correct and right guidance to be given to patients. I saw the program and the way of few doctors working generously by setting up their own specialized hospitals for the medical service for poor and needy persons. They are already working. There are some hospitals in India where every medical facilities including all kind of surgery and medicines are providing free of cost. If the Amir’s Groups is fully financially supported by industrialists, peoples from Bollywood, (then there would be no need of any support from government). I am sure that every Indian citizen can avail medical service including all kind of surgery and medicines free of cost, it is possible and that also without the support of government. It will be a very good example to show the successful result to government without any corruption and then successful result can be highlighted on international platform also and then may be other countries also try to follow the Indian systems in near future. International Agencies like W.H.O. would be surprised.

      Vinod Mallik/ 29.5.2012
      New Delhi

  154. priyanka says:

    i think these problems are very major and women is facing these problems from very early times and i think now we should not only talk about this,once we come to know about the problem we should go to that place and give any painful and big punishments to those people who thought that they can do whatever they want and nothing will happen to them.they should not breathe freely.
    i am not saying that this program started by amir is not is realy a very very gud program.and amir is my idol too.

  155. peeyush Ranjan says:


  156. Ruchi Kumari says:

    Hi priya ,
    Aamir is trying to do a great job.this show is an eye opener for all the indians.
    i myself is greatly influenced by the show.but i guess a healthy medical system will come into picture only when all the aspiring candidates of medical will honestly promise themselves that they wont be a part of this corrupted system.and whatever they are goin to serve as a doctor should be first for the mankind and then for the money.if this change will start happening then i am sure our nation will be healthier soon.
    Jai Hind

  157. basavaraj says:

    i already experienced this problem while my mother was suffering from the cervix cancer
    first doctors told that after giving chemotherapy & radiation she will live upto 5 to 6 years but she expired after 8 months So we people to make awareness regarding fraud doctors

  158. I am following Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks
    i am very impress sataymev jayate program. This program social light improve

  159. RAVIKANT says:

    BEWARE DONT DESTROY THE FAITH…Its truly shown on Satyamev Jayatey-4, what’s happening in the medical fraternity, but the question is-this is a delicate issue which deals with LIFE of people. Only Showing negative things and not showing other ten positive things against each negative thing would destroy the FAITH in the profession which will ultimately hurt the patients. Where are the Randomised Control Trial reports for generic drugs vis-a-vis Branded ones? In many cases there are clear indications that Generic drugs are not that effective as Branded ones (Compromise the quality). What is the cost of Infrastructure and cost per patient if you are not Narayan Hridulaya and not having that volume of patients from abroad? Negativity attracts attention more than positivity and hence please dont destroy the FAITH. There are definitely ills in the profession no doubt about it but the root cause is the Governance system in India has failed which is very much evident these days. If they have the courage why not discuss this root cause first…Do we not need a new Constitution for the 21st century India?

  160. thx amir for providing this show . i m rally proud of u you can do everything . i m with u any time

  161. Rajesh Bhasin says:

    Good morning, Priya , Amir Khan act is always best. I like him very much. but I thought if every Hindustani think this same than change this political climate. (Corruption)

  162. shivraj thakur says:

    every man can contribute , then will be change india.


  164. Zuber Akhtar Shaikh says:

    It is not just about the serial “Satyamev Jayate”, Aamir has always made attempts to serve his nationality or the humanity as a whole within his own capacity of being an entertainer by being associated with the projects that pins down the prevalent issues in the Indian society and are deteriorating it.
    There can be many reality shows where such social dilemmas can be highlighted, But the participation of the officials from the organization or government or private bodies which are engaged in eradication or research on such problems is something distinguished. That depicts the authenticity of the statistics discussed in the show. So far the presentation in all the way have been very “logical”, No drama, no metamorphic showcasing but just the facts and figures.
    See, now it is a high time that approach we have taken so far to deal with such problems has to be questioned and the show is primarily about that. Aamir made it very clear in some interviews that to alter the society may not be feasible with a single show, But a “hug”, a”touch” and a “genuine concern” to those who have encountered such brutality gives them a rejuvenating feeling, a sense of belongingness.
    Collecting charity by “sms” is a very logical way of accumulating money to be engaged in healing such causes. It was very satisfactory to hear that the license of some 70 -75 sonography center have been dismissed and the set up of a fast track court have been agreed upon by the Rajasthan chief minister on the behest of Aamir. Slowly and gradually and no matter in what size the show brings a change but we all must applaud the step taken in this direction. Love u Aamir.

  165. Lalit K Kassireddi says:

    I am very much attached to this show where amir & his team is trying to bring the view of idia today where the all masup is in our socity & i think we the young generation if we will not think & act on the present senario than our coming generation will not suvive in india & they will alway curse us. & the time will come where child after birth will say why i born in india.

    if any one who can change the system is we the young generation & if we get the oportunity then we will alway there to join this type of community because in future we will also be parents of someone & if they ask us why we born in india were every thing is corrupt & of no control then we will have no answer to give them .

  166. Dear Priya,
    No doubt that the program being telecast is bringing some very important issues of the country to the limelight, but it would be effective only if our people are strictly giving their contributions and coming forward to stop this.

    Going little far away I would like to appeal that first of all we must stop showing the violent movies and serials, it in turn gives the people ideas to be and act violent by the methods used. Censor board should take strict view of this. Ranju Nehra

  167. I also watching this show since last 4 weeks. I sure this will change entire community but if we are not implementing nothing will happen. So keep following the things and followers…. Best wishes

  168. Definitely this show will brings changes in the society and its showing all truths happen in country and from this show all the corrupted people will change and may be they can punish i m very impress with this show and i m hoping that this show never end……

  169. mangesh gaykar says:

    Dear Priya N,

    thanks for email me..

    and thaks also to mr. amir khan for satymev jayte programe

  170. Lalit K Kassireddi says:

    also as amir said about the genric medical store where this type of medicin will be available to all needy people. i some help from your side will be provided then i am planning open this store in jamshedpur.

  171. sanjeev rai says:

    satyamev jayte is the name of truth and amir do it very well he say dil pe lagege tabi baat bane ge , he shown us the truth in the dark

  172. priya gupta says:

    I am following Satyamev Jayte from last 4 weeks
    i am very impress sataymev jayate program & i m support this show.
    good amir sir carry on…. best wish 4 u….

  173. why only Amir?

  174. Pulak Mukherje says:

    We live in a hypocritical society. What will Amir Khan orAmitabh Bachhan do to people who are not willing to change themselves from inside. Our attitude s very bad in blaming te government for everything. Who is the government in a democracy????????????? The people – You and I. Only when we change and become more disciplined in life can anythig happen in our country.
    No one in our contry can walk straight or drive straight. I see millions of poor people on the streets with 10 / 10 children, who are living on dustbin food. Why cant’ these people thing before making love to produce more off springs who will only bg / borrow or steal to survive?? This is the truth about India.
    Satyamev Jayate.

  175. suryashankaar says:


  176. sethuram r payas says:

    just for showing and speaking even I can do talking more than any one but in reality what I contribute to the society speaks, if every Indian does here part in a sincere way to the society it is sufficient

    • THIS SHOW IS JUST FOR BUSINESS not for realy improving society.dont expect any thing from any Celebrity

      • VINEET BARUA says:

        except the anupam khair… because he really want to be a part of social developement .. and he also with annna hazare ….
        but amir is a good business man .. he’s frauding with imosions of indians…

        • RAVIKANT says:

          Agree with you Sethuramji n Vineetji, if he really wants to do something he could have done much easily than us because of his celebrity status and the financial wealth (Rs.1,500 Crore estimated, I heard somewhere of Mr. Aamir Khan). he is only playing with people’s emotions n half knowledge to gain for himself n the channel.

  177. VIKAS PANDYA says:

    Bravo AAmir Bravo….

    You are doing excellent doubt about that…

    but see we are indians…. we just watch the programme sometimes we cry and lough at the time of watching … and remember hardly for day or two then forget…

    there are so many burning examples in india.. like telagi, kasab, anna hazare, politicians, and so many scams…etc etc. Every body knows that some thing wrong is going but nobody wants to get indulge in that. its very sad.

    I want to know from you, you may have written correspondence related to your first episode do you get any feedback.

  178. Yes not only the healing system, the whole society needs an operation. To blame doctors would be a bit unfair. We expect doctors to be god like, have all knowledge and facilities to cure the patients. True they must have, but the society must see that it is possible and formulate and implement policies. I have met many doctors serving out of India and questioning the reason given by most was that they were not prepared to fall in line with corrupt medical practices that have become necessary to survive. Who has created this situation? Doctors in India compared to world may be least paid and are expected to provide world class facilities. The profession has been commercialised and no more a issue or nobility. A patient is a consumer and doctor a provider. To expect world class services at lowest possible rate is impractical. In India you pay 300 for your operation and can file a claim of 3 lacs or more. Then a doctor has to compete with quacks and neem hakims. It would not be wrong to say that every third person in India is a practicing doctor. The situation becomes that to survive one is forced to adopt to unethical practices or quit. In a corrupt st up where a chief minister has to pay to the high command in thousands of corores and ministers are taking money for posting of doctors and all officers like police men, such persons have either to pay and earn by corruption or quit, as I my self had to quit fro govt service and then out of private practice and now surviving by serving out of country. Hence the out come of the whole discussion is that we must choose correct people to run this country . if any section or segment of society is not upto the mark then the first thing to be changed is the ruler for it is ultimately their responsibility. So heal the political system and all will fall in order.

  179. Sumit Koul says:

    Dear Priya
    Amir is doing a great job. But I believe that the viewers are sick and tired to watch, read and hear about CRIME, CRIME, CRIME everywhere. The common public are loosing trust on the mechanism of law and order in the country. I believe that we have very week laws to deal with the modern crimes in the country. Unless harsh punishments to those found guilty are not given publically, no one can stop crime here.

  180. Akela channa bhad nahi phod sakta.
    everyone know right or wrong and what is unfair still we support bad people to keep them happy as they are lord Shiva. i support to Amir for his idea of to change thoughts of everyone for atleast one and half hour. Thanks to Amir and kiran.

  181. A,K,Gaur says:

    Yes the efforts made by Amir Khan is stupendous. but our system has been so deeply corrupted that despite of knowing the right & wrong no one can do better in absolute terms. Any way the program me as a whole may bring social justice to the public at large. How ever the awareness in versatile form shall be imbibed in public to claim for the right path of life.
    Let us see how great & miracle it can do, though the axial theam is no doubt a very good life concept to bring social justice.

  182. This very good show amir is doing excellent job of public awareness i just loved all episodes and i think there r lot of issues and this how must go on.

  183. vijay kulkarni says:


    I think if this serial is understood by each & every indian commom man there is no need of any anna hajare or other opposite political party to end present critical condition made by our ruling party leaders & other burocrats * entire 90% population is suffering from poverty. price hike, bhatrachar, shartage of food, medicine, other basic amenities like housing clothing etc which we feel shame that after 125 of ruling expereinced party failed to contribute at least 5% growth ?

    I suggest to the people of indian see the diff between Khans – one side sahrukh who is bussy in getting IPL money alongwith films other salman is normal but not invovle in any bad or good thing also. this is not diff but see the guts & love to nation can do this ?

    I feel the Bharat ratna must be give nt Aamir Khan – note i have the idology of modern RSS i never hesitate to say this – this is lesson to all people that a simple man with glamour & favorate vide films in the commom man can do this – where are those people who have all – galmour money honey personlity but cant do work like this.






  184. HI,





  185. if .oooo1% of mind changes after watching this program it will be success job for Amir

  186. shamika says:

    Mr. amir khan doing outstanding job for our country.
    we are also want do job v. sincerely without giving money to the govt servant.

  187. pratiksha Dhumal says:

    Dear All
    Yes ,It is absolutely true that are medical facilities ,and government hospitals, have very bad condition , regards equipment, beds ,tablets availability is very rare at the time of requirement and lacks of doctors also in government hospitals .situation is still same as before ,even is become pathetic .and private hospitals are not treating poor people ,due lacks of fund even in emergency case also ,they are giving priority for deposit fund ,then only they will treated , and government giving subsidy to the hospitals in the terms of electricity ,tables ,taxes,equipment ,rent etc .
    In the month of april 2012 one poor patient ,refuse to treat by one leading hospital ,because he couldn’t pay ICU charges deposit around rupees 25000, and government hospital dont have such facilities to treat in such emergency situation ,no beds available ,no scan machine available not even doctor available , finally that patient took so much for search the hospital ,and she died ,because she need intents treatment ,and are private hospitals and government hospitals are couldn’t able to provide it ,and from so many year situation is same it not improving at all ,and every year our government decide budget for improving healthcare facilities around 200-300 crore every year ,and result is nothing .we definitely need strong , and lots of improving in medical system .

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Pratikshaji, 200-300 crore, 12,000 crore ka to sirf UP mein NHRM ka ghotala hai, isiliye to kah raha hoon sab aadhi adhuri knowledge wale emotionally baat kar rahe hai

  188. Arun kumar says:

    Its a great show keep it up amir sir thanks for such a practical show which give new direction to young generation.

  189. I like this show very much. Change hona start ho gya h. aapne sheela dixit ka budget nhi dekha. wo naye hospital open kar rhi h. sab par is show ka effect jarur padega. hum aapke sath h aamir ji. thanks for this show.

  190. hiiiiiiii
    i follow this show last 4 weeks
    it is very great shop mr. amir khan doing work very well.but i think one person can not changed our country.

  191. Suresh Chander says:

    Good morning, nobody can’t change truth. Amir Khan play our role in this episode. Nothing to be done. It is game of money. Everyone knows these are the problems in India, even non- well educated person also know that. But know body can’t change those things. The things only that can change these factors are only is that “Education level of country”. That needs to be upgraded. The problems like that –“Burn Hatya ,Yaun-Shosan, Rape, Accident, Murder, Stolen activities, Corruptions in all sector, etc.” Only solution is Education level. All governments appoint our approach person in education sector if our government finishes the corruption only in education department all problems will be solved automatically. Every problem solution is education not Amir khan, any star, PM and CM. Nobody can’t do end these social evils.

  192. sanjeev akula says:

    Yes! We need to change ourself and then change people which is bad in our mind n culture.

    I am 100% support for Satyamev Jayate.

  193. Rajinder Sapru says:

    The greatest impact of the Show so far has been “concious awakening quotient” amongst viewers. It remains to be seen how much real effect of this is reflected in our society as most of us know about such things but unable to contribute to improve the system. It is the chain effect only which can have some impact at least.

  194. Ashish Bhakat says:

    This show is a unique in its kind and had never been in Indian Television history. I congratulate Aamir Khan for such a huge, elaborate kind of public awareness show ( beyond comparable with KBC, Baba Ramdev awareness of Yoga and naturopathy etc.). Definitely only the awareness is not a solution for Indian poor, ethic less, sick mentality people, who are just living for their own, but, without awareness things will not move in right direction. So, Aamir keep raising such issues in your show and definitely one day will come when the sick mentality people in Govt. will be thrown out of Parliament.
    Best Regards, Ashish

  195. if we r nt wishing to change it wl b just entertainment like other programs,amir intend not only to enterrtain bt showing the facts to b aware abt reality.thanks

  196. Ratnakar says:

    yes not more but little effect will on political leader

  197. First of all I really appreciate for this programme keep it up, I am also with u with always

  198. The program is good and what i feel is even if the society comes to know that there r so many problems happening in our society, even if it is highlighted in the media and people see whats happening between our people. Still they tend to do the same sin again and again. There is no change. people are not going to change. its better the world comes to end asap. Its of no point showing so many tragedies in the media. PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. Its going to continue as long as the world is alive.

  199. Saugat Ray Chadhury says:

    Sure it will make some change in the society, but before that the System is to be knocked and then only. We cannot do anything by writing on the web or send letter to the High Bureaucrats of India as our honorable Parliament is to think about it

  200. mahendra singh says:

    this show bring the change of society . yadi is show corporation kam nahi hoga lakin insaan ke man mai dar ho gaye ga . aur sahad coporation kam ho gaye . thanks for amir khan.

  201. Mohit Girdhar says:

    Amir the perfectionist, seriously man awesome show!!!
    We Indians have to start taking actions in our normal lives as well. Why just after this show?

    At least now we should do our jobs with full responsibility and honesty.

    Every corrupted politician should go and kill themselves. Not only politicians, after this episode even these sold doctors should go and kill themselves, finally kuch gand kam hoga…

  202. I salute to the efforts of Amir Khan & its a very good awekening show I support hearedly

  203. goutam chowdhury says:

    good morning …mam. Amir khan act is super. I like this program . but political climate is not like.

  204. satyamev jayte all world is the best show.

  205. harvinder says:


    I am really like Satyamev Jayte because we are getting situation surrounding us.

  206. Venkatachalapathy says:

    Hi Priya,

    Indian politics is gone for task, this is best way to correct the people, Amir is intiated … it is our duty to continue..

  207. Tajinder says:

    I Think not only people available on the show should support Amir Khan, but all of us should support the initiative stated by Amir. This way at least we could try to resolve the problem one by one.

  208. Kashinath says:

    The Last episode was quite good where in the govt should act upon the issue and bring such a system where the people across India should get the good quality of treatment and medicine irrespective gender, caste and class.
    It’s not to blame the doctors its a problem with the system and because of few corrupt doctors the medical profession is in grey area.
    The govt should act on the corrupt doctors and also MCI should take stringent action and bring the medical profession at low cost and quality service.
    In some places there are some doctors who even dispense the medicines which is not a best practice. The Doctors are purchasing the medicine and keeping all the margins and the cost is paid by the patient. This Practice is acceptable in remote or rural area where medicines are not available easily and doctor can give these medicines to patient at free of cost or at minimal charges.
    All State govt should act on this profession as medicine profession is having ever green profession and govt should open high tech diagnostics and medical stores where the patient who can not afford the cost of diagnostics and medicines should get best services out of these centers.
    Most of the govt hospitals are very corrupt and the availability of the doctors and service is not up to the mark because of the system.
    The Govt should take some steps to correct the system and prevent the mall practices.

  209. soujanya says:

    Yeah i too follow the show,i was shocked looking at the problems that small kids are facing with one of their family members only and could not reveal it.Its a great show which would bring awareness to the people.And hope for the change,,,through satya meva jayathe.

  210. UDAY NAND says:

    hi, the show satyamev jayate really put a mark in our society , we know it is not possible to change the whole society , but a smaller change can also be a better by the reflection of this show, so it will work .

  211. Amirji,
    Great job by yourself, Every person should watch this episode not for the sake of seeing but also remember and implement from time to time basis.
    It happens that one episode the impacts are heard for one week only and the next episode the impact starts and that also persist for one week and so on……………….
    We should monitor the same at interval of time and it is not only duty as one individual but it is duty of all the people at large.

  212. KARTHIK L S says:

    Hello Priya,
    Sure, Amir’s program will not change the whole India but it can inspire some of us….
    satyamev jayate!

  213. Mr. Khan and team of Satya mev jayate doing great job by focusing on all hidden and most important issue of our countery..because no one wants to talk about all these issue..but now govt.have to take some hard core action regarding all these issue..becoz everything is very neat and clear in front of the whole world on silver screen with the help os “Satya mev jayate team”…God Bless All of U..we all are there to support U..Just go ahead and Bang the wrong things!!!!:::)))

  214. iam happy that there is someone is there for showing that much of courage of presenting inner problems of our country to all of us that is mr.perfect aamir khan this show must run as much more as possible

  215. sanjeev gupta patrakar says:

    satya mevjayte is all word thebest show .thanks the aamir khan and his team .
    sanjeev gupta

  216. The programme is picking appreciation over the minds of masses. Amirkhan has managed well in his programme and will acquire huge financial benefits. The popukation of the counrty is is the main culprit leading to such serious problems.

  217. bhaskar thakar says:

    I am watching”SatyamevJayate” and feels that it is the story of some one of our relative who suffered.
    We should promote the moral behind every episode by discussing the problem or highlighting the truth behind it in more ways.

  218. PRABHAKARA RAO says:

    All Indians have to think off 3 points to implement.
    1. Government should provide FREE Medical treatments and basic education to all the citizens of India as every one paying taxes (in different routes) to Government and in return to taxes there is no benifit to tax payers. So many countries are giving such facilities to their citizens, why cannot India?
    2. The reason for not getting the above facilities are Governing bodies are illeterate. And they dont bother for public. In India, every Government job, even in D grade employee require minimum qualification of SSC, where as the Governing bodies(elected politicians) do not require even formal education. If this system changes, then there will be scope for growth in India.
    3. Reservations became the prime baricades for growth in India. In education system normal pass mark will be 35% and for reservation category it is relaxed further. Those who passed with less than 35% again comes forward in job competition with those who passed with 90% marks. That means for so many years we are recruiting in government sectors, who are having efficiency of less than 35% and taking the responsibility to lead India.
    How can we, the Indians, compete in international scenerio with this down graded systems?

  219. sandhya bhat says:

    Its a very good programme. But in India more people are corrupt and only wants to make more money . and like Mumbai nothing will happen as it is a samundar. All states people are there so it is very difficult to make any project in Mumbai. Iam very happy by seeing hospital Narayan Hridayalay. Many poor people will get help from there. Like that we want one hospital, one medical store in Mumbai also. But we can only hope. I thanking very much to Amirkhan, by conducting this proramme, as many people came to know whats happens in India. I shocked to hear MBBS students need 50 to 60 lakhs to study. Thank you vey much,

  220. Its is great thought and good work taken by A famous actor which normally doesnt happen in film industry.Its is realy a matter of great concern to myself and my countrymen to spare a thought on every aspects of our day today life and a take a small step forward to fight against injustice happening in our society.We have the best constitution in the world but we utilise the least.We can make use of RTI,RTE etc to bring a social change in our country.

  221. Aamir alone can’t bring anychange, he needs support of people like us who thinks like him. WE ALL CAN BRING CHANGE IF WE ARE DETERMINED TO DO SO!!!!

  222. Surendra P singh says:

    Yes Satyamev Jayate can chages our society if our all politician corrupted and non courrupted politician and all govt. employee watches this watches this this show regularly in effectice way and taken this show as a waken up call for them not as a other TV serials.
    Surendra Pal Singh

  223. Narinder Jamwal says:

    हर शाख पर उलू बैठा है
    अंजाम-इ-गुल्स्तान क्या होगा …

  224. yes, i also like this program amir khan is doing good job i think aisa karne se hamare society ke logo ko ish baat ka ehsash ho raha hai ki wo abhi tak aankh band karke apne karibi aur rishte daro ke upar bharosa karte the ab se we sab samajh chuke hai ki hume hamari jimmedariyon se nahi bhagna chahiye

  225. vishal dubey says:

    satyamev jayte is the best show on whole world. ese program aate our bante rehna chahiye kyoki ye sare program logo ki hamare samaj ki aakhe khoolne sach ka samna karne ke liye hote hai. ese programo se hamare desh, samaj,vishwa ,our logo mai sudhar bhi aayega. kuch log ese programo ka virodh karte hai kyo ? kyoki unhone kisi na kisi MAA ,BAHAN ,PARIVAR walo ke galat bartav jatti ki hogi isliye wo inka virodh karte hai hamari govt ko in program ko badawa dena chahiye. GOVT ko program se shikh lete huye SAMAJ ,LOG ,MAA ,BAHAN har ek protection dena chahiye. tabhi harmara desh AMERICA se 20year piche nahi balki 50 year AAGE pahuch jayega. jai hind jai bharath, satyamev jayte.

  226. I am also a close follower of Satyamevjayate & never missed any episode of it uptill now.

  227. sanjeev gupta patrakar says:

    satya mev jayte is all word the best show .with thanks aamir khan .

  228. S.K.Saxena says:

    Dear Priya we can certainly change the things but we must come together and ready to change our mind set .This type of efforts were done by some other persons but all gone in wane Now because of Amir Khan this program may get success as required from such program

  229. mayank gupta says:

    in one line this is very gud thing,,,,

  230. JL Chugh says:

    Unless the culprits are brought to books and exemplary punishment is given to them,
    we cannot bring about a change in our rotten system. Especially the politicians who
    are the 3 monkeys of Gandhiji, dont’ see the corruption in the country, don’t speak about
    the corruption and don’t want to listen also. These worn out politicians should be dethroned by our public immediately to save our democracy.

  231. This is really excellent program.

  232. Jayakumar P.K says:

    Is it possible to show/give details of the persons or agencies on the other side of the case.For example in the last episode on healthcare we were shown the victims only,not the hospitals or doctors who caused the agony to the victims.

    If it is possible your, no, our effort will be more effective.

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Kahan se denge, Doc to technical baat karega, technical baatein public ki samajh mein nahi aayegi, TRP ka sawal hai………..

  233. vikas karande says:

    Amir should also talk about controlling population of india which is the main reason for poverty, curruption, inflation rate, etc. Through this channel he should try to educate those idiot politicians to make lots of improvement in goverment and make a relief for the common people in terms of better education system, schools has become a business nowadays, decrease in inflation rate, decrease in various taxes burdned on common people. In todays position only politicians are living there life with leasure. Please pleasae my request to Amir to take some initiative for this also.

  234. Subhash Singh says:

    Corruption has plagued our society at large. And everybody is suffering form it. Program on Star TV Satyamevjayate is a welcome move by Amir Khan. Issues raised by Amir Khan are not new to our society. But Amir Khan alone can not change the scenario on these issues. We all have to stand up against issues being raised by Amir. Our so called Netas assure us curbing the corruption but once elected, they themselves indulge in such practices. 2G, Commonwealth Games, unauthorized mining, coalfields allotment are some of them. Until our top level leadership is willing to resolve such issues, it is hard to imagine eradication of corruption from our country.
    However, we should be positive in our minds and hearts that if everybody makes a resolve not to indulge in unfair practices, certainly we can think of corruption free India.

  235. Nitin Chauhan says:

    Satyamev jayate is no doubt a good initiative but most of the problems he discuss in show are well known & we all are well aware with those problems. The thing is after knowing all things we common man can not stop those. Amir knan need to discuss & try to resolve those problem & he should tell in current epiosde that what he is doing to stop all issues discussed in his privious episods & we all will support him anyhow to not only discuss but also stoping & resolving these roblems & issues.

  236. Great job by satyamev jayte Team

  237. Hat’s off to Amir, he has used his experience in the industry to bring out a show this.
    He has pick subjects, which all of us know and suffer in some or other way , but no one is doing anything (expect few).

    i think we should get together to make a difference.

  238. Mehaboob says:

    Satyamev Jayate show can change society, and we should contribute our self to change.

  239. Rameshwar Prasad Sinha May 29, 2012
    Dear Priya,
    Some leaders may show sympathy and earn some faver only.NO Celibraty is serious about improving am adami problems. Now word Sacrifice is only for dictionary or am adami.The BIG difference between poor & rich indicates this.
    Thanks for giving oportunity to give a coment.

  240. Pravesh Kumar Singh says:

    Satyamev Jayate is the most meaningful show. Amir Khan and his team is doing outstanding job for India. I hope his move will give a new direction to our country.

  241. uma honnaiah says:

    The programme Satyamev Jayate may help in creating awareness among the masses, but I personally think it cannot bring in great change in the present day scenario as the basic mentality of our people should change drastically.

  242. Ankur Sood says:

    We want to contribute towards improving this pathetic situation of our society.
    we all need to come together to make any change in the system.
    Amir’s show is great.
    i suggest all of you to support Anna Ji’s movement in support of Jan-Lokpal bill because that can be great start in changing the situation of our country.
    Please support Anna Ji’s movement in which ever way you can…

  243. Gokul Das says:

    Dear priya,
    Mr. Amir khan doing outstanding job for our country and trying to change our system
    we all wake up , support and follow all the rules and regulations of course we change our system we do job v. sincerely without giving money to the govt servant.

    gokul das

  244. Radha Nair says:

    Dear Priya

    The programme is good. Atleast everybody is aware whats happening around us. But one man cannot bring the change. All should do their bit to bring in the change. The concerned people should watch this programme and change their system of working and become loyal.

  245. Arjun Rawat says:

    Yes strongly I Support Mr. Amir to this noble cause.

  246. i wish the wonderful program done by amir khan is repeated in all the Indian languages and hosted by all the channels, so that more awareness can be brought to the rural population in India. the topics selected by the amir and team are simply superb and mind blowing, showing the reality that we live in. as a country which has got Independence 60 years ago, could not come out of the clutches from wicked politicians and bureaucrats. lets hope amir and team highlight all the burning issues.

  247. PB RAMARAJU says:

    The program is no doubt a good and extremely fine to educate only to a section of public.But unfortunately Janab Amir & this show alone can not bring the change in our society, as he is just bringing the facts and indicating what we can do in this regard. There are several issues which need to be corrected in our society and that too from the root level.
    To change these Issues in India we need the following.
    1)We need Monarchy and not a democracy
    2)We need less population and more literacy among the lower classes
    3)We need a change in individual’s attitude
    4)In case if we want get the changes in a democratic Govt. We should divide the country and rule with independent powers.

  248. Good programme to create awareness about Social problems among ourselves.we can Spread the news across country

  249. The Aamir’s TV program is of no new. There were so many other TV channels aired this kind of programs. Most of the people in our country are suffering every day with plethora of problems caused by Government related sectors and Private related sectors, of all kind.
    This SJ program is not attempting for any solution for the problems which are faced by the people.

    My view on this program is that it(TV show) implicitly believes that by high lighting the problems, the solutions will come automatically, just because some concerned authorities who present in this program and assuring some sort of assurance for name same.
    Don’t live in Fools Paradise Mr. Aamir! Instead, initiate practical actions to mitigate the suffering of the people.

  250. i wanna c dr.samit sharma becouse. i am planning to opean medical store of Generic medical store i stay in mumbai, malad, malvane, i have seen lot of problem of poor people i wanna do some thing for those poor people. i sow ur show i like that u people have done good job. so i need ur help to opean the store in malvani so plz tell Dr. samit sharma about me. thank u

  251. SUDHEESH S says:

    dear priya,
    Amir khan is a great hero, who and the show Sathyameva jayathe will change our
    society as perfect one in the world.

  252. Raj Sharma says:

    All D Best To Mr. Aamir Khan for bringing these untouched stories to the people. It may be a small step for Mr. Khan, but a giant step towards mankind for spreading the genuine cause, which has been extended all over.

  253. hi friend s tis s vasu tis show s excellent and the amir khan some leaders sympathy

  254. Satyamev jayate is indeed a very good show we should support it not only by watching it but also try to bring the change.
    One more thing if the czapitation fee of medical college would be 50-60 lacs,future doctors will try to recover the entire amount from the patients so this thing should be fixed first ,the future of india is n dark………………. everything is in terms of money the whole education system since the child goes to playgroup till the professional degree we have to pay the capitation fee which is very high in all sectors we all should come forward and say no to capitation fee then only we can change the education system

  255. B. Gopal Reddy says:

    First thing that strikes my mind when i see the situations as shown(in the program) is that the main reason for a man – any ordinary minded man – is that to lead a lavish life, he might dream about a car, a luxury house and all the basic facilities, and if possible gain some higher measures in life. To accomplish this he needs heaps of money. From where can he get this. By hard and sincere work no body can achieve that. So to earn a fast buck, enters into the arena of corruption. This is the fact about 90% of the urban population, under the age of 25 to no limit. So, the trend set in. In any field not only doctors, every field – engineering, teaching profession (tuition classes run by the teachers of school itself outside the school to students including them who they teach in the same school), doctors, industrialists, employees in govt., some even in private sectors having direct link with the public (parties), bureaucracy, and what not. Everybody is bitten by this bug -to get rich soon without caring for the society.
    Only when this thinking changes, can the society and country at large be free from the corrupt practices in their trade. To have this change, the population, including the ministers their chamchas on lower or higher positions, public at large should realise that change is compulsory for a better future for the next generation.
    If nobody cares for this, this is going to be never ending era in future, with no stopping and one day a time may come when one human would kill a person for a mere bread.
    For avoiding the above condition, the first thing is minister should cleanse their souls first and then strictly – i mean strictly enforce rules against corruption, and follow those which are already passed. Without a consideration or partiality and of course avoiding the sweet pill of corruption, the judiciary should punish those guilty. Guilty does not mean that only those arrested. if there is a slight shadow of doubt, that should be enough to charge him. In this way a sense of responsibility should be inculcated on – the politicians, the police and also the judiciary.
    I have stated all this as per my view, i know, this could never happen in our country, where there is difference of opinion on religion, difference in basic standards, difference in thinking, difference in culture (a north Indian vastly differs in culture compared to a south Indian), one man hates another.
    There is only one way to solve this problem, but it is a very hard one – leave out selfishness / mean mindedness. Embrace fraternity – but I know this is a tall order, but it can be done.
    And if this is achieved, by all, mainly by the centre stage politicians, there would be no country like ours in the complete universe, this I can guarantee your – a POOR INDIAN.

    —— Gopal Reddy

    becoz every body wants fast money.higher class will become more paise wala ( becoz they know some stupid politician OR a government babu OR mamu), midal class will be there running as donkeys to run there family, & as usual lower class will go more down class as they have taken everything for granted.
    Aamir khan can only show, whats happening around u.,& by seeing that we feel petty.but there’s not a single law for all these subjects.the speacilisation in INDIA is, all law cases will run for 15yrs,till that time either person will die or will be old enough to fight.

    to really do somthing in society OR india, we first need to respect the law.,in all ways.

  257. Such initiatives taken by so very renowned personalities… Especially when it is Aamir himself who is the torch bearer for the youth… can definitely bring up a difference…
    For all the 4 issues which Aamir n his team have enlightened I support all 4 of’em ….

  258. Dear Mr. Rameshwar Prasad Sinha n all who agree with him,

    You must plz scratch the dirt and shit out of ur mind… Coz u r being the crabs of our society.. You neither move out of the box nor allow others to do dat.. I agree he is getting somethin but just see the proportion of what he is giving to the society.. N for the case of his fee per episode why r u jealous coz u r not gettin such n amount or it is he who is gettin all of dat…

  259. Hello Priya N,

    The Serial Satyamev Jayate is discussing all the horror-truth of the society,
    we are living in our daily routine life..

    Everybody knew all this happening around us..
    but, all are just help-less ’cause if they will speak / or fight for this.. will be destroyed along with his career and family.

    Abortion’s / dowry-killings / honour-killings / Murder / Rape / Robbery / Terror-Attacks.. Every common people living in this society has became use-to of these all.

    TV News Channel’s show’s:
    Some people are preparing fake milk / fake tea / fake medicine / injecting fruits & vegetable’s to ripe fast / roads are prepared with lower-class of materials /Peoples cheat each-other for jobs in overseas / MLM Companies like speak-india & ram-survey come to india and cheat peoples with thousands of money / etc..
    - But, all the person living in society has became use-to of these all as well.

    The Serial Satyamev Jayate is Good.

    But, it will be forgotten soon..

    Nothing can bring changes for a long period..

  260. Suresh Zaveri says:

    Dear Madam,
    Its all on nature god, but we human have their way, we have to educate among all and follow the Govt/society laws which we abide, abiding laws some time become difficult and cause injustice to other, but still we have to carry on educating people it is good what Amir is doing & hope people reaction to this will remain for ever.

  261. Afzal Ali says:

    SMJ is hope in the darkness but it is true that every good step should start from ourselves so that all the such type of social issues could terminated from the roots.

  262. Rabindra says:

    it’s really a good show, now the counter effect is started in the peoples.
    if everyone starts to reacting to problems we have a really “our happy India “

  263. Pradip Narsingani says:

    Dear Priya,

    the changes if we want that we have to change first… only amir khan and the Satyamav jayte is not bring changes at all/….
    we have to change… than only the India will change….

  264. Krishnan says:

    I fully agree with R.P.Sinha. Public memory is very short.The show is just an eye wash. I am sure Amir would have possibly forgotten the episode by now, and must be busy with his personal gains rather than the generic medicines /corrupt practitioners/MCI(which has no powers to execute),they will only TRY,what, when and how – - – - – -GOD ONLY KNOWS.

  265. I really admits Amir & Channels for this show. I appreciate that it spreed awarness about diifrent socio – economic issue in across and every corner of India. Television is the media through which people can connected. I hope it will working well and get beneficial of all human beings in India and abroad.


  266. Santosh says:

    Satyamev Jayate is a good program and must watch to every common man. Sometiems we know most of the things but never involve or take part because of it because of fearness of our society. After watching this program at least few people will fight for theirs freedoms, will move towards their own rights, will take steps for corruption etc.

  267. Shaikh Mustafa says:

    Dear Priya,

    Thanks for asking opinion, however the opinion is quite different but..
    “Even God Doesn’t Change those, who don’t want to change themselves”.

    The biggest issue of our country is Corruption. We all have to decide firmly whether to keep continue with the same or need change.

    let’s fight together to clean India from Corruption and bring back the money kept illegally in foreign banks, it would be sufficient to solve all the problems of India, either its a medical, education, unemployment ….

    There should be ceilings on cost of medical treatment in every hospital in the country.

    All of us have to fight making the Hospitals & Educational Institutions nonprofit organizations.

    Shaikh Mustafa

  268. pallabi says:

    We all say there are problems, if we would have the power we could do something.Now when someone is leading this and showing problems along with causes and solutions then we can do our bit of work by supporting it.

  269. Dear All Friends,

    We have to appreciate Aamir for doing such a job. Every body is busy for their work, atleast he is earning the money on pointing the problems of India. We can know what is going on All over India. Atleast he is earning money 0n raising problems of india, but others earning money on weakness of people.

    Aamir Hats off to u.

    Vishnu Pilli

  270. Vaman Acharya says:

    This is the first time that we are getting to watch a show with “Not Only” highlighting the problems but also initiating actions to get to the resolution of such problems.
    Hats-off to Amir and the show producers who are doing all the hard work in gathering data, case studies and highlighting the most sensitive topics of our society.
    There are good things in the society but at the end every thing is not Hunkey Dory and there lies some bitter truths which we should be aware of. The show is a great initiative and we should all join hands to fight against such evil prevailing in our society.

  271. Dear Priya,
    As per your view about SATYAMEV JAYATE produced by Amir Khan is really appreciable. But as Amir we are also human beings we should also create this livelihood figures which we all have but we don’t want to produce or show our courtesy to those people which really want to be freed up from this issue. As in British Times our India was under them and no rule and regulation was presented to peasants… there were lots of our freedom fighters to make our India free like: Subhash Chandra Bose,Baba Amte ,Bhagat Singh and even others as its unaccountable but yes they had unity to make it and they did. But we are in free India we are not so to free our country but to fill our pocket.. that’s is inevitably wrong we as a free Indian should respect our duty and should complete it rather than being in home ie URBAN or RURAL.
    So my Dear friends in this context my words is we should do our duty to save our mothers, Sisters, locality in which you live .

  272. Hi,

    Good show. Way better and ahead of that rubbish “Rakhi…….”. But their are some problems-
    1) Why commercial Ads in a show of this repute. Why not only Government and educational Ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Again commercialization of people’s sentiments and feelings. STOP THIS!!!
    3) Whatever you do nothing’s gonna change.

    One personal message from my side i f you really want to change. Please share this with whoever has the authority and guts to change -

    - I don’t want such rapid development at the expense of common man.
    - I don’t want to be India becoming No. 1 economy at the expense of common man.
    - Why their is unequal development everywhere? Are their only Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, NCR etc. on India’s map. Where are other states and cities gone. This creates the problem. People have to leave their homes to search for livelihood.
    I stay in Bangalore and confidently say that if even 5% of what the money spent here is invested in my place, Rourkela in Orissa. it would come out to be among one of the metroes in India. How can this Govt. whether Central or State forget that Rourkela homes the first public sector steel plant of India(SAIL).

    Life is horrible here in big cities for common man just because they are not at their home.

    With this developments going on only rich people are getting richer day by day and common people have become slaves. Because all the opportunities are taken away by these big businessman. And common man has to work for them in low salaries.

    Please take this matter to the appropriate authority because I dont have time and money to come to Mumbai and take part in Satyamev Jayate.

    Another big question why this shows are always shooted in Mumbai. Their are other small cities why not try those. Or you people just want to add glamour and cheat the common man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So Its not only the Politicians but a whole bunch of other sections of people who are damaging our society.

    What we see is only the good picture. You people do whatever you want, will never see or face the reality!!!

  273. Madhusudan says:

    The programme is worthy of bringing some change in the society.

  274. roobina says:

    Hats off to SJ Team. I believe we should look it in positive way.. many ppl said these issue we already know.. but wat have we done??
    did we ever knew r kids r unsafe with relatives who we trust d most.. or r sis & daughter getting miscarriage bz of baby girl??wat will be imapct if girl fetus r killed??
    or uterus removal is not mandatory for menopause!!
    may be we cant change anything in r society but we can sure take some step for r family security.. & m sure small steps will change r attitude..
    some doctors took Amir’s comment personaly but there were so many dr’s introduce who are working for society like Mr. Shetty..
    Please Jaggooooo @ wen sum1 is breaking his head for u..
    wen sum1 is criticizing ur work means u r on right path.. :) Luv u bro Amir.
    Roobina khan

  275. M.A.RAHMAN says:

    If people support and this program will continue though it will be some time gainst present Central/State Governmetns.

    One thing I will tell you here Indian Citizens (Common People) should know our leaders what they are doing. In India nay polical leader is poor, if any body poor I requesting to tell his name.

    I surpirsed to read the news the Telecom. Minister freed on bail when he came from the Jail people gathered to receive him with garlands this is not rubbish!

    So this programe I am not watching because corruption is in blood who will remove this. Indian leaders eating money but they are ignoring ” INDIGESTION “.


    This show is an eye opener for all the indians.
    i myself is greatly influenced by the show.but i guess a healthy medical system will come into picture only when all the aspiring candidates of medical will honestly promise themselves that they wont be a part of this corrupted system.and whatever they are goin to serve as a doctor should be first for the mankind and then for the money.if this change will start happening then i am sure our nation will be healthier soon

  277. Harish Sharma says:

    “Forget yesterday – it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow – you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift – today.”

  278. I am very thankful to the program for making us aware of a lot of things. It is finally we people who have to make a difference. It is through such shows that the citizens feel encouraged to fight back and not be the silent victim. For the people who think these dont make a difference please ask yourself “what have you done to make the difference other than wait for someone else to fight back and read about it ?”

  279. parul verma says:

    yes , this programs bring a lot of change in our country but many people think that this program like for fem and money. but youngster should take a great disscioun for our hindi “bund bund se banta sager”

  280. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    Hi Priya,

    What we need to do is, To change ourselves first… then expect from others.
    As we all know that our system is corrupt…change the system first..becoz we all in union have that much power to take proper action on government.
    So, Believe on ourself!!

  281. Manaswini says:

    Hi Priya,
    Thanks to give me a chance for submit my opinion about ‘SATYAMEV JAYATE’. I am not a regular viewer but i So i knew this, because i am also in this same field,The
    episode is really a good attempt in social issue.It’s a small attempt to change the cruel view of our society. but question is ” Kya e serial dekhne ke bad log apne apko badal sakte he? kyunki kahin na kahin hum apni choti si world (apne ghar) me vi hume iski example milti he”. So in my point of view first we should change ourself then automatically our world will be change.In every aspect AWARENESS is must in every label.

  282. hi friends
    it cannot change our society

  283. R S DARJI says:

    I am interested in actual practical implimentation.
    Government or any good wisher must list out & declare about Generic Drugs stores addresses in cities like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat etc.
    Atleast newspaper should declare free of charge the addresses of such Generic Drugs stores.Also common man should be litrated to utilise this facility.JAN JAGRUTI is most required & people should demand for such stores.Doctors must co-operate primarily for easy step.
    In short advertise Generic drugs stores addresses first so those who have drugd knowledge can start purchase drugs from there only.
    Government must run such low cost stores.

    With best regards;

  284. ANINDYA ROY says:

    “Satyameva Jayate”- these two words resembles the outcome of Amir Khan’s show……Yes in many places actions has started & I appeal to Satyameva Jayate team to closely monitor the progress…….the result should come VERY FAST ……..that should be the success of the programme………Gandhiji has alone not made our India independent but there are so many freedom fighters who were INSPIRED by the ideology & fought. So, Amir Khan cannot himself change the whole system by himself but he is showing the PATH and if our people- the actual strength is convinced then definitely that will be the success of Amir Khan & the idea of the show. Please go ahead FOREVER…….

  285. AAMIR KHAN is doing fabulous job . These things will definitely change society. I also wanna participate in this kind of work if i get any opportunity. but AAMIR KHAN is getting step forward its really appreciable and i am with AAMIR KHAN to support him. The normal person will be benefited through this episode and will encourage zeal and soul power of person who really wanna make society beautiful and peaceful by giving justice to the person who need it.

  286. ANINDYA ROY says:

    I have given my comments earlier. The show must go on

  287. shraddha says:

    I feel this work on Amir khan and team can highlight the tip of the iceberg.
    And as far as change no it will not bring any change….coruption devils will find another way to spoil our livings.I appreciate the courage the entire team has been showing and even the victim participants.After watching the show every indian feels proud and recalls any such incident either he or his family or friends have gone through.But than what we like spectator would want some hero to come in action.. Like Anil Kapoor movie….where he became CM for one day.We all indian can only clap either for hero in action or for GOD.. chanting differnt names.Though SJ team has started awarness but it is incomplete without action.. now which new AMIR KHAN will come to complete the action. BADLY NEEDED.

  288. SAHIL KUKREJA says:

    No doubt this is good show but it will be beneficial only when we all do collectively efforts to remove these evils.

  289. I am regularly watching this programme.Mr. amir khan doing outstanding job for our country.I am big fan.Amir Khan act is always best. I like him very much.

  290. anvy raj says:

    it’s really finest step, really it is satyamev jayate would like to see like this again and again



    Problems are became as a mounten because we ignore it our ignoring giving the problem oxygen and problems grew more, now Amir Khan is started hammering on the problem so it is very necessary that problem will be solved it is also necessary that our hammering on problem will give the positive results many give are saying that what will be do this show this is fact that if any rock is break on ten strokes we can not say that first 9 stroke was missed ever stroke & every attempt are effective for ending of evils, but continue attempt and partnership of every person is very necessary

  293. VINEET BARUA says:

    first of all we know that SATYAMEV JAYATE is not the show that aware it also provide justice to whom peoples which have in problem regarding any matter……
    but as well as my opinion , in this show justice is main thing , kyunki hum sab log jante he ki doctors commision lete he , kanya vroondh hatyaen hoti he . but hum logon ki baat utni buland nhi hogi jitni amir sir apne channel k madhyamm se us awaaj ko bulandiya de sakte he …..
    mujhe lagta he ye sab prakradh rishvat se related he . aur ise lokpal bill se connect karna chahiye …. anna ji ki madad se isko naya mukaam mil sakta he …….
    so , amir annna ji ko bhi is muhim me samil karo …. aur b acche result aayenge…
    believe me………

  294. Dear Sir,
    As of today none of what is called a superspecilist prescribe cheap medicine of equvalent salt. You dont find a general practioner . For a small or minor problem u are always refered to a specilist who in turn ask for various test and a after running from pillar to post u are prescribed the costly medicine though cheaper subsitute are available, sine all have their own intrest. It is always poor who is suffering. If Amir can create a team of of General Practioners who can treat minor ailments without no of unnessary test,Probably it will be a exceelent service to Human being belonging to lower/middle class.

  295. Kapil Sethi says:

    “Satyamev Jayte” means Truth always Win but now days It reverse Lie more powerful than Truth.Aamir Khan is Big Superstar the way he is Anchoring the show is so Overwhelming.He is doing Govt Job.Satyamev Jayte based on very Delegate Issues,Its very easy to Criticize other if they are doing good job for betterment of society.I salute to Aamir Khan who raise this issue & aware education on this issues to everybody.I admie the Title song of Satyamev Jayte.It should be similar as our National Anthem.I wish Mr.Aamir Khan all the best for their Rest Part for performing & Entertain people very well.


    With Regards
    Kapil Sethi

  296. syed fakhruddin says:

    Yes its a Great Job by Aamir Khan.
    Only the show cannot change Indian Society, But it will make People awareness to some extent.

    Over all its a good social service.
    Thanks to Aamir and his team.

  297. Ranjit majumdar says:

    Aamir Khan has started a process of awareness in different fields. Doctors are the most unscruplus lot. They can go to any extent to exploit patients and gang up with hospitals and investigation institutions to earn. Goverment should immediately take steps to stop free sampling of medicines sponorships and fix the rates of consultations fees depending on their qualifications. Strong laws should be made to punish doctors found guilty of corrupt practices.

  298. Sudha Bhaskaran says:

    I watch Satyameva Jayate as regularly as I can. May be I’ve missed a couple of episodes. However my opinion is that Mr. Amir Khan is doing his bit – bringing awareness about the crimes happening in India, where, who so on. He also gets the Chiefs-in-charge- of that particular Administration to make a commitment in Public that they will investigate and try to resolve the issue.

    Society should improve from watching such episodes. It’s we, the people, who have to bring in the change.

  299. Gurpreet says:

    Hi Priya,
    No doubt it is a not only gud very gud show and the main thing is that this is the show of Aamir. As he is not only the best actor but he is also a gud human being what i feel. Only Aamir is a person who can choose this type of show but i am sorry to say that this is only a show which depends on the trp and a famous personality. Priya dont you think the effect of this will be only on those persons who are really gud by heart. But those who falls in bad category will change the channel. Today we not only need to show off we need to solve out the problems. Only few people could reach in this programe. But those who are really in need or depressed could not reach. Let me tell you a real fact. I have my real sister in Bombay. She got married near about 17-18 years back. We dont have brother and lost my papa in 1979. Our mother is old and living with us as no body is there to look after her. Can you imagine after her marriage
    from the very first day her inlaws started torturing her by every aspects. They used to beat her, gave her mentally torture, asked her for dowry but the worst part was we knew everything but cud not do any thing as we dont have any support. I was unmarried that time and was working in a reputed company in front office and the only source for me was phone, which i used badly and tried all my sources , i reported to nari sanstha with the help of one of my relative in Bombay. Two three times they threated them. I contacted a lady of my jiju’s office and now the situation is that they are living in separate house but still jiju is playing all the role of her mother and continuelly torturing her. My sister is in very depression. But we are helpless.
    So can you suggest me what can we do……Thats why i am saying now its time to work out rather then only showing. And this could be done only either by a famous and gud personality like Aamir or a person with sound finance. Now I am working as a office accounts with same company but still we are hand to mouth. But i have all the guts to crush these type of people.
    I cant move ahead becoz of money and ofcourse a simple person. But yes Aamir can cash his
    popularity and he is a write person to do. Best of luck to him and i think he will sure read my comments (essay).

  300. Hi! Priya
    Good afternoon and a very nice day
    Thank for the mail and I am very much liked the way this shows going. I would be happy to join this group to improve our India. I am also actually happy the way it shows the problems of India, but it is not possible to change our society because main problem is OUR SELF, OUR INDIAN PUBLIC and whenever we stop corruption that time solve all problems of India.
    I am hundred per cent support for Satyamev Jayate.In today’s situation Amir Khan was doing very good work through satyamev jayate. Because today in India 80% govt servants, political leaders are corrupted, and Govt. system also too flexible to support them to do corruption. So dear friend watch this programme regular & try to save our country.

  301. Susanta Kumar Bhattacharjee says:

    yes very state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their states…If each one of us wud try, we wud definately achieve the goals for everythings thats shown in satyamev jayte


  303. shalini says:

    hi priya good effort done by aamir. my opinion is everybody atleast change himself or dear n near ones. each has to stop ask for boy child only, every individual stop taking or giving dowry, respect for every girl, even small issues like throwing garbage on road spitting etc. we cannot change the nation but can change ourselves. otherwise corruption is bug who eat our nation on very small level. for giving refer of maid, plumber, at every place people need money . self control is the only solution n at the time to choose the government also dont think abt personal benefit.

  304. k c shah says:

    The problem is with us we the people of this country, no one wants to take a break to fight against the evil of this society, we all want some one to take up the matter than we are ready to support him, its true we do have our own problems we can write comments we can talk about others. We Indians always back step from every problem of the society, should we call it that we do not have UNITY, We can not fight for our rights, we always give as a waste of time and trun away from the burning issue that still nothing is going to happen no change is going to take place as we are holed up with day to day problems, we do not want to get involved in it , we like to stand and watch the tamasha if some one stand up for the good of society, we’ll past comments!
    I think if we cannot get involved we should atleast support the people who is taken the initiative to bring a change in our society, even if he is a Film star that should’nt matter.
    Its like a Brand Ambassador, things work easy for them to carry out the initiative, imagine if a ordinary person had taken a initiative to start something like this he would certainly not succeded so soon, he has to struggle a lot to bring the society together and make believe him. A CHANGE IS HAPPENING FOR THE GOOD ! we should cheer him for the great show.

  305. Susanta Kumar Bhattacharjee says:

    I am very much thankful to Priya , who has given a chance to me to forward my comments. We must support Mr. Amir Khan for his initiative.

  306. aftab alam says:

    well miss priya…i am in same profession…….in kolkata……..suppling… to poor people…to his house directly. i love to do this….by my part time. i love to hear that AAMIR HAS STARTED…..SUCH A GOOD….PROGRAMME. I REALLY…APPRICATE…HIS…..BOLDNESS. MY BLESSING……IS INTO HIM. AFTAB ALAM…KOLKATA.

  307. taranbir says:

    its a good show.but there loud prank on the deaf ears of govt.govt.knews everything but they r not bothered about that.somebody young & dynamic personality like aamir should be in our ministry who take the very-222222222222 bold decisions & punish the culprits

  308. Chander Shekhhar says:

    satyamev jayate is a very good program and I became a fan of this program by only seeing one episode. last episode about medical profession has really taken the lid off the can. but my question is not what every one can do but after exposing this will not the persons in the field become bold enough to continue with open minded. Just like a boy smokes his first puff in hiding and once he is seen by others he dares to smoke in public.

    what we need for followup of this programe is a very strict consious persons ( which is very difficult to get) or we must have very strict vigilint body to monitor the happenings in the health department or the Govt must take over the health sector as basic facility to its citizen and provided at a very nominal fee. Only this will help the population in perticular.

  309. Sushil Kumar says:

    Priya, this a very good step to guide & to give knowledge to the People. but still it is not suficiant, we still are not able to reach to the village. we have to reach to each door of village people. In city or in village, still many people are demanding money to the people in wedding. The most people of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra & other state of south States are still all these dowry system going on, through which the opposite people has to suffer lots. In UP’s the people of Like their thakur & Pandits all are the foolish people demanding to the poor bribe family for dowry. In mumbai, one of my neigbour or you can say one of my friend, his father is also like the same. At the time of my friend wedding his father has deamanded lots of money with the bribe family & due to which at the time of doing marriage the opposite site & my friend family mama has fight with them for money. Know he is doing wedding his other son marraige very soon may be next year, form their again he has done the same, he has demanded lots of money, cars & home all the interior. Now if this is still going on in many palce in all the cities.

  310. hi
    i just wanna just a topic for discussion that is our education system universities are providing correspondence courses but these have no value after completion then why govt. opend all these universities

  311. John Paul D. says:

    Ofcourse the episode is too informative and awareness oriented. Infact the way Dr Samit Sharma, IAS, Managing Director, Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation, who has introduced “Generic Medical centers” is wonderfull and my religious appriciate and thanks for Dr. Samit Sharma. I also want the same setup to take place in Karnataka too. My real contribution in this setup will be there, if any top level decision maker takes this initiative in our state – John Paul D.

  312. Niriqsha says:

    Hi..the fees taken for completing mbbs is beyond 20 to 30 lakhs.its mot easy becoming a doctor. The amount of blood,sweat and hardwork put into becoming a doctor isnt a cakewalk. It must be very easy or Mr. Aamir Khan to sit down on his couch and say this should be done that should be done. Why doesnt he act for cheap? Taking crores of money for each film? Who’s money is that? The common people.the doctors who open free clinics or cheap clinics wont recieve anything other than good wishes which is practically not enough to live in this world.actors can blame others.they need to look into their profession first..the amount of corruption in the acting field and the money is ours.i have nothing against Mr.Aamir Khan but its basic sense reduce the cost for education to become a doctor ,one wont feel bad to open free clinics. And the politicians are to be blammed for this not the doctors. thank you.

  313. suresh herle says:

    no single person can bring changes to dis deeply rotten system,(like Anna!) but can bring awareness ,some THINKING,INTROSPECT ablity in people ,who just CRIB and wont come OUT frm dirty caste,religion-region and language politics.good effort aamir

  314. Ofcourse Satyamev Jayate is a good program. Aamir is highlighting all those issues which is affecting the mankind. We also really want to end these evils from the society but merely showing the problems of few persons on TV & start weeping with those persons doesn’t work effectively.
    Today, every person is so busy that he don’t even have the time to think over these issues. He/ she saw the program only for entertainment purpose or if they are involved in these issues too, they don’t even watch the program.
    Aamir take the initiative to raise such issues but now we have to do something to bring these issues & informations in front of all & make proper policies & rules to punish those who are responsible for them.

  315. Thank you Priya, I am greatful to Mr.Amir Khan for producing and showing to the World, what are happening around us. Though I have seen two night shows of Satyamev Jayate on Sundays, it really opened my eyes as to such things are still happening inspite of we being the developing country. Though Mr.Amin Khan is showing to us what is being happening, it is for the citizens of this Country to take care atleast hereafter from its repetitions.

  316. hi amir thanks to you aap chalo hum aapke sath hai

  317. Pradeep says:

    Now a days everything is for sale! poverty of the people, there serious problems like food, shelter, education medical help etc. are no exception to it. Amir khan’s show is no exception to it! Every one is earening directly or indirectely through this big Bazar! Some one gets money some one gets name and fame. People are the victim of the media and the ruling idiology!

  318. Siddiqui Meheruddin Ahmad says:

    Dear Priya,
    Thanks to invite me to your page. I have seen two episods of SMJ and like them. Aamir had raised very sensitive issues in his programe. Medical profession is not so NOBLE now a days as it was earlier, still there are few who care for humans and humanity. Let’s pray that initiatives taken by Aamir Khan for a very important cause are not put in a coldstorage of our memory and forgotten.

  319. sandeep says:

    Satyamev Jayate show can change society. and good program

  320. Abhay Sharma says:


    I am totally agree with this episode. We cant change nation but we can change our self so start today.

    Thanks & Sincre regards

    Abhay Sharma

  321. As their are 2 sides of a coin, we would like to say that how many of us in INDIA are watching this Programe? This matter a lot as this progame is related with the Problems of INDIA which has to be educated and taken to that Level what Mr.Amir Khan is doing at this Moment of time. Well also I would like to Add that he has been pointing to both sides of Life in every part of Profession or Realtionships In India, All depends Upon the People How they take this???????

  322. Varun Bhaskar says:

    Dear Guys

    Good to see different comments from people. Satyamev Jayate, can be an another show designed to make money and no doubt that people might be making money out of that show but the fact here to understand is, how many people had thought to make a programme like this in past. Atleast there is a show coming up which is really reflecting the actual picture of the society. Still we have people who are greedy for dowry, don’t want girl child, are running education institutes as a business.

    We the people need to think positive, this can be a start. If we want we can do anything, but till the time we will underestimate everything, the condition of the country will remain the same.

  323. A MADHUSUDHAN says:

    I am a person fully busy can spend very little time in front of TV. But I happened to see the inaugural episode of Sathya Meva Jayathe and after seeing the entire episode and the idea behind the episode at the out set I felt the episode will not be able to run for too long as it is individual idea based. very shortly they may run out of issues and may come to an abrupt halt. secondly though such serials appeals to all nothing can be achieved just by discussing the issues as the basic problems lies in the core of Indian political system, where the base it self is wrong. The main problem is some thing like WHO WILL BELL THE CAT. It is high time for action not discussions and waste of time. Of course such programs can create and strengthen public opinion.
    A Madhusudhan

  324. This show is really watchable… I whole heatedly support spirit of Aamir Khan to make some changes in the society.

  325. Raghvendra says:

    i really very thankfull to mr. amir khan to comming with this wonderfull program for awareness in public about some unknown matter .
    i am very glad to see it….

    i will always support to this program.. and to amir khan also….
    we are always with you sir.


  326. Rajnish says:

    Yes , Amir Khan has started a very good Job.But it can’t change any thing,If we want to change then we will be change our own opinion and thinking.

    • hello priya, we know very well everyone not change to see this serial. i saw all the episode .Atleast aamir ne iske through aawaj to uthayi . agar ek person bhi isko dekhkar change hota he to ye is serial ke liye badi achivment hogi.

  327. Amit Goyal says:

    Hello & thks for Amir khan’s efforts.
    But ye be such hai ki jis awaz ko vo aaj utha rahe hai vo
    bahut time se Bhart ke kai Saints be utha rahe hai.
    Bus fark is India Ki media ka hai, jise Saint to bakwas krte dikhte hai,
    pr yahi topics koi celebrity utha ta hai to use sir ankho pe bitha lete hai,
    isis se unki TRP badti hai,
    sara saaraa din usi telecast ko dikhaate rahete hai, jaise sari fiker unhe ko hai.
    pr ye sub paisa kamane ke liye hai,
    kitne he log Apne Bharat me niswaarth bhav se desh ko anek problems se bachane me laage hue hai, unki koi charcha nai hoti.
    unhe to desh ki media baadnaaam krne me laagi hui hai.

  328. pratik sangani says:

    This is very nice show. and every people should watch this pro. so people may know that whats going on in our country. what is the reality of our country. my totally support with
    Amir khan. and he has done nice job for the country…….i think every people should think like Amir khan..god blase u Amir….SATYAMEV JAY TE….

  329. I appreciate Mr.Amir and hands of to him.

    At least a man who think about local poor people.

  330. Debabrat says:

    Yes, Amir Khan doing exellance Job, he is thinking for our future, we should support him & doing our work positively for our & others.

  331. MAhiverdhan SIngh Chauhan says:

    Hi, I am really thankful to Amir for his show and subject’s he is talking about, Actually we all know all this thing’s happen in our society but still ignore it and busy with our basic life.
    Thanks to amir we are start thinking and now if we all come together and just change ourselves and our little effort will give us excellent result.. For which we will proud over self

  332. Anand Verma says:

    it is just begining, we should come farward to resolve the problems.

  333. Rejesh Kumar says:

    good show , i am watching regular & every Sunday .

  334. Maheshwar says:

    I am really sorry for not viewing such imp program, but i got details from my relative, hence forth i will not miss this programe, i felt such medical system should exist in our Karnataka state, i am ready for anything which i can start this system…. thanks aamirkhan…

  335. Dharmendra Jha says:

    Really, no doubt its a great start of social revolution using media by Amir Khan. This is really amazing program which shows the dark portion of our society. not only this but there are many problems which are weakening our society day by day, needs to be highlighted. But the main issue is that most of the people realize but and appreciate but there are few people who wants to take a step to remove these problems. After all We are the people of society, who are responsible for these problems. We’ll have to take step to remove it. No law and bondage can help us to solve these problems. If we raise our hands together to establish a strong & fear free society then only it can be solved. Only realization of problem can not help us or can not full fill the aim of SATYAMEV JAYATE. This is only the start. we have to cover miles to make a desired society.

  336. this is very good project

  337. gajendravilaas says:

    hi my dear priya,thanks for giving me an such a good oportunity,yes ofcourse we shuold change but first we should change ourself then think nation and other problems.yes iam big fan of Mr,Amir khan,he has started avery good job.but it will not work at this way.we create awareness of every citizen of india .but there should be a severe punishment por culprits.and anna hajare like that persons born many more in our nation to solve this problems.then only we chane our nation.

    thank you my dear priya.N

    with Best Regards
    Senior Excecutive engineer-Manufacturing

  338. B.R.Bahl says:

    I am watching episode Satyam Jayate by film actor Amir khan every sundayat sharp 11AM.All episodes convey special message which is touching the heat of every indian.In the 4th episode,he highlighted the plight of common man in our country who become the victim of medical fallacies.There is a rampant practice of charging commision whether while recommending for undergoing operation or pathological treatment or purchase of medicine prescribed by doctor.Doctors make patients to undergo operation for his personal interest and not as per need of the patient.Rajasthan Govt is setting up generic medical centre for providing medines at much cheaper rates.Why other states do not follow Raj Govt.Even the generic medicines are exported abroad at the cost of ordinary people because,they cannot afford to pay bills for the otherwise costly medicines.Medical profession is a noble one but has been tarnished by selfish doctors.

  339. it is not right to show the one side of the story.
    when we talk of medical faculty we can not generalize the word Doctor.utmost care should be taken while talking about this profession.because this is not just like any other profession.people who are considered next to god can not taken so lightly. we know there are black sheep’s every where but to blame the whole word of doctor is not justified.

  340. absolutely right. amair said pharma companies charge 50 to 100% more on medicines when generics areavailable at very cheaper rates.then why not amir let not his newly released movies have their generic version of CD`s or DVD`s which can be available at Rs 10 to 15 and every body can watch that movie very easily.
    why is bollywood fighting for is then very good to have pirated movies because they are very economical and easily accessible.
    does he know how much revenue, manpower and resources are needed to research a drug (minimum 10 years )and billions of dollars and also frustrating thing is that after 10 years you are not sure whether this going to get successful or…

    now just imagine amair khan produced the concept of SAJ invested crores of rupees and next fine morning he comes to know sharukhkhan has aired the same concept show stolen from happy Amir shall sitting in a studio and and tailor made the show as per the requirement to sensationalize is the most easiest job in our country.

    now if the situation is so pathetic if Amir or his wife falls sick whom will they visit?.(big question to answer) .and if medicines are prescribed to him (will he take generic medicines? )this question is worth million dollars because when the doctors says him that we are not sure about the quality of generic medicine.

  341. Dharamvir Kumar Singh says:

    I realy appriciate the show and for the issue amir khan raised ,I have an opinion which may be one way to minimise the problem of health care.
    1) Every hopital to be linked through internet and online information of patient on site. any doctor can view the case history of patient on line. A medical committee to be stablised at district level regular on phone(one phone like 108 service) , so that if any person get any doubt he can call the committee and get the advice at sme time avoide malpractice in health sector.

  342. sk singh says:

    this is the best thing which Amir Khan doing,we will always with him and Anna like team.

    Dear Mr. Amir Khah,
    I have been a big fan or your work, life and
    principles. I am also a fan of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. But I
    was shocked to see the episode on 27th May,
    2012. You are an Icon. You should have thought
    well and done the homework before doing such a biased show. There are only two people in the film
    industry that are being taken seriously by the
    thinking class of society, You and Amitabh
    Bacchhan. So, when you give such a biased and
    one sided version of a story, it hurts. Speaking
    about such a thing on a “commercial” TV show is bad. (I am sure you have taken a big amount, only
    doctor are supposed to do charity and social work,
    not actors!!! Right!) I want to highlight few important points here. And
    yes I am qualified to make observations as I am a
    medical student. 1. Your guests and audience (the words were
    almost put in their mouth) said that private colleges
    charge a capitation fee of 40 – 50 Lacs for MBBS,
    you should have also produced some evidence of
    such practice. Like you call a victim in all your
    episodes, why not here? And do the same story Engineering, Architecture, Law and MBA colleges,
    do you think they are clean? Why target doctors
    alone? 2. You said Since 2001, government opened 31
    medical colleges and 106 private institutes were
    opened. – Please note that today in India, there are
    a total of 181 Private and 152 Govt Medical
    colleges. So the number is not as bad s you
    projected. Don’t project only the time period which suits your story. Either give a complete picture or
    do not give a picture at all!
    And also, please find out how many of these
    private colleges are owned by politicians? 95% of
    Private colleges in India are owned and run by
    politicians. It is a bloody nexus between politicians and MCI. The corruption by politicians is to blamed
    for the mess, not doctors!!! 3. One of your guest (Dr. Gulhati) said that doctors
    ask for 30% commission from Pharma companies
    to write their drugs. That is baseless, over-the-roof
    and sensationalizing g the matter. That is as true as
    “Most Leading actors ask newcomers to sleep with
    them” or “Lawyers take money from both the sides in a legal battle” or “Most chartered
    accountants teach their clients how to save tax and
    also pass info to tax man on where his client saved
    tax”. I know all of you will shout “Where is the
    proof?”. So are doctors!!! I am not trying to sensationalize things as you did
    on your show by shading those fake tears, but just
    trying to project that allegations are easy to make. I
    know you will say that this was the opinion of our
    guest, and not yours. But you provided a platform
    for these fake allegations. 4. You compared the numbers of Licenses can celled
    in England and in India. I must say your team is
    quite resourceful and please collect and compare
    following details also –
    a.Number of doctors beaten on duty by goons
    from various political outfits in government hospitals in UK and India in last 10 years, and also
    the number of people convicted for such crime.
    b.The Stipend (Salary a post-graduate trainee
    doctor/intern gets) or Salary and accommodation
    facilities provided to the doctors of the two
    countries. c.The duty hours and working conditions of the
    doctors of the two countries.
    d.The academic and research infrastructure being
    provided to the medical students. 5. You said that the most brilliant students who
    take up medicine, should take it only for service to
    mankind, they should go to other fields if they
    want to earn. Why? Are we living in imperialism?
    Are doctors not allowed to earn and spend a good
    life? You were asking Dr. Devi Shetty whether he can do humanitarian work and Earn at same time?
    This is like asking Amirkhan or Shahrukh-khan
    their income and generalizing it for every actor in
    the industry (Even junior artists). Sir, just as there
    are only few Khans and Kapoors, There are even
    fewer Devi Shetty and Naresh Trehan who run their chain of Multi-specialty hospitals spread all
    over the country. See what it takes to become a
    doctor and then give such “Geeta-Gyan”.
    a. 5 and half year of MBBS training and 1 more year
    of Compulsory Rural Internship at Rs. 15000 -
    20000 per month. (Any other field eg. Engineering, Management, a person would become
    Postgraduate in this much time and start earning
    double the amount.)
    If one doesn’t study further, the pay at this step is
    22,000 per month.
    b. After above 6 and half years of Graduation, 3 more years of Post graduation, followed again by
    compulsory rural / Government job for 1 year or
    pay Rs. 25Lac bond.
    If one doesn’t study further, the pay at this step is
    40,000 per month.
    c. After this above 10 and half years, 3 more years of Super specialty , followed by 1 year of Govt job
    or a Bond of Rs. 2 Crore. And the seats are so few with tough competition,
    there tends to be a gap of a year or two in
    preparing for various entrance exams. 6. Why only Doctors are being forced to work in
    rural and government hospitals after their study?
    Why only we should pay government if we don’t
    want to do it? The rural/Govt sector needs help of Engineers,
    Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and MBAs also. Why aren’t the Engineers sent to rural areas to
    design and monitor roads and industrials
    Why aren’t the Lawyers forced to work as Public
    prosecutors before they can join some big foreign
    corporate firm? Why aren’t the CAs asked to work in CAG office
    and various other government financial sectors
    before joining Multinational Giants? Now government wants that doctors should not
    immigrate to other countries without asking them.
    Why? Are the IIT/IIM students stopped before they
    flee to foreign countries for big fat salaries? So,
    why us? What is it that government of society has
    done for doctors that they should repay? They bloody can’t even protect them from goons while
    on duty. 7. You say that doctors are writing unnecessary
    and costly medications. Do we decide the price of a
    drug? Do we manufacture or give license to drug
    manufacturers? Controlling the price of essential
    drugs is a government job. We are helpless. Sir, its easy to point fingers. We don’t say that all is
    well. But all is not well anywhere. Its a different
    thing creating awareness about dowry or female
    feticide. But its entirely different to comment on
    such a technical and complicated issue without
    getting into the details of it. You have maligned the entire medical fraternity.
    For every 10 doctors who are doing wrong, there
    are more than 1000 healers. You owe us an
    apology!!! This issue is not as simple as you think it
    is! Please show stories which are unbiased and
    straight-forwar d. You cannot do justice to such an issue, especially after charging a whooping
    amount for creating awareness!!! (We hear that Amir has charged 3 crores for
    episode of satyamevjayate in which he spreads
    the message to doctors that they should not make
    money and do social service!!! How sacred!!! I
    don’t know if its true, but well, it’s the season of
    allegations!) “We Doctors may be doing little social service, But
    at least we are not charging for it!”

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Well Said Rakeshji, this was what I was saying, this guy who holds an iconic position in the Indian society is spreading mis-trust in the society through such episode and this would harm the patients, already there are cases everyday where life is compromised due to diminishing FAITH on doctors.

  344. Arun Pandey says:

    Yes, Amir Khan has started a very good job, I want to support him and i want to we all support him because amir only not chaged the whole india, but if we support him then we can change the india.

  345. Hi All,

    The expectations are very high from this serial.
    Its a nice show but then it would be great if we could get to see the actions plan that were discussed on the show have been implemented or not , because its very easy to talk on such heart breaking topics but how exactly Mr.Amir and his team is going to tackle such problems.

    Lets wait and watch.

  346. Don’t think it is very effective as it was advertise!!!
    - Giving very less time for interviewing different people
    - He should share the method/person details with which we can connect to do something good for our society
    - Very popular for Amir (and TPR for channels) but not close to Mango people (Aam aadmi)
    - Again after every episode, we got inspiration but what next that’s a big question in my mind


  347. Mr Rameshwar Prasad Sinha, All your replies suggest to me that you are most likely to be one of those FRAUD Doctors running a money spinning private medical institute of some sort somewhere and now FEAR that your business will fall down in a heap and that you might go behind BARS.

    • RAVIKANT says:

      Ganeshji he is not fraud, he has the ability to think beyond where the thinking of people like you gets stymed.

  348. All problems are not money related as govermemt say eveytime.Importance of buget is false thing Rather INNOVATIVE THOUGHTS AND LEADS BY SENIOR PERSON OF SOCIETY IS IMPORTANT LIKE AMIR KHAN, ANNA HAZARE.

  349. hamare desh mee hum log jis hakikat ko barso se sahan karte aa rahe hee aamir khan ne satyamev jayate programme ke tahat hikikat ko hakikat se rubru karwaya gaya bat hum sabhi jante hee ki aamir khan ek super star hee karodo rupaye lekar ye programme kar rahe hee lekin hum ye bhi jante hee ki wo burai ko nanga kar rahe hee aur achhai ko apriciate kar rahe hee. hum logo ko is bat se kya lena dena ki aamir ko kitna gain ho raha hee, hum to ye jante hee ki is programme me aamir jin muddo ko utha rahe hee ve bade hi sensitive mudhe hee jo hamari aam jindgi me rojana amne samne hote hee.pichle sunday insaniyat ke dushman unn docters ko nanga kiya gaya jinse hum sabhi kai varso se pidit hee . real mee ye ik krantikari kadam heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  350. Harshvinder singh says:

    hi to every one ..
    and ACCORDING TO me that only the tv show self will do nothing but yes one we can interact with peoples and share there problems and personal experiences & this thing help in raising the will power of the others to handle the worse situations and to over come from that . and we also need to get involved in that and helps in bringing the change
    only then we can bring the change in the mentality of the nero minded people .
    Satyamev Jayte

  351. Sebastian says:


    These are some few issues that are covered by Amir Khan.
    We can always give some other topics/issues which are serious, but not covered
    in this programe.

  352. aftab alam ansari says:

    Satyamev Jayate show can chaqnge society

  353. kawshik datta says:

    i think mr. amir khan doing a great job, i don’t know about the change but one thing i know that if we want to change something then at fast we should change our thinking about those serious matters, this nation is belongs by us… only we can change it…so for me mr. amir khan doing a great job,go ahead sir…we are all with you…..
    with lots of love.

  354. does this programme has bought any change. if so, its okay. could anna hazare change our political system. let aamir talk about all issues i mean positive things also.i feel each person in our country shouuld have awareness and take steps also we should not stop with watching

  355. yes, its is very nice show to aware our Janta, because Awareness is key of all knowledge. In our India there is lack of awareness problem. if people know about thier rights, that time they dont believe on others.

  356. This show will help people to know wats hapening in diferent parts of our country… many are unaware of it.. i think its realy superb…. hats of to Amir and other crews..

  357. I hope this bloddy politicians will not block this program from Doordarshan fearing that this program will bring out all the truth.

  358. ROSEMOND says:

    Dear Priya,
    First of all on behalf of my family,friends and myself hats off Amir sir and the crew of Satyamev Jayte for bring out this show. Coming to my suggestion to make this show better would be by allotting a squad team to catch the culprits Red handed and putting live during the raid. Jai Hind!


    Rosemond Barry Wood

  359. really this will not change upside down on earth but it will create an awareness of the things happening around us

  360. Dr.vijay sharma says:

    Dear Aamir,

    watched all the episodes till now.but recent episode of healthissue has shown only negative part of the coin.Don,t U think-highly intelligent,laborious ,hardworking
    doctors putting all their efforts(100%)needs some appreciaton.Is there any profession
    who can bring smile back to the faces of nearly dying patients? NO,only we(drs&paramedics).so, be positive &show something positive and do not to try to widen the gap b/w doctor -patient relationship.

    may GOD give u some sense with fame &money.

    Sr Consultant Surgeon,Metro Hosp. Noida

  361. Tejaswini says:

    Come lets join hands together to improve ourself.

  362. sanjeev singh says:

    Its really shameful that it is happening in INDIA a country which is our pride…

    i have seen all the episodes of Satyamev Jayate ..i do believe that the issue which Amir Sir is raising by this show or trying to aware us by our surrounding but dear i would like to ask you GUYS was it not happening earlier …the answer is we were sleeping at that moments ….
    i know one can not change the world but if every one can change him/her self world can change also…

    since from my age 18+ this time i am of 30 + i always tried to change or modify the wrong system of our govt./ medical/girl child murder(I would like to say this a murder)/education system even…& ETC…

    look any where system itself is wrong ….Now Can i Ask this who made it wrong___________? Answer will be surely (WE our self) remember if we know the problem then we also know the solution….. .. i am all of you must have understood that we have to wake up & come together for this wrong system (BAD LUCK) of our country…..

    I Know i have believe in me & i’ll put my all efforts to make it change are you all with me …if yes please send me your Opinion on & you can also can contact me on phone directly @ +919917870001

    Satyamev Jayate
    Sanjeev Singh

  363. AFREENAL BAHAR says:

    Hi everybody …
    We feel happy when we see truth has been told…made it open to the public.. which every people know…suffer….try to protest sometime not… and succumbed to the situation….
    Thanks at least what is inside us…. is coming out…
    Don’t know what is going to happen… at least people will start thinking… they will try to find words…
    let’s see… there is always a START……..
    Ball has started rolling…..
    INSALLAHha…. we will find the way towards the world what ALLha- the supreme also dream t for the mankind…

  364. According to me , we all have to work together as ONE NATION ONE GROUP TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, then only we can solve this issue.


  365. Revathi Ramgopal says:

    This is an excellent programme brings awareness to those undoubtedly to reform them so that they do not spoil the moral and culture of this ancient land full of values systems.
    Amir is a very responsible Indian Citizen and now a house hold name and part of every family who love people as they are.

  366. Alok Kumar Nayak says:

    This is a tremendous attempt to induce a sense of being a beautiful creature, which perhaps was a sincere commitment for almighty. however sometimes ago, the beauty has taken the shape of all evil imagination, whether it is in the form of a doctor (professionally very close or near to GOD) or anyone. Again it is a question remains unanswered,who is going to find whom ? The truth which is perhaps very nude that who is going to find a solution to this disease, which is as severe as cancer. Hence I will appreciate these people, and salute them. Jai Hind

  367. khaja basheeruddin khan says:


    Asak u r doing the excellent work for the people it help the
    common man please carry on for the sake of all people

  368. Alok Kumar Nayak says:

    This is a tremendous attempt to induce a sense of being a beautiful creature, which perhaps was a sincere commitment for almighty. however sometimes ago, the beauty has taken the shape of all evil imagination, whether it is in the form of a doctor (professionally very close or near to GOD) or anyone. Again it is a question remains unanswered,who is going to find whom ? The truth which is perhaps very nude that who is going to find a solution to this disease, which is as severe as cancer. Hence I will appreciate these people, and salute them. Jai Hind


  369. Sanjula ramesh says:

    If we are all together , Yes We Can

  370. Sanjula ramesh says:

    Great job Amir keep it up

  371. Dear Sir,

    I am not agree in verbal communication. today is importance of Implementation of action. “SATYAMEV JAY ATE Program is very intrusting

  372. Pradeep K Menon says:

    This is a programme whereby one cannot suppress his/her agonies, whatever goes through in the daily life. But always with the culprits/accused, there should be a punitive action by our land of law. The Indian law is lacking its action for such punishments and the accused will go scot-free why? it is purely due to its inability to execute the accused / culprit. If our law has backbone then it should not free any of the accused being freed from the clutches of the law as is happening in some of the countries. It is visible in the case of the Pakistan Terrorist Ajmal Kasab. Not only he is safe in Mumbai but also the Government has already spent crores of Indian money on such terrorists. There is a joke that Bin Laden would have been alive if he opted his hiding place in Mumbai.

  373. fatema jamali says:

    amir is doing fantastic work of creating awareness among people about the evils which is weakening india….dowry, female infanticide, health problems are common but noone take any step in improving it..we can definitely change india if all the indians take a vow of changing it..amir alone cant do it..we all have to take the initiative to bring a change…

  374. i think this is fantastic show,its not a show its a platform which is provided the information about our bad society. … i m very very thanks to aamir sir provid a plateform.

  375. Untill & unless the population of our country will not go down nothing is going to happen is any one concerned about the main issue of our country that is population if it dnt go down there are no opportunities for people corruption will not go down so how can the country raise this bloody politicians will divide the mob on the bases of religions, castes and rule the regim.Not a single guy in our country dare to bring change becoz youngsters dnt want to join politics i will become doctor engineer CA this is the answer of youngsters no one says that i will become a social worker.See Mr aamir what u are showing is good to the society but the fact cant be denied that half of the people know the truth then also every one is chup becoz every one is busy in his earning if he will go behind this issues then who is going to feed there children.Take a example of petrol hike every one protested but every one is using still vehicles what does that means that we are fools who give them chance to do what they want to do.Stop using vehicles except it is very urgent or useful let the consumption go down then wat will the companies and the goverment do.But sad to say and hear this thing no one will do except a common man becoz those who can afford if petrol is 100rs also he doesnt care for others so from birth to death in this country what u have to do is compromise and try to live or act as ur living if more frustated then sucide,but the goverment or people of this country are not going to change thats for sure.

    • RAVIKANT says:

      You have catched one of the problem. From 100 to 125 we have been there in no time. There is population pressure on every resource. Policies and projects do not match our population growth, till the time they are being implemented our population growth make them outdated. It has become a matter of Survival and Morals would always be after survival of the person.

  376. Nay, it will not make an aota of a difference. Matters will go on irrespect of SMJ and public airing them on TV.

    Yes, it refreshing and a time pass.

  377. I like Satyamev Jayte, but I just want to say, that the govt. of India is sleeping.

    I also want to say something that also you should consider in Satyamev Jayte.

    Men use abusive language in front of girls which is unbearable. I think govt. should also take some steps to prevent it.

    Girls are being exploited in India badly, but no body is here to help me.

    Even I feel ashamed for the women those kill their baby girl. :(

    You are a lady and how can you kill yours????

  378. Ankit Parashar says:

    Hum Sochte h ki sab time ke sath change ho jayega govt. work kar rahi h per ye h humari problem ki hum hope per chalte h ,,tabhi to ab tak jo bhi problem Aamir kahn ji ne dikahi h,,ye ho rahi h ,humko aage aana hoga tabhi to new india janam lega

  379. dinesh singh says:

    this proggram will realy done some changes for indian , i realy very hopeful for a gud change in our society.

  380. Hi, my dear Indians first i thanking you people who are watching the Satyamev Jayate.
    i thing our India going to be INDIA.I miss last 3 Episodes but when i am watching the 4th episode i can’t control my self. I fell very sad. ( to be co………..

  381. harmeet says:

    I do really admire and respect the guts of Mr. Amir Khan form making
    a programme like satyamev jayate . often my friends from the
    pharmaceutical Industry used to tell me that very often they had to
    bribe some very reputed and senior doctors with expensive imported
    scotch whisky so that in return the doctors would prescribe the
    medicines for which my friend is a distributor . After hearing this I
    used to often wonder if that is the motive of the highly educated
    doctors , and also that in our country the doctors are one of the
    highest paid professionals but still they have a never ending greed
    for money and power.


  382. Amitabh says:

    I am Watching Satyamev Jayte from 1st episode……….. this is a nice program.actualy
    we want to change our society then we can change…….. Amirji & his programe is the gateway.& this type of program is very much need for our society…….

    Finally we can try to change himself 7 our society……..

  383. chandroo says:


    People are expecting some changes in our surroundings whether its in life or society or in general. Somebody poke the people what to be think or do. That Aamir is doing,
    However its good positive sign for good things. All the best.

  384. Amir khan is not the best fit for Satyamebo jayate….. as because he himself is corrupted in every context of his life….

  385. Pankaj Rajput says:

    Giving reply for this article doesn,t solve any problems. What happened with Anna Hajareji ? We should change our thinking.
    Do something instead of reply.
    And if anybody really involve in it i want to join them.


    Yes, this may bring change but one thing is that, I dont think that it will change the mind of the corrupt officials and other Govt. employees who are taking bribe against any work. Those officials have just set up their mind in a manner that “Either the client is rich or poor, I have to take bribe in any way otherwise how could I meet the expenses of a luxury life.”
    Now a days, most offices run under CCTV Surveillance but still it cannot stop that crime as all are involved in this activity taking from Top Level to Lower Lever employees.

  387. I am not sure whether writing in this blog will actually justify my message however I would like to pen down my thoughts regarding Satyamev Jayate……………….
    While I was going through the different views I found that we all appreciated the programme as it seems to throw light to our wrong deeds and remove corruption .
    However my question to all respectable viewers and the team is , aren’t we all some or the other day victimised by such issues in our life ?if yes why we never stood against it ?

    We are saying this programme will change the society ?but we forget that with our own consent these things were created by this society . The day the human civilisation was on earth struggle for existance, misuse of power, strength , demarkation between male & female existed , then today why are we so excited about Satyam jayate .In our daily life when we are ignoring similar instances by keeping mum due to whatever reason than why to waiste our precious time in watching Satyam Jayate.If we still say that our brains are handicaped and we need some reality shows for us to think than what about the programmes before this like Ankho Dekhi – I hope anchored by Nalini Singh etc.
    My last Question would be to Mr .Amir Khan -Before gaining success in film industry how many times have you personally fought on such issues ?
    But the above said does not mean that let it continue ,however as a friend & adviser I would request all of you to beleive in your self confidence and fight back wherever you see anything is wrong & please do not wait for any reality show to popp up ,because your wait time could be a threat to somebody’s life who is in danger or risk.


  388. raja bhusal says:

    Believe it or not I am the only person who can end corruption not only in India but over the world…It is my dream and I am trying my best to be in successful point one day but money matters a lot and I am lacking it..I have hundred of ideas and formulas to apply.

    If you can do anything to support me, then you are most welcome.

  389. ASHEESH VERMA says:


  390. Ramesh N says:

    The title of Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate television program is from Mundaka Upanishad. Satyamev Jayate is good but it is nowhere near Upanishad Ganga (aired on every Sunday morning 10:00 AM on DD1). Satyamev Jayate is discussing problems that we are well aware of. Upanishad Ganga is presenting answers to universal problems, including those discussed in Satyamev Jayate, based on Upanishads and other ancient scriptures in India.

    Satyamev Jayate is a well-marketed product of one of most popular Bollywood stars of present day. The hype and popularity is understandable. But the space and time that popular media is attributing to the program is baffling. The hype is just because Amir Khan is part of it. And not because of the content of the program.

    Upanishad Ganga is not able to garner similar attention because the glamour quotient is lacking. As there is no glamour and market value mainstream media is ignoring the serial. The content of Upanishad Ganga is far more superior to Satyamev Jayate.

    Upanishad Ganga is a very hard serial to make. The concepts of Upanishads cannot be visualized easily. However, the makers of Upanishad Ganga have achieved the impossible through important stories in Indian history, Puranas and Vedas. A single episode of Upanishad Ganga makes us a better human being. It develops inquisitive nature in us. It prepares us to deal with day to day problems in a far superior way.

    There is no doubt that Amir Khan is doing a good job through Satyamev Jayate. But the issues that he is raising is something majority of people in this country turns a blind eye to. They are well aware of it and are witness to it on a daily basis. He is trying awaken people who are feinting sleep. Government of India through it advertisements have been trying to do the same since independence. Numerous movies have been made on the topics.

    The root cause of all the problems that Satyamev Jayate is discussing is the result of ignorance, lust, jealousy, anger… above all people not following Dharma. Upanishad Ganga is discussing the real cause of the problems that the world face today – straying from the path of Dharma.

    Upanishad Ganga stands for Dharma. Satyamev Jayate is pointing out Adharma in society. It is being appreciated by those people who are tolerating and many times encouraging Adharma in the society. There is a difference between pointing out Adharma and fighting for Dharma.

    Satyamev Jayate is like the colourful balloon – glossy attractive and children run after it. But it breaks soon and is discarded. Upanishad Ganga is like the old wooden toy on the attic not that attractive. But it never breaks. Generations have played with and remember it. Generations to come will pick it up and play with it.

    A year from now Satyamev Jayate will be forgotten. The people appreciating, clapping and voting for it will be tolerating and ignoring the issues that it had raised.

    Upanishad Ganga will continue to inspire generations. The people that might show interest in it might be a handful but these handful people alone know the true meaning of Satyamev Jayate.

    Satyam Eva Jayate, Nanritam – Truth alone prevails, not falsehood. (Mundaka Upanishad III. 1. 6)

  391. surendra says:

    As in the first episode about the show my comment was “YE S this is the beginning for change”. And this kind of shows are very-very important because this makes us think what is real india and what are the things needs to be done to make it really happy.

  392. Ashis Kumar Gupta says:

    It is a huge business involving mutinationals, Insdustrialist, vested interest of some powerful Doctors,politicians and in action on the part of MCI,so it will not work. MCI has failed to forced to make it Compusory for the Doctors to mention the name of genetic medicine instead of a particular Company,forcing the common people to buy that particular medicine.MCL has also failed to act as a Regulatory body like Insurance Regulatory Authority/TRI.SEBI etc. to control the private hospital,Nursing home,Diagonestic centres and they have no intention to do so. As a result poor and help less poor people are beingng looted by the medical system in the Coutntry. It will be difficult for the GOVT to pass any bill to set up a Regulatory Authority as it will face objection from powerful lobby. So what Amir Khan has suggested will not work .

  393. Satyamev Jayete is a good Program who addresses our societies issue but I think this will not bring any change in the society until a following system can not developed. This is indian system where any issues comes and goes and the population forgets everything with the time. examples are Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev. So there is a need to develop a following system who cal follow the issues raised in the program.

  394. Sarita Roy Choudhary says:

    Change comes when people are educated and made aware of facts. Yes, It can make a difference.

  395. I like this show but in India there is lot of politics so one man could not be change it properly because we doesnt know family background of each person .I hope It makes a changes in our society

  396. yes amir can change our society.1000%

  397. yes Satyamev Jayte is very good for our society.

    bcoz our society sleeping.

  398. this is great show but i m scare is it really work where we are going where our India going ? i m so much worry about this and out parents do all for us but if going continue like this we never do anything for our childs so amir ji always a great person and HE IS REAL HERO AND WT HE IS DOING I REALLY APRRICIATE SO AMIR JI PLEASE CONTNIUE WE ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS SATYMEB JAYTE JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

  399. Thomas Abraham says:

    Yes by showing this all problem we can also understand how the human being is behaving with other human being, ie Elder ladies are doing with the young ladies and one more thing that without their co operation this crime is not possible . This also a time to understand about the law and make us understand about it so other will not follow more law is not so strong in our country.

  400. Its a Good Programme,Many people will benifit from it,there will be many people to come out and speak the truth for which todays world requires the most.
    Salute to this programme.

  401. VIJAY BERI says:


  402. Ankur Sood says:

    Hi All,
    Amir is doing good by making whole india aware of what’s going on around us.
    Ok now as if we want to change it then lets all of us come together and show the govt. and everyone else that “we altogether can oppose something and support something”.

    i am agreeing to comment by Rajesh
    “Stop using vehicles except it is very urgent or useful let the consumption go down then wat will the companies and the goverment do”
    Try to reduce consumption on patrol. Do car pooling or Bike pooling with your neighbors and ALL STAND TOGATHER……..
    And help in building new India…

  403. vishal rajput says:

    see this episod really gud for telecast but actully this problems (hosptality episode) cannot be solved so m leaving in hospital “,mathura” i have seen that MR comes to doc and and give donation for their product advert..they send their patient on comission to other doc..this is very harsh condition in india..but what the amir do is really very gud……….
    satmayv jayte..

  404. Amrendra Das says:

    yes this show bring the 50 % change in our society?

  405. Neetu kumari says:

    yes Mr Aamir Khan is doing a excellent through which everybody came to know what is going on in our society. through which we will be able to remove all these corrupt practices , if we can’t remove atleast we can reduce or atleast we can say no to all this.

  406. Gundappa Srinivas says:

    Tenple of healing & Doctors should have the attitude of the Mother and Father towards the child, dear all if the hopsitals and doctors have this attitude, setup, makeup then the health benefits all will get. The need of the hour is the Hospitals set up and runned by Sri Sathya sai Seva Organisations, Ramakrishna mission, Some Christian Missonaries, however trhe best is the Sai Hospitasl where there is no billing 100% free to all. In India in all cities, towns, etc. eficient trusts formed that is the Central Govt + State Govt + Good Religio Associations + Good Industries + Good and Noble Philantrophists and leaders they should be the one who should run the hospitals and see that the poor get 100% free health and those who can afford can pay, donate etc. Urgency is also needed in sending Mobile clinics onve in every 1 month to nooks and corners of all India. Alternative helath systems like reiki, pranic, self-hyponosis etc. should be strengthened because many diseases are by mind, healing mind will heal the body. Coming to the drugs the Govt ensure that they supply drugs at the cheapest rate, what Rajasthan has done is good and can be further improved that is Govt to see that the loot hospitasl do in all this routine, tests many of which is only to fleece patients is stopped. The most important thing MEDICAl EDUCATION 100% free till Ph.D, in india the say 50% or more doctors give massive donations in lakhs, crores and by the time they fnish education they will spent 1 to 3 crores and so their attitude is how to build this loss and so for them money making comes first so 100% ban of management seats in all medical colleges all over India, let all nmedical education be free. Govt ensure that each doctor after his study should serve for 1 or two years in rural areas.

  407. V Pavan Kumar says:

    hi every one

    This program definetly touch the officials who are involved in Healthcare profession.
    They have to re-think about what they are doing. Govt has to take Satyameva-Jayathe as reference and go in that direction to solve current problems. TV ratings are secondary thing but what we have to appreciate is how much this program effecting the people.
    Hats-off to Aamir and his team. Keep going on ..

  408. Himanshu Verma says:

    Satyamev Jayte, Is definately a good series, its atleast better than other reality shows and dramas, which are ruining our family, sometimes it gives you courage, sometimes it gives knowledge to tackle with Corrupt system.
    It will definatelyy make a change but Aamir has to follow every cause which he is rasing, the life of a cause should not be of only 1 episode, but he should show what progress achieved after some time.
    Hope for Good

  409. Hema Indraneel says:

    I am very sure that this programme will bring a great deal of change. People were aware but this programme can awaken them. Any system that has been a product of years of practice does take time to change but the only way is to BEGIN, and begin is what Amir has tried to do. A common man like me and you can not hope to have as much audience and respect/ regard but a celebrity like Amir can make a huge difference …. All the best to Amir and to all of us…. Hema

  410. Ravindra says:

    Dear Priya,

    Good morning, my opinion of the satyamev-jayate, its good what Mr. Amir, trying to explore the situations of hurted peoples, but am not agree for onething, how they are exploring that, because many peoples they always worry about there family, but then to showing that front of the world no use to decline.

  411. such kind of effort already have brought, but this time, AAMIR KHAN, Great Actor with social worker bring this again with good strategy , so this time more people can …………………………..

  412. Balbir Singh says:

    Jo Kuchh Bhi Aamir Apne Programme Me Dikha Raha Hai Wo Ek Kadwa Such Hai Jis Ke Baare Me Hum Sabhi Jaante Hain. Lekin Bolta Koi Bhi Nahin Hai. Har Kisi Ko Apne Aap Se Matlab Hai. Har Koi Ye Chahta Hai Ke Samne Wala Apne Aap Ko Sudhar Le, Lekin Koi Bhi Apne Aap Ko Nahi Sudharna Chahta. Jab Hum Apne Liye Apne Aap Ko Nahi Sudhar Sakte To Saamne Wala Hamare Liye Apne Aap Ko Kyon Sudharega. Aamir Chahe jitne Bhi Aise Programme Dikha Le Us Se Koi Fark Nahi Padne Wala Hai. Is Sthiti ko Sudharne Ka Kewal Ek Hi Tarika Hai Ke Har Insaan Ye Soch Le Ki Usey Is Vyavastha Ko Sudharna Hai. Koi Bhi Isey Sudharne Ke Liye Bahar Se Nahi Aayega. Ye Sab Humne Hi Bigada Hai Aur Hum Sab Mil Kar Hi Isey Sudhar Sakte Hain. Sirf Dusre Ki Aalochna Karne Se Kuchh Nahi Hoga. Aaj Aamir Ki Baat Ka Sab Samarthan Kar Rahe Hain. Koi Mujhe Bataye Kya Is Se Pehle Log Is Baat Ko Nahi Jaante They. Agar Sab Kuchh Jaante Hue Bhi Humne Is Ko Sudharne Ka Prayas Nahi Kiya To Us Me Galti Kiski Hai. Aaj Har Insaan is Mauke Ki Talash Mein hai Ki Kis Tarah Se Saamne Wale Ko Bevkoof Bana Kar Apna Ghar Paise Se Bhara Jaye. Jab Tak Ye Mentality Khatam Nahi Hogi tab Tak Kisi Bhi Tarah Ke Sudhar Ki Ummeed Karna Bemani Hai. Meri Sab Logon Se Appeal Hai Ki Har Cheez Se Upar Uth Kar Apne Zaneer Ki Aawaz Ko Suno Aur Insaan Banne Ki Koshish Karo. Kyonki Agar Ek Baar Insaniyat Ka Jazba Har Aadmi Ne Apne Andar Jagrit kar Liya To Is Tarah Ke Programmes Dikhane Ki Zarurat Hi nahi Padegi.

  413. krishna says:

    I see satymev jayate , every sunday but this time amir khan is a great person in india because they are worked change for indian society ,

  414. LALITHESWAR says:

    A good presentation and message from AAMIR. If atleast a person is motivated among 100, definitely the society will be reformed. People shud take the spirit by heart and march forward.

  415. vijayalakshmi says:

    Superb. It is very thought provoking and informative. I learnt many things from this episode. I would like to know how to proceed if I want to open a Generic medical shop in my area? I need not make money but I can not afford to lose since I am a retired person. I appreciate Mr. Amir Khan for the efforts taken by him. If I will be of help in any small way, I will be very happy to do so. Thank you.

  416. piyush jha says:

    Mr Amir’s work is in righ direction and to related to 4th step, The controlling body of govt is only a symbol. We have to follow the model of USA for medical service.

  417. piyush jha says:

    Mr Amir’s work is in the right direction and related to 4th episode, The controlling body of govt is only a symbol. We have to follow the model of USA for medical service.

  418. santosh kumar says:

    yes we can do what amir sir is doing and bringing awareness of true and reality and behaviour of human being by this we coming to know how the people are. suddenly we cannot change the system of human. when all should know the relation and the value then automitcally we can see changes in our society

  419. Subbu Krishnan says:

    Amir Khan already taken Peepli Live movie in bolywood (an issue and problems about Indian farmers) it is a good film but i think it has not gone well. So Amir concentrate on small screen through this social reality shows. Wait and see is there any things change in our country. If it is happend it is good for the country. I support for that.

  420. Asthana A.B says:

    Good efforts and will bring positive results.

  421. this show is an eye opener only for people who have gone through bad are not interested in it..

  422. khushiram says:

    I really support the move an the way being followed to remove the differences of nature gift. an attack on dowry system and eradication of social evils from the society/

  423. The program is One & Unique, HOPE it will definitely bring change, still it needs GENERAL PUBLIC AWARENESS which we have to spread all over & be CONSCIOUS. Always hope for good things to happen in India. Many many thanks Mr. Khan.

  424. JRPATEL says:

    Amir is doing good by making whole india aware of what’s going on around us.

    i think this is fantastic show,its not a show its a platform which is provided the information about our bad society. ….but its only plan it further required Do/Check/Action to fulfillment.Other wise people will forget by end of the show what we learn and what to do.
    Better INDIA

  425. Gandha SAMAJ ko Badalne Ki Ek Achhi Prayash

  426. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hi All ,

    Mr. Amir Khan is doing great job.
    It a great starting of truth revolution in our life.

  427. ramnivas verma says:

    ye bat such hai ki middly class and poor class tak generic medicine nahi phuch pati kyo ki
    doctor medicine hi aisee likhta hi mehangi medicine kyo ki doctor ka usme commision hota hai

    i like this serieal Satyamev Jayate

  428. Kiran Bhatt says:

    Yes Aamir does good job and ancoring to aware indians but the team of Satyamev Jayte present real truth of indian life. We must see the programme and be aware of faltu strategy. Thanks to Aamir & the whole team of Satyamev Jayte atleast they start first. “Agar programme mai action reaction dekhne mile to jyada aacha hoga.” Jaise 20th May 12 k episode mai jin patient k saath bura hadsa hua hai unke liye Satyamev Jayte ki team ne kutch kanunan action bhi lena jaruri hai yaa phir aise doctors ka pardafash karna chahiye taki koi aur patient k saath julm na ho. SALUTE TO SATYAMEV JAYTE

  429. Hanish Soni says:

    HI,,,, Dear All Friend,

    ****************SATYAMEV JAYATE***************************

    This a really very great show , I want to give thank a lot to Amir… for Exposed this kind of misshaping in our country,,, This Very bad fact of our country ,
    We have to learn from this show and prepare to fight with this misshaping , and All credit goes to Amir …. He come out do this great job for our county. we all`s are with you ..


  430. Hi
    What ever Amir want to convey this is reality and every body know but if we pointing out some one three finger towards me also , because in our society who has lot of money to spent they make our SAMAJ corrupt ,

  431. Dr.Indrakamal Majumdar says:

    I am a practising dentist [at kolkata] and i thank MMr.AAmir Khan from the bottom of my heart for tackling some extremely relevant issues like healthcare,dowry,female infanticide,etc. From the response of some of my friends who have commented above i sir,am really scared for our country and our people.How does the TRP and other commercial talk comes into a socially informative programme i fail to understand!! make a TV show and if it is good it is appreciated and you do make money…what else is an actor supposed to do ?He knows that if we had hosted the show no one would have bothered sitting and watching it….atleast he unlike another Mr. Khan is not making a mockery of the great game of cricket !Maybe Mr.Aamir Khan should buy an IPL team,have a party with ssome B-grade filmstars and then misbehave with cricket officials ,get banned and then on his team winning the IPL create utter tomfoolery in the name of entertainment and cause unrest in a city and involve the CM and Governers and C_grade tollywood stars…forget the heritage of Eden gardens and dance and sing and be aired continuously throughout the day in various news channels? That is what we expect our stars to do.Ofcoursse in a country where films like Don-2 or a distorted version of the saratchandra classic devdas’ can run to full houses,what more can be said of the general IQ and the general EMotional Quotient of the masses.Someone has said that people will lose faith when they see these programmes.So henceforth no programmes or films should be made on the corrupt practises of politicians or lawyers since according to this gentleman perhaps the people will lose FAITH on these politicians and lawyers,etc?
    My appeal to you sir is please forgive them since they know not what they are doing and accept our best wishes and keep up the good work,for frankly this kind of thing can only be expected from you and no one else from the film fraternity.
    Also kindly let us fellow indians know how we may individually help your cause in whatever small capacity we have. Thanking you sir,once again,
    SATYAMAVE JAYATE !!!! in Bengali KORABO LORABO JETABO RE [which translates to SHALL MAKE THEM DO IT ! MAKE THEM FIGHT IT!! MAKE THEM WIN IT !!! we must forsake the terms I AND ME and use THEM AND THEY to contribute to society,
    WARM REGARDS!! DR.Indrakamal Maajumdar

    • RAVIKANT says:

      @ Indrakamal-I think you are not aware of or you dont want to accept this that there are already problems to patients due to diminishing faith in doctors. Someone has said he showed positive things like Dr Shetty and Generic medicines. No he showed them in negative perspectives. I have asked so many questions on this blog but no one has answers to them why bcoz I dont have knowledge of the progession, and you are saying to forgive me, I am not mis-spreading any thing hence there is no need for forgiveness and who is Mr. Amir to forgive me, he may be GOD to you but ask your GOD to substantiate my questions….Every coin has two angles…I never denied what he said and I can give you more dreading examples of Doctor’s apathy etc….

  432. well wisher says:

    Priya, this is a very good idea to educate the people & society in certain areas nice but we should put it into practice. As all of us know some of the truths of the reality of the life but, what are we doing about it? Are we helping a person who is next to us or our street or location. They are many who say things but putting into practice very few of us do it. There is a famous proverb PRACTICE BEFORE YOU PREACH. Nothing against you Mr. Amir but some of people never do change. Our societies do not accept changes for good but easily the for bad.

  433. here mixed opinion somo more people like it but many people comenting also

  434. praveena says:

    very warm welcome to amir to this show.hats off to you amir ji..this reality program shows every one life to us.its really hurting to every one..we need to have many shows like this to people to make them aware from the cruel support the show to save many people from the dark world which is really unknown one,,,pl make it in the write help others to be as they are…thank you..once again hats off to amir ji..thank the people which they in the love and loved..

  435. Arvind Kr Sharma says:

    I am agree with you.

  436. Arvind Kr Sharma says:

    I am agree with you Priya.

  437. s.uma iyer says:

    Hi Priya.
    Yes there will be changes in the society. People are changing. U can see the results also. People are been awakened. Path is shown and we will follow.

    Acche logo ko acche log milte hai I believe in it. And truth cannot be denied.

  438. akhil kumar says:

    may bee .let v see

  439. The program is really nice but it will not be changed in our society due to our society is corrupted too like Galaxy

  440. hallo
    sattyamev jayte is a best program
    it gives us new vision and awareness about our social activitis and trying to provide solutions on it
    also it shows us how much we litret (illitret)
    our socity still folloing the thinkings wich r badly wounding our society

    i hope it will give us new eye to see the problems of our country about our systems,
    culture and our groth or degroth our society.

  441. Chandrakant V.Thakur says:

    Hi Priya,
    Very difficult to reach on any conclusion at this moment,some time celebrity make platform to earn for them self and leave at once if they find them self in mess after controversy bite the nail of party in power.As spreading of awareness by this “Satyamev Jayte” will reduce only if the involve person taken to fast court for their misdoing & realize of NIL option under protection in hand of LAW & ORDER if matter come out in public. It is necessary to make bold to person fearing to loose security if they raise inhuman behavior/decision against them with the help of NGO supporting the movement at home level. SAMAJ is nothing but combination of GOOD ,BAD & WORST people of society .Equal implementation of law will reduce disparity unfazed by corruption could save society. That’s all and many more if called for healthy discussion on the topic.

  442. Prashant Rajaram Waghmare says:

    congratulate total team of Satyamewa Jayate.
    I hope that,social thinkar celebrety ankanering this then its true hope.

  443. om prakash says:

    Dear priya,

  444. shabuddin says:

    for such people change will come only when there is no other option…

  445. SUDIL KUMAR SAHOO says:

    Definitely Amir & this show alone bring the change in our society.Thanks to Amir

  446. DHANASEKARAN says:

    Not all people change into good elements suddenly, but our Hero words can pass to atleast few peoples, to make them realise that they are doing wrong things. Thanks to Star TV. & AMIR KHAN.

  447. Looks like all the doctor kids are quiet upset with this episode. Instead of crying foul, they must look at their follies and correct the same. Time to buckle up before more patients vent their ire on the open secret Medical Business :)

  448. i am happy to see this sort of programme is hosting by amirkhan production but ihave one doubt here he is doing currect and change will come up to some extents but full i am cant because a revolution should be their in every indian to change this corrupt government need to be like president rule which every poor to high class people should acquire every things easily like united kingdom every one afford what they want this iis what spirit
    at last i can only say that need close all the polictical government and kingdom rule should be their

  449. santosh says:

    whole situation can not be change in one night but actor like Amir khan can only do such shows because as human being he is very sensitive towards social issues like these that’s why we should support this step forward by Amir.

  450. Ulfath pasha says:

    Hi, i really liked the program , it helps to bring the social problems that India is facing right now apart from the Religion barrier .India is a multi lingustic country with so many people and so many languages in it and there are a lots of pbr faced by the people . These program really helps and educate the common man about there pbr example “CHILD ABUSE” , “PATIENT AWARNESS”,etc. If someone is trying to bring a change we should all need to support it and it is not only by one person we as a country men should stand for it and try to solve it .

  451. Hemant Sangoi says:

    A single program alone cannot bring change in society but this will definitely bring awareness among people and might be a beginning for change

  452. It’s a beautiful show that give us correct details of corruption that is spread all over the india. God bless this show.

  453. hi,
    iam kiran from warangal.
    me program chala bagundi, ilanti programs chestunanduku chala thanks. samagika marpu ravalani nenu ashistunnanu. ilanti programs, adi melanti vallu cheste inka thondaraga prajalaloki cherutundi, ilanti programs dwara prathi manishilo marpu kontaina vastundi, samajam patla kontain avagahana vastundi. e program naku baga nachindi. ilanti programs inka ravali ani ashistunnanu. best of luck to amirkhan sir.

  454. Purbangshu Chatterjee says:

    Last 20 years working in Pharmaceutical Industry I have seen many more doctors very closely in different part of India. Something is coming about a doctor in news are not new. This noble profession has become bloody money sucking business. burring very few doctors majority has become greedy & heartless people. Why not? some non- competent people are going to become doctors with high donation from private medical colleges. their basic objective is earning money. How come the motivation of helping people will come?
    It’s a problem of system. Aamir can show the happenings, but we have to go deeper in to it. Need a govt. policy on medical education system, Need govt.policies on fees & charges of Private hospitals, moreover the awareness of common people. Still hats of to Mr.Aamir Khan, he is creating the awareness…”SATYAMEV JAYATE “

  455. Arun Mala says:

    This is one good awareness program whats happening in society. which makes every individual thing in right way. Any one person can not change the whole the society. But individuals can change themselves this leads to change the society.

  456. its nice

  457. B. Gopal Reddy says:

    There are so many responses from various people about the programs that were aired. So many people, gave their opinions, shared their sentiments, feelings. Some have shown disgust about the erring doctors and others (corrupt politicians, business people, even some actors). Many of those responses from the people have appreciated the programs on the basis of the issues taken up in the program and that so many people are seeing this program – it is very interesting – the way the program is shown is very catchy and all. Now, after all well said and done, what is the next step. Is Aamir Khan only needed to show these facts on the TV program, was not the people aware of those things earlier. Except for a small fraction of the society, (except those in remote villages) every adult, be it man or woman might have come across such instances as bribery and corruption at least half a dozen times in their lives. So did the program help the masses, showing some thing different out of context. I think no. Only the graph of corruption and bribery and the measure in which it is committed was something new which is aired. Now then, after knowing the facts how many of us are ready to come forward and take individual action against any of the issues he might have faced or is still facing ? I think only a small fraction of a fraction of that number may be ready to take on the fight. We Indians have it in our blood to bear injustice, and even if we raise our voices, it is done so in a very meek order. We always need a leader to follow. We see around us whether any other person is ready to fight for our causes. For this, whenever a leader comes up, all the masses follow him making him an icon of truthfulness, and put in all our faith on him that he will deliver us the goods. And, when in the long run this so-called leader mostly ends up himself engrossed in corrupt practices, the masses say, oh what a shame (that) leader has forsaken us, he is a cheat and all. Then again we search for a new leader. To really fight for the issues we should have an independent forum or a society (can be honorary) at the national level, without anything to do with politics or affiliated to any political party. There should not be an apex post. But a sizable committee. There should be no head / chief in the committee. If a complaint is received from any body (that should be by physical presence), action should be initiated against the erring person, by handling the case by the forum/committee, but not through police or judiciary. The erring party should be fined or committed to boycott by the society by publishing in the newspapers/wall posters so that he should be ashamed of his actions. This idea of mine needs some amendments for implementing it. But once done, it can have so much effect on our society, that change is inevitable to come. Any takers.
    —B. Gopal Reddy

  458. Ajay Dubey says:

    Thanks for sending me good articles. In one sentence Satyamav Jayte is the good plateform for amir Khan to give boost to Indian People’s awaz.

  459. asish mukherjee says:

    It’s superb show. kudos to amir to show such rare courage in our present-day society. Being an old man i only hope people will stand up themselves against such criminal acts without waiting for somebody to come up and start protesting. Let us start our individual protest against any such wrong in our surroundings. That only can help. We must believe criminals in any form are very weak personalities and minimum resistance will stop them.

  460. Ramesh N says:

    “Why does Aamir cry every Sunday”- I read the article heading in the TOI and chuckled. The article very rightly pointed out how Aamir’s expressions and gestures in Satyamev Jayate always seem so clichéd, repetitive and typical. He nods his head to the point of annoyance.

    The first episode brought forward an important notice no doubt- as a health professional and a woman, it was an issue very close to my heart and so like most other Indians I watched the telecast and I cried and hoped and prayed that maybe just maybe the mindset of even a few would change towards the heinous practice of female foeticide. Wishful thinking? Probably- I guess that’s why I never went back for more and reading the article, the cynic in me knew that I had made the right decision by giving episodes 2 and 3 a miss.

    But last night a friend said- ‘You’ve got to watch the recent episode- it’s about healthcare’. I was intrigued and thought –okay let me just watch parts of it on YouTube before I sleep. Of course, I noticed the seemingly rehearsed reactions by the audience and the super star himself but not only did I watch the whole episode, I was glad I did.

    I loved how the concept of generic medicines was described- simply and aptly. The speakers were knowledgeable, even humorous and the work done by the research team was commendable. A lot of issues pertinent to healthcare delivery in India were brought forward in a structured and simplified manner.

    I liked that the issue of capitation fee was raised, hospitals have come to be run like family businesses but honestly I don’t see any improvement on this front at all.
    And ‘Cut’ or Commission practice and wooing by pharmaceutical companies does exist and its wrong and unethical. But it seemed a little unfair that a doctor practicing abroad was voicing his concerns from greener pastures.

    I don’t endorse the unethical practices nor do I give the excuse of the hard work, time and money they put in to get their degrees, after all its the same all over the world but in India such situations arise because:-
     Doctors are not paid well, period.
     Our country lacks a structured legal system, doctors know that their practices are untouchable and this gives way to floundering principles
     Health is not a priority for the government and even the public at large. Not much progress can be made in a country where the health ministers are not really qualified for the job.

    It’s silly to expect a doctor to be holier than thou. Healthcare is still a noble profession but it’s also an industry and accepting that doesn’t mean one is defying the medical code of ethics.

    As I watched the show, I thought to myself – Why don’t they discuss the Yeshaswini model and just then I saw the legend himself in the audience. It’s always a pleasure to hear Dr. Devi Shetty talk and he was right when he said that micro health insurance can prove to be a boon for the Indian diaspora considering that we have the advantage of volume when it comes to medical procedures and usage of medical equipment.
    Even the song in the end was moving and it moved me to see tears in the eyes of Dr Shetty, a man who has done so much, probably seen much more. It was a lesson in humility for healthcare professionals in totum and not just doctors. We too have so much to do and most importantly we should make an attempt to contribute simply because we can.

    As for Aamir, I no longer care if he’s over paid or that the show is riding on his back to a large extent. As long as it helps to create even some awareness, enlightens the public and questions the integrity of corrupted officials; I have no problem with watching Aamir cry every Sunday, in fact i’ll look forward to it.

  461. Shashidhar says:

    Its really interesting to know the facts through this program, but the real thing is bringing a change in the society, What is society, We, We are the society, First we need to change and reform our selves. Then only change is possible.

  462. only watching this programe wil not bring any change..society have to react against such problems that happen in our society…whether rich or poor all have equal rights..and we have to fight against such activites that happen in hospital

  463. Balbir Bangarh says:

    Dear Priya,
    Satyamev Jayte is a quite informative programe. Though I Knew a little about the malpractices being carried out in the Medical profession, yet I stunned and pained to know the facts/reality and bitter truth.
    I salute to Mr. Khan for the contribution he rendered toward this noble cause. Mr. Khan, alone, can’t clean this system of corruption impregnated in our blood, rather continuous effort is to be done by one and all to eliminate the corruption.
    NGO’s should come forward and work with Dr. Sumit Sharma IAS to open Generic Medicine outlets in other states also.
    Balbir Bangarh

  464. hi realy good thing from this serieals people are cume to know that in all proffesion wats going on nd last weak i seen wat docter are doing how they are playing with peoples(patient ) and we should fight and we should increase the voice opposite of medical shop or dealers and docters. thanking you
    urs kapil (staff nurse)

  465. Md Aslam Parvez says:

    I, appreciate Aamir Khan’s work. Most people are corrupt and dishonnest, especially the ministers. Even those who are honest are becoming dishonest by their influence. The only person whom I believe honest and sincere in India is our CM ie Mamta Banerji. Please note I am not a political supporter. I think Aamir has started a fire against corruption like Anna Hazare. These corrupt persons should be Hanged.
    One suggestion to the government is to punish by making a strict law to those persons who are murdering people slowly by Adultration. Hope Aamir highlights these issues also.

  466. Bhupendrasinh says:

    india ko aaine ke samne lake khada kar diya. ab hum ise accept kare ya na kare sach to yahi he.

  467. arun kumar says:

    tum kuch bhi karlo amir bhai ye duniya nahi sudharne wali hai ye jaisi hai waisi hi rahegi sirf apka program dekha jayega aur kuch nahi ho sakta koi fark nahi padta hai in corrupt neta, doctor, sabhi govenment department k kramchariyon etc ko.

  468. Hi, All
    First we have to change our’s mentality becouse if bad think happend front of ous then we can see, but we dont want to do any think.
    First we have to change this mentality then surely we can do everythink….

  469. rajesh chaurasia says:

    Only AMIR or the Program SATYAMEV JAYTE,or for that matter any other program alone cant bring any change unless &untill WE The PEOPLE Of INDIA r NOT READY to CHANGE THEMSELVES

  470. sudhakar Mandrekar says:

    Well Doctors charge their cousultation fees heavily, where as medicine cost just few Rupees. Doctor’s answer is our parent spent lots of money to make them doctor, now this is the time to recover it. Similarly this happens in most of the Government offices, and hence the corruption is followed by all. Unfortunately young generation accept this corrupt practice today.
    This is the time to teach Dharma Shastra to our children from school days. So that next generation can kill the corruption.

  471. I just want to say I am just newbie to weblog and honestly loved this blog site. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You surely come with wonderful articles. Appreciate it for revealing your web site.

  472. T.R.Kapur says:

    The root cause of all our problems is MONEY. Money not for need but to satisfy GREED. Those who do not have money for their basic needs crave for the day when they will have money to live a reasonably respectable life. Then there are those whose greed for money never gets satisfied and they crave for more and more and more and then get high by vulgar display of the same to show others that they are GREAT and others are ORDINARY. This creates further rift in the society and there is virtual race to acquire MONEY (unlimited) in the least possible time by whatever means it comes(mostly illegal/immoral). Unless simple living and high moral thinking does not become a way of life, nothing much can be expected to change in this country. And the example for this has to be set up by Political and Business leadership. But alas, a Mayawati becomes a Rs.5000 crore person in ten years without any legal source of earning and while Mukeshbhi may be doing so many good things for the society thru Reliance Foundation etc but his billion dollar mansion did not endear him to millions of poor in this country who respect more the great Ratan Tata for his simple but dignified living. The TV serials (showing people living in extreme luxury by making money by illegal/immoral means) are also responsible for misguiding the youth of this country instead of showing how simple and high moral living can give more lasting peace of mind and sense of purpose in life.

  473. L S Patel says:

    amir ur great u go ahead we with u, i watching ur progrome every week without poor person problem will solve by ur progromme poor person will live very difficult in india i hope now india will change

  474. dkvalluru says:

    Change cannot be come in single day but it will take time anyhow people are trying to change but it will turn from past decades.

  475. Its nice initiative, it should not end here.

  476. P.M. Peethambaran says:

    I appreciate Aamir Khan in exposing society evils by inviting the affected people and asking them to narrate their experience. The experiences of each persons are shocking. Now what I observe here is that people are just sitting and listening to the stories. Here I would like ask –


    I fell, we have to discuss in length and breadth on the prevention of occurrences of such misdoings in future.

    The first thing we can do is that one has to be vigilant & keep a close watch on family members so that they don’t become prey to anyone.

    Neighbours/relatives must be watched closely about their activites to make sure that they don’t harm our own members any time.

    Restrict children in going to neighbours or relatives’ places alone just for time pass/playing.
    The reason to be briefed to the children in a nice manner.

    These are some quotes. However, I would say that a thorough discusion must take place by learned people so that this kind of ” EVILS” can be eradicated.





  477. WASIM AHMAD says:




  478. NITIN MITTAL says:

    Hello Aamir,
    First of all congrats to start this programme. here i read more comment about the programme and about the people’s thinking. but here we have no right to say other person’s thinking. if we can change our self then everything is clean. we don’t blame to anybody, just change our self.

    and finally if we respect ladies and girls in our country then our country will be


  479. NARENDRA says:

    Dear Priya,

    I watched the episodes and honestly and sincerely thank Mr. Amir Khan for bringing such heartbreaking facts in front of us… Its He who started it and I am sure if we seriously think of the future of our children than we detfinately must get to gather and fight for a better future….

    Thanks Priya for all your updates.


  480. tamil arasan says:

    Its interesting to watch but we can’t do anything . . .

  481. Ramesh N says:

    After the euphoric rise and the subsequent fizzling of Anna Hazare’s corruption campaign, our national consciousness has been rattled again. This time the platform is more engaging, well executed and hovers around hosts of social vices that have maligned the deeper fabrics of the Indian society.

    The deadly silence that has pervaded within the hearts and minds of millions of our citizens for years has found a robust public platform for expression. Sundays have never been so cathartic for the thousands of meek and innocent voices who have faced embarrassing and sleazy attitude of their own caretakers, relatives and acquaintances. For millions glued to their TV sets, on the always neglected, commercially nonviable, Sunday 11 am slot, Satyamev Jayate (SJ) brings a refreshing change from the uninspiring sameness of multiple reality shows that have mushroomed on the small screen, in the recent years.

    The brainchild of the maverick youth icon and cult Bollywood star, Aamir Khan, SJ has received staggering number of Twitter followers, unprecedented TRPs, national and international media coverage and has broken all broadcasting barriers to be aired in multiple languages, covering an array of regional channels, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From the age-old, nostalgic Doordarshan to the radios, newspapers, social media, and websites; SJ has been a huge marketing success, resting as much on the laurels of its host’s brand image, as on its quality, well-researched, craftily documented and emotionally wrenching content.

    Just four episodes into the show and it have attracted tremendous response from the ‘aam junta’, with the state governments launching mass efforts to curb the vices highlighted in SJ. Amidst all the new surge of optimism surrounding SJ, there have been some preposterous claims that have tried tooth and nail, often overdoing arguments, to just prove one point that ultimately it is Aamir Khan and Star TV, who will emerge winners from this show. Personally, I have no association with Aamir Khan and neither I’m an employee involved with the show. Just like any other Indian, I’m too analyzing this issue from my own sense of understanding.

    Firstly, I believe, we should keep economics out of this debate. There has been an incessant hue and cry related to the mind boggling money Aamir is charging per episode and the copyright deals he holds. It is to be noted that Aamir has never tried to take the role of an actor-turned social activist, living an altruistic life with no bank balance. He is very sure about his task. He is doing a show to the best of his abilities and he is taking his work seriously, like his movies. He is doing his work professionally. That’s it. Who are we to challenge his fee and financial commitments? As audience and people who like to see him on screen, we should only judge his shows based on its quality. Many people may not be aware but on ethical grounds, Aamir had dropped all his advertising commitments for complete two years, just for this show.

    Secondly, many people have frequently argued that they are aware of these vices. It would have been much better if he had debated on the solutions rather than desperately making everyone cries. It is quite obvious that nowhere in the show Aamir challenges to solve all the problems. Neither is he underestimating the scope and extent of the issues he is covering. His letters to the CM of Rajasthan or SMSes to garner support from public are just a few steps, to come closer to solutions (contrary to what Sohini Ghosh has argued in Kafila on May 9 and Farah Naqvi in The Hindu of May 12, 2012).

    Thirdly, we should not expect intellectual and legal debates within a one and a half hour program. It is beyond the purview of limited-time shows to conclude final solutions to problems when there are courts and constitution to really filter the issues and come out with speedy solutions. We should understand that a TV show in our country will be unsuccessful to reach to everyone if it is full of complex data, legal jargons and too much details. SJ is just raising awareness. And why we tend to forget that it is trying to reach to the lowest common denominator in our society? The simplicity of the show is meant to reach people of all classes. Any praises for the simplicity of the show?

    Fourthly, we should view the role of today’s media in our lives. Barring few talk shows, live debates and decent programs, all we feed on is eye draining soap operas and incessant abuses of reality shows. Even if we take a look at Bollywood, a major fraction of our movies are just casual Bollywood chick flicks, with quite unrealistic portrayal of India. Honestly, Karan Johar romantic numbers and the royal lifestyle of their characters are rarely the truth of the Indian youth. In such cases, if we are being shown the stark reality of our country, we should face them head on. It is fantastic that we are being made aware of our vices, which should awaken us to eliminate them. SJ is also spreading some deep sociology lessons, for the major fraction of Indian youth is least aware of the nitty-gritty of our society. Why so much fusses to face our demons?

    Fifthly, SJ gives us some cues to make our society frank, open and educated. It gives us examples to drop all cultural prejudices and blind faith in old age customs. After watching the four episodes, don’t you think we undoubtedly need sex education, marriage counseling, psychiatrists, emergency helpline numbers, parent counseling and school counselors? We need them and in huge numbers.

    Lastly, no show, no revolution and no personality can change us unless, beyond a certain point, we make efforts to change ourselves. We should be least bothered about what will Aamir do post his show. Instead of thinking about his PR image, we should try to extract the positive messages from his show, which he is doing with unwavering dedication to perfection.

    I have also read ridiculous controversies associated to SJ or Aamir Khan. Some people have problems because they find it irritating to see Aamir looking down at them, on every nook and corner of the billboards of their cities. Some think he is faking emotions and acting to seek audience. Some want instant and cooked solutions. Some think nothing will change in this country and celebrities like Aamir Khan are just filling their wallets by exploiting human emotions. Some have time to sit for hours and enjoy unpredictable, quite arbitrary IPL matches but not to listen to some research and data about their country’s situation.

    Our collective memory is very weak and our individual memories don’t work unless the problem happens to us or to our closed ones. The point is not to waste our time debating on futile issues related to SJ but to really be aware and take action to change our nation. How should every citizen do it? By just SMSing Aamir? Definitely not. Wherever you’re. Whatever you’re. Ensure that you and your family are doing your best to break the habitual norms of these social vices. That will be perhaps your best effort. Even if 1% of this 121 crore strong nation is able to change its attitude, I think Aamir Khan’s endless gyaanbazi and the so-called irritating marketing gimmicks will be palatable to us. What say, India?

    Satyamev Jayate.

  482. this is a great start on behalf of Amir, the persons living in the society keep heart and eyes of them also have tears. Main thing is that they have mind. they may be change. such kind of demands and other adverse demands on behalf of male category affects due to the present situation and the policies of the government. increasing population is great reasons of such kind of incidents. due to the mistakes of the human beings like to have more and more money, luxuries etc they create the problems for themselves as well as for their families. lure is another reasons.
    Well we are human beings and should consider all the situation carefully and solve all the problems with the help of the members of family we should respect the female category because they take care of us. we salute them for every morning because they care of us we should give our love to our mom, sister, wife daughter because they are the part of our life.

    Amir may bring a great change because i have seen weeping the persons in family and in office who see the clippings of satayamave jayatey. really this may be a great tool. the government should help the program by advertising more and more

  483. Ramesh N says:

    Two weeks ago Aamir took up the topic of the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ in his show Satyameva Jayate. While I didn’t watch the TV show, I was able to listen to the beautiful song ‘Arey Mujhe Kya Bechega Rupaaiya” and believe me, the motivation to pen down this article, increased to newer levels, having faced the situation first-hand. I really didn’t feel the need to exactly watch the show, collect data and mention the number of deaths caused by dowry in India. We all know how deep the malaise is. We are also aware of several cases amongst our relatives and friends whose families had to face the ‘Dowry’ issues while arranging the wedding of their lovely sisters and daughters.

    Dowry is ubiquitous in India, right from the infamous states to the so-called prosperous, literate and advanced states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In fact, it is ingrained in our psyche, right from our childhood, that marriage payments are a part and parcel of weddings. And, I’m talking this purely from my own experiences of looking for bridegrooms for my sisters, along with my dear father, who, like most of the Indian fathers, feels that it is one of the steps to reach closer to salvation. Well, I may sound sarcastic while I say the earlier statement; it is not meant to underestimate the responsibility a father has when he is planning to marry his daughter. I have also seen tremendous stress engulfing the mind and spirit of parents, right from the day they start looking for the ‘most suitable guy’ for their daughters. Some even fall ill, suffer from blood pressure fluctuations and tend to lose sleep for days on end. I can’t exactly put it down in words… the trauma and anxiety faced by the girl and the parents, when their chosen ‘suitable guys’ reject the girl, purely on some reasons like looks, height, weight, skin color and what not!
    So, as we go on to discuss marriage and dowry, we must begin from the very start of this system. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that dowry as a marriage payment system, has its roots in hundreds of civilizations that have existed thousands of years before us. It was a tradition and custom to receive goods, gold and other necessary items in exchange of the girl. The ethos behind this step was to grant financial security to the couple who is beginning a new life. So far, so good. But why should the girl’s side alone contribute in setting up the new couple while the boy’s side is free to launder those ‘blessings’, leave alone helping the new couple financially to set up.

    I think if we focus on why it was done like that, we can easily understand that behind the facade of providing financial stability to the couple, it was the larger conspiracy to ensure that women remain under the control of men. And they were. The past civilizations have been male dominated. Dowry, according to me was a step to ensure that women were considered a ‘liability’ and not an ‘asset’ by the families. The same trends continued in the medieval times and unfortunately, it is widely prevalent even in our modern times. Yes, don’t consider my argument far-fetched when I say that the attitude of parents towards their daughters is still the same. Just glance around you and you’ll find numerous examples. Today, thanks to the awareness and education, the way parents perceive a boy and a girl has changed a lot. But still, when it comes to marriages, I’m quite sure; most of the parents find it hard to think in a more liberal way. So, even if they have made their daughters well-educated and an independent woman, they are ready to pay huge sums of money to the deserving guy for marrying their daughters. I really can’t understand why they do so?

    Moreover, I can’t understand what prompts the suitable guys to open their mouth and ask for mind-boggling sums of money? To just give you a perspective, my sister is an M.A in sociology, B.Ed, M.Ed qualified lady, who earns decently as a teacher in a government school. As the norm goes, my parents started looking for the hallowed IAS officers and some top-notch professionals in MNCs for her marriage. If I tell you the amount asked for arranging the marriage, you may not believe it. The price of marrying IAS to top class engineers ranged anywhere between 20 to 30 lakhs. Now, this is just my experience. I can’t say if it is the norm everywhere and that there are no awesome IAS officers who don’t ask for dowry. I’m just establishing a reality. I have even seen upper caste and rich families in North India taking a printout of UPSC results and then contacting the selected candidates’ families for marriage (or rather business, bargain, whatever you call it).

    Most of the guys who demand dowry after having achieved a reputable position in their life, argue that their parents are of traditional thinking and they can’t help but accept their view-points. This is the malaise that has rotten the marriage institution. The youth doesn’t take the initiative to discourage such practices in their homes. Though outside home, they might vehemently oppose the practice, most of them are seen to readily accept it when it comes upon them. It is time that we realize, and I’m talking specifically about the modern age youth, the awesome breed of talented- IAS officers, Bank POs, IITians, IIMites, engineers, doctors and teachers to say NO to this system. Just to be very clear, I would like to state that a gift of wealth given without any terms and conditions is not at all dowry. It is given with love and care by the girl’s parents. If their socio-economic status allows them to do so, it is fine. But the trend is disturbing. Parents take bank loans to pay for their daughter’s marriage which is quite harassing.

    Moreover, there are some technically advanced, ultra-sophisticated and elite families that justify dowry because it helps in financial security of the newly-wed couple. I can understand the technicalities of being a modern day couple. Inflation soars higher in every quarterly results. The cost of living is hence increasing like never before. But does that mean, the girl’s father needs to be treated like an open bank account? In India, if this is 2012, it will take minimally Rs 10 lakh for an average marriage by the so-called middle class standards. I’m just saying minimum and this is for North India, where I have lived for the most part of my life. Add some 10 lakh more, on an average, as a part of ‘kitna lenge’ (obvious demands, you know). You may add few bonuses, perks and add-ons also, like a car (kitne range ki pasand karenge?, is the usual question asked by the timid father). Some really go ahead and say, ‘Mujhe nayi model chaiye latest car ki’.(I want the new model of the latest car)

    Overall, you can say, it takes Rs 20 to Rs 25 lakh for a ‘Good’ marriage. And all this because the bridegroom is working in a dream company, or the hallowed Indian government job, owns a car and can really live a life free of any financial woes. The woes of parents reach to worst levels if their daughter is not beautiful by normal standards, is over-weight or lacks some other so-called forms of beauty. I have seen parents blaming their daughters for not being beautiful and hence getting rejections from hundreds of prospective husbands. At the end, what such parents do is they bargain with some mind-boggling dowry. All this because parents want in written guarantee a ‘happily ever after life’ for their daughters. She should not face any problem in her life so marry her to the best guy and the best is unfortunately, in most of the cases judged by the designation of the guy. Other intricacies of the arranged marriages are rarely taken much into account, which further leads to marital problems.

    The fundamental of a relationship, be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage can’t simply be money. Can a relationship thrive on just bank balance and money? And, secondly, designation and power must not be the sole factors to decide the right guy. We see even very well-educated and financially strong guys asking dowries just because of their designation and power. Of what use is education and awareness when they don’t have the balls to go against such a social malice? The real value of being a man is to take responsibilities of one’s own action and ensure that we make this world a better place to live in. Marrying a girl by taking 20 lakhs from her parents, just because you work abroad in a fortune 500 company, shows greed and consumerism that have penetrated our society. Marriage has become a commodity and nobody, except those who are actually marrying, can change it in India.

    I appeal to all young men who believe in the concept of dowry that they should realize that women are no longer dowry giving doormats and a destitute. They are real human beings with phenomenal levels of emotional intelligence, love and care. They have uniqueness in their personalities and they’re worth far more than money and cars. It hurts when arranged marriages are decided based on market price of the guy. Let us fight against this. Let’s NOT marry for money, at least!

  484. Sunil Tilve says:

    Hi Priya,

    First of all Amir Khan is my Favourite Actor, Most of His recent film in which as acted, He has send message for the us. Although It was Entertenment, There was message. All young Generation must take inishative toFollow. I feel within Next 5 years we might see positive result.
    Regarding Satyamev Jayate to be frank I have never seen this program. On Sunday I am Busy with our regular needs at Home.
    I just went through the article Ifeel you are right, medicle price should be very nomical because its our need & not luxury.
    But as per Doctor, Well Every family Have their Family Doctor, Family as faith on Him, they take step according th Doctor advice, Life is most important,
    Medical College Charge Maximum Fees for Education, To recover that amount Doctors Charge Fees on the Patient. Who Is Reposible ? Our Government.

  485. Dear Sir,

    As far as the availability of medicines possibly at the cheapest rate is concerned nothing better can ever happen than this. The nation can afford and provide all out support for such beautiful idea. The idea also ensures offcouse it is within each and every ones’ reach. It will be much better if such medicine stores must be opened in every district in all states following the way Rajasthan state has organized.

    The medicine for quality production and supply should be supervised by the much said- The Indian medical Association. The Indian Medical Association should certify its worthiness for every ones health care.

    The Indian Medical Association should come up once again and expand their vision and take on responsibility boldly as far as the health care is concerned. They must be more practical and boldly enough to act. They must check and ensure the doctors and the practitioners perform well professionally. I don’t mind saying that they must be examined literally by the Indian Medical Association every six monthly. Their qualification in every respect should never become a criteria and ever remains under scanner and doubts. The issuing/obtaining license to practice should never be treated as every doctor’s cake and birth right.

    The Indian Medical Association must come up, rise above, be powerful practically. Today the nation desires an bold performance and expects open answer in the direction of health care day to day. They must not hesitate taking action against unsuitable medical professionals.

    Today the nation is also keen to know from Indian Medical Association that what role they played as regards to how many doctors and the practitioners being found unfit and unsuitable professionally and banned during January, 2012 to June, 2012. They must appraise.

    An apology why only Amir Khan should ask rather the entire nation stands by him for asking the same if the Indian Medical Association proves that performs perfectly.

  486. Priya aamir sir is doing great job with full proofs and also he is pointing out the solutions. After his first episode The Rajasthan Government had taken the steps to control the female foeticides. I think India is going to change some how as SATYAMEV JAYATHE goes on. The doctors are boycotting him because he exposed them because nobody had earlier done this. I am ready to support him at any cost.

  487. Sanjay Tomar says:

    Hi Priya, Great changes doesnt happen all of a sudden. They take time. Voice raisers should be encouraged to do something which needs to be done in the society. Think! if none is there to raise voice against such burning issues as Amir is raising….. look dangerous naa ? Amir should be patted for what he is doing..

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  489. It is the step towards development.

  490. First of all I have to introduce myself, then only the problem had with me can be understood. Yes, I am an ex – combatant of Indian Army, retired on voluntary basis on April 1994 and joined Hinduja Foundries Ltd., as an executive on October 1995.
    I remember. it was during January 1997 only. I can not just forget the incident which occurred with my wife and me in a private hospital in Tondiarpet, Chennai – 600 081. On those days, I was not aware with such diseases and medical corruptions. On an evening, when I returned from work, I found my wife was screaming like anything suffering from abdomen pain. My son (then 13 years old) and daughter (then 10 years old) were crying seeing their mother. I was upset and did not know what to do. Immediately taken my wife to the near by private hospital. She was given certain medicines including a injection and she started to sleep. She was admitted in the hospital. Since she was normal and as per the hospital rules only one can stay with the patient, I left my son along with my wife and went to home with my daughter. Next day morning when I reached the hospital, some hospital staff asked me to sign on some papers. They were saying that my wife is suffering from “Appendicitis”, a serious illness which is to be operated immediately. Otherwise, life my wife can not be saved. I tried to meet doctors of the hospital but could not. It was suddenly stroked on my mind that I am entitled medical facilities from Military Hospitals. I asked to discharge my wife and shift her to the Military Hospital, Madras. But they refused to do so. After a long struggle, I could able to discharge my wife from there and shifted my wife to the MH.
    The military doctors examined my wife and simply given tablets for three days. Asked to get her blood tested and to review after three days.
    When I myself and my wife arrived MH after three days, the military doctors said, nothing problem with my wife. It would have been some food poison problem. Now she is absolutely normal. They educated me that without undergone “Ultrasone scan for abdomen”, no one can diagnose that it is “Appendicitis”.
    See, how have I been saved by our army medical officers.
    This is only what happening in almost all the hospitals now a days. Valuable medical service has become business and corruption. So sad.


  492. sanjeev says:

    deserve a changing india programme. lets hope for goverment action in positive manner now amir khan should highligested issue of delhi red light begger life bacause they torture small child as item of soft begging.

  493. I simply want to mention I am just newbie to blogging and site-building and really enjoyed your website. Probably I’m going to bookmark your blog . You surely come with awesome articles. Kudos for revealing your website page.

  494. kapil adlakha says:

    ideas toh sab ke pass hote h… sir Aamir khan did a grt job…..:)

  495. i belive it will change not lot but little.

  496. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  497. Thanks with regards

  498. Did anyone else know you can see True blood season 5 episode 1 online.

  499. UDAYA KUMAR says:


  500. naga sreenivasarao says:

    its really a wonderful program….. it definitely change the social values n societies i hope Mr.Amir khan ji is doing a wonderful program for our selves….. jst im seluting him….. thats all..

  501. Gaurav Sahu says:

    Heart Touching and meaningful show…

    Thanks to Amir Khan for handling great show.

  502. It was great show but we have to change first alone Amir can’t do this alone we have to support such cause to save our society from bucher’s so called greedy Doctors

  503. The health care system is still to take place of(physical and emotional) healing.Most of physicians care selling ready made solutions and money only. Every treatment case must be tailored according to patient.
    They think selling is money.Truly speaking activity is money and qualitative activity fetches more money.
    We think physician is like a god.How can such a god survive without knowing the simple fact that you should provide happiness to find happiness. Without skill and excellence and financial literacy you stand nowhere.
    Criminals must not have a place to survive.

  504. Priya,
    This sort of programmes creates ripples for a very short duration. People tend to forget very fast and move on in their usual way. Look at the chaos & confusion on the roads. There is absolute no discipline as far as the traffic is concerned. We are still having a very primitive mind set which tells us to look after ourselves at any cost. Let the world go to hell, but I must make profit at any cost. This is because of our very poor education system which never made us good human beings.

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  506. I always was interested in this topic and stock still am, thanks for posting.

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  511. akhil ghosh says:

    Dear Priya
    My view as an outsider on this matter of health care, is the basics. When a student has to pay over and above the tuition fee for his education, mentally he has to regain this
    money. How does he make it and from who? Patients of-course. As for the programme that you have mentioned unfortunately I have not seen it, but gather from hearing, that he is trying to make the public aware of facts and figures of life. In the sixties I always held the notion that if you have people with a full stomach they will listen and understand. Today it is educating the young in their early stages and they will teach their parents right from wrong.

  512. Sanjeev Gupta says:

    This show can bring the change in our society but one topic should be telecast approx 10 hours. as discussion on medical system should be telecast with different person on every first Sunday up to continuous six month. Otherwise public feel like movie and forget.

  513. Shyam Jangid says:

    Satyamev Jayate: Will Truth Triumph?
    Satyamev Jayate: Will Truth Triumph?
    I do not want to play the Devil’s Advocate. Not at all. I also do not wish to extinguish the ‘rays of hope’ that have emerged in several peoples’ eyes after watching Aamir Khan’s much hyped television debut ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Hereby, I just intend to debate, discuss and examine the actual prospects of Satyamev Jayate, as a ‘path-breaking talk show’, and the kinds of challenges it faces in coming weeks.

    To be honest, the show took me by surprise to an extent. I did not expect Satyamev Jayate to completely stay away from the ‘entertainment angle’, given the mad race for TRPs in the TV industry. At the end of the hour long show, my heart was filled with different hues of emotions.

    The Positives:

    It is perhaps for the first time that a celebrity of Aamir Khan’s stature has taken up social cause in such a big way. Full points to Khan for venturing into a dangerous category, economics wise. We often complain about our stars not associating themselves with social causes, specially in comparison to gigantic humanitarian and social services rendered by celebrities from the West. So, here is an immensely popular Indian film star choosing to debut on TV through a social-theme based programme rather than a usual game show/ reality show affair.
    Satyamev Jayate has thankfully revived the Sunday morning primetime slot! Remember the good old days when the streets of big cities and small villages presented an absolute deserted look Sunday after Sunday from 9 am or 10 am onwards. Once the slot of some legendary tele-serials like Mahabharat, Chandrakanta, Ramayana and Sri Krishna, the Sunday morning bracket had suddenly gone off the radar of TV producers. Kudos to the makers of Satyamev Jayate for reviving the potentially ‘jackpot’ slot. If the show manages to hit a chord with the audience, its timing will have a big role to play in it. Also, not to mention that the decision to air the show simultaneously on DD National also seems to be a very prudent and responsible decision. ‘Change’ can not be expected in the society without reaching out to maximum number of people.

    Lets face it. Satyamev Jayate is not a whirlwind ‘change’ that it is being made out to be. Shows with similar concepts have aired before on various channels from DD National to Satellite networks. Some of the examples include Kiran Bedi’s show where she delivered ‘justice’ in public court kind of setting, debating social evils of different kind, numerous tele-serials on issues such as child marriage, female feticide, gender inequality etc. The only change is that never before a prominent celebrity has taken up such causes through a proper TV programme. And yes, perhaps the earlier shows were also not as well dramatized, sprinkled with emotional spices and backed up by sound research. And this much you definitely expect from someone like Aamir Khan.
    The major challenge that the show faces is from the second episode onwards. Yes, we all were eagerly waiting for Aamir’s TV debut, there was tremendous promotion, internet frenzy et all, but what happens from next week? Will the same number of people sit and watch Satyamev Jayate next Sunday, now that they know what the show is all about. There is not an iota of entertainment involved. And this appears to be a weak link for the show in the hindsight. Is the opulent upper class and the restive middle class ready to swallow plenty of bitter truth, along with its rich and healthy brunch, every Sunday morning? The first episode had the novelty factor, the curiosity quotient. I am pretty sure at least some of the viewers who went gaga over the show last Sunday, and flooded internet with praises for Aamir Khan, will not religiously follow the show next week onwards. And I am not saying this because I had a special ‘vision’ last night. This assumption or rather fear is based on the very fact that we, the middle class Indians, are experts at shrugging off responsibilities. ‘Yes, Aamir is the man! Hats off to him for bringing about this change!’. And the story ends there. Where is the follow up? Where is your contribution? Will not you switch to a Govinda potboiler when the goings become very ‘preachy’ on Satyamev Jayate? This is my genuine fear.
    Now lets strictly talk about the merits of the show. Satymev Jayate heavily rides on the star power of Aamir and his strong emotional connect with the audience. He does a remarkable job of ‘moving’ the viewers, sometimes even coming close to ‘overdoing’ it. As the show progressed, I had a strong feeling of it being a desi version of Oprah Winfrey Show. But, for me, that is not a problem. In fact, full marks to the show’s team for going through the rigors of research and it very well shows during the entire length of programme. What worries me about the show, from now on, is its slight ‘predictability’. You and I can very well guess what all ‘issues’ will be taken up by Aamir in the coming weeks. This fact, along with the general apathy towards social issue based talk shows, may just prove to be a hindrance for Satyamev Jayate in coming weeks.

    So, Satyamev Jayate’s biggest asset as well as undoing is its audience. The initial euphoria and online frenzy will definitely not satisfy Aamir and other brains behind this show. If their idea is to bring a ‘change’, they will really need to go beyond TRP ratings, holding impromptu press conferences etc. Perhaps writing a letter or meeting Rajasthan CM is the right way forward. Then, if and only if, Satyamev Jayate is able to ‘retain’ and ‘energize’ its core middle class target audience, ‘truth will triumph’. Or else, we will just have a praiseworthy or rather ‘perfect’ TV debut for Aamir Khan, his credentials will go sky high (I have no issues with that), his fan base will further swell, but the real ‘change’ on ground will never happen.

  514. Malkeet singh johal says:

    i have good ideas making a new programe the solution of the people and we can motivate them to fight the social problem

  515. paresh chheda says:

    aamir is really doing a agood job
    positively it had started to change the system as we see
    i support SATYAMEV JAYATE

  516. I am extremely appriciative of the efforts put by Mr. Amir. Why Just Rs. 10/- we can even give Rs. 100/- for this cause. But this will not solve this problem. The answer lies in 100 percent medical insurance by the government for its people. All treatment in all hospital should be free of cost. Further Medical Education should not be allowed to become an money spinning business. Because it is both morally and legally unacceptable.

  517. Well done keep it .its really change the society mantality.

  518. Dr.I.K.Majumdar says:

    The government should firstly stop all these sc,st,obc and ministerial candidates from securing admission in government colleges and students should be chosen only on merit basis… the veryonset a student should be counselled as to what the government expects out of him…after passing MBBS he or she has to serve in remote areas for two years before they get their Degree and final registration….then they can sit for their higher degrees and if they go abroad for higher studies they have to come back after 5 years and serve in a public hospital for another 5 years before opting for private practise……the private patients should get subsidised treatment…..all children below 5 years and all citizens above 65 years should get free treatment …also exmore than nation building we need character building of the general masspecting and lactating mothers ,handicapped people and people sufferring from incurable maladies like cancer….the tax payers shall have to pay 5% of their taxable income to the department of health and non taxpayers have to ay Rs1000 per annum per person in cities ,Rs 500 in towns and Rs. 250 in villages…..this is entirely possible though it may take an year to become absolutely successful…..the corruption in politics should be tackled and defence costs lowered and more importance given to health and education….subsidized drugs through government agencies should be provided to all….on the other hand any foreign national seeking treatment in india should be charged ten times more than a nrmal indian….so that the present trend of tourism and health enjoyed by foreigners should stop…if one needs treatment in our country than one has to pay up too….our primary focus should be health for indians and not earning foreign currency since we ought to remember that HEALTH IS WEALTH !!

  519. R.K.Kanth says:

    Dear All,
    We are discussing here the relevance of television program SATYAMEV JAYATE.
    We have the bad habit of pointing fingure always on everything without understanding the purpose , effort one is making to bring about change in whatever way he/she can possibly do.
    Amir’s effort can be seen in this perspective . All programme can be weighed from all directions- viz, social impact, commercial gain, self propagation, popularity etc.
    But it is we who can take out its real meaning for implementation in our daily gestures.
    Therefore, we do not find anything wrong on whatever social matter the weekly episode of this progamme is based on. At least it brings out the present day fact with which many of us remain unaware.After Ramayana, Mahabharta, we are viewing such good television show after long gap.
    So kudos to Amir for conception, research and better presentation.


  520. the whole system has got rotten . one episode or one tv program will not make any changes to clean the system.
    just watch the program and appreciate but are we really making efforts to clean up the mess and give a real effort to the world around us.
    if we do this,people will have their own views.
    this system remains the same for long long years,
    as it would be like eradicating salt from sea water

  521. Satyamev Jayte … sorry
    vaimeye vellum… sathyamev jayte… ippadi cholli chollithan Indian ovvoruvarum namma vazhkaiyai tholaichittu irukom… athu thappu… maraka name ovvoruvarum thappu seiravangala thandikka arambichathan vaimaiye vellum… satyamev Jayte…

  522. Beautifull article.. really enjoyed ur blog. This brings ur maturity. Make it last

  523. I’ve used to read your website all the time, seriously i love and i still do.


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