What is Vipassana & the Benefits of Vipassana Meditation

What is Vipassana Meditation

While you are extremely health conscious and pay a lot of attention to what goes inside your body, your mind may be full of clutter. Throughout the day and even when we sleep our mind is full of thoughts that keep running to and fro.

Stressful work at office as well as at home and mental tensions can leave you drained out. Problems in concentrating on work and losing temper for the smallest of things can be dangerous for your health and life. If you are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy mental balance then practicing Vipassana meditation can be helpful.

What does Vipassana mean?

The word Vipassana is composed of two parts—‘Vi’ which means in various ways and ‘passana’ which means seeing. So Vipassana means seeing in various ways.

What can Vipassana meditation do for me?

The ultimate purpose of Vipassana is to eradicate mental impurities from your mind altogether. Before that stage, there are benefits of tranquility, peace of mind and the ability to accept things as they come. Vipassana helps you to see things as they truly are, not as they appear to be. Things appear to be permanent, desirable and substantial, but actually they are not.  Some of theGoenka Guruji real benefits of Vipassana

  • Helpful for stress management and anger management
  • Helps self transformation and self observation.
  • Takes you through the common spot shared by your mind and body.
  • Removes impurities of your mind
  • Enables concentration on interrelations between your mind and body
  • Helps understand the mental process
  • Helps you to go deep within your self and discover yourself
  • Helps you heal your sufferings
  • Practice of Vipassana regularly helps control greed
  • Helps face tensions and problems
  • Increases awareness and helps make peace with yourself
  • Helps attain self-control
  • Helps control or stop day dreaming
  • Helps face fear

Who needs Vipassana meditation?

Vipassana meditation is for the cure of diseases of the mind in the form of mental defilements like greed, hatred, delusion, etc. We all have these mental diseases almost all the time. In order to at least control them we need Vipassana meditation. So Vipassana is for all people.

When Vipassana is needed?

Since mental impurities are almost always with us, we need Vipassana meditation almost all of the time. There is no fixed time for the practice of Vipassana. Morning, during the day, before bed…anytime is the time for Vipassana. And Vipassana may be practiced at any age.

Do I have to be a Buddhist to practice Vipassana?

There is nothing which can be called particularly Buddhist in Vipassana meditation. There is no element of religion. It is a scientific investigation and examination of yourself. You just observe closely every thing that comes to you and is happening to you in your body and mind at the present moment.

Govt. Itself Wants You to Attend Vipassana Course?

A government resolution (GR) issued in connection to this order states that any government employee who produces the admission fee receipt of the Vipassana course and submits the certificate on completing the course, then he/she is entitled for 14 days’ commuted leave (medical leave taken on full pay). You can check multiple state Govt. dept & PSUs on the Global Pagoda website where you can download the form & submit to your department.

Vipassana Meditation Courses in India

Just click here & find all the Vipassana centers in India.


I just want to know about your opinion on Vipassana meditation. Have you heard about this technique before? Have you attended this course before?


  1. I hv never heard about vipassana. Thks for the info Priya.


  2. When any one is practical in every moment of daily life then no stress effects him. Even if he faces stress then self hypnosis is the best thing to relax himself in a short time. He can overcome from everything.

    • Hey perfect say by you, but its upto the people who believes what.. but still i agree with you as i too think and practice the same.. at the same time priya is doing her job conveying these types spectacular facts & messages in mass.. great job priya

  3. This is the first time I heard about this meditation. Any way I thing think it is like ART OF LIVING or YOGA.


    Please inform me more about Vipasana or the details of course.

  5. sandhya bhat says:

    thanks priya for good suggession.

  6. balachander says:

    I didn’t here about this…
    I am practicing last one year of ISHA YOGA’S – Shambavi mahaduthra, & Shoonya Intensive…..
    This is a very powerful meditation and the best way to spirituality…..

  7. Dear priya,
    Really you are doing great job by sending us really valuable things in our life first up all
    Greetings to you…..
    Next when you asked about our opinion on the above subject , i would like to give a piece of information on meditation, as it is a vital action everyone should do. being in practicing SKY meditation , ie, simplified kundalani meditation discovered by vethathry maharishy who founded WCSC-world community service center in the year 1952 from chennai. which promote world peace through individual peace , he formulated very simple technique in physical exercise ,meditation and a marvelous kayakalpa yoga which require just 5 minuet’s to practice have lot of health benefit like ever green youthfulness……now more than 12 universities taught this as their regular degree and post graduate course…govt .of tamilnanu has giving all of their school teachers this yoga free of cost with leave…
    as i have practicing this for the last 6 years i found immense benefit put of this will be the best as i know for the modern age.pl. visit for more info….

  8. no pension, no tension the question of stress does’t arise.any way thank u for the mail.love

  9. I attended this course last year and I can say this is one of best thing happened in my life. Thanks for this information.

  10. Kanwal Bedi says:

    Ms. Priya

    I have not heard Vipassana Meditation before this. I am already doing YOGA regularly.
    Thanks for the information.

  11. Thanks Priya for the right info

  12. abburi venkateswara rao says:

    priyaji, forget vipassana, i see u in various ways. being a voluntarily retd officer from central govt service, searching a suitable placement any where in the universe, for optimum utilization of my expertise,experience and knowledgeable skills, no vipassana is required since being healthy and willing to relocate immediately

    a.v.rao, M.A. M.A.LLM, PGDPMIR, vijayawada, mobile 91 9849348455

  13. Hi Ms.Priya,
    You have shared a valuable information and it is a dire necessity in today’s mechanical life.We all say that we have no time – that means we are not organized ourselves.
    Such sessions will automatically set ourselves and we may wonder from where the time has come in plenty for us.I advise all my friends and the entire readers of this mail to get organized for our fruitful lifetime & Njoy…!

  14. Priya Thanks, Many system heard not this.first time.
    Librarian & Head
    M.S.Ramaiah Inst of Technology

  15. Hi Priya

    Thanks for info. Please leave your no or call me 9886668195

  16. I never heard about this. I want more details. Thanks to you.

  17. Hi Priya,
    Yes I know about Vipassana as I myself have done six 10 days course at Vipassana Research Institute, Dhammagiri in Igatpuri. This centre is the world’s biggest centre of Vipassana. The technique taught here is practical and scientific.
    Here we have to observe complete noble silence for 10 days and follow the instructions as given by the ‘Teachers’.
    One really feels peace of mind if he does the course seriously. For more information please visit the website http://www.vri.dhamma.org and for entry in the course you can check the schedule and fill the form online if the seats are available.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ganesh Tiwari.

  18. There are various types of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation and everyone has its own benefits. But the problem is we, the general public get confused to decide the beneficial course. Regarding Vipassana Meditation, though it is unknown to me but it may be helpful as Govt. recognized it for it’s employees with 14 days leave. But every Govt. decision has been spreading a foul smell for last couple of years. So take care.

  19. Vineet Mangal says:

    HI Priya,
    I havent heard about Vipassana till the time i read the your post. This is great work by awaring all the people about such things. Can you mentions or give link where it implements how to do practice of vipassana.
    Vineet Mangal

  20. Tara kumar says:

    dear madam.
    Thanks, i have not heard of this system. it would be very kind of u if u sent how to do it.

  21. Please inform me more about Vipasana or the details of course.

  22. Hi Priya,
    I heard about meditation in Yoga sasthra (Pathanjali)and it is very helpful to reduce our stress ,tension,and get concentration etc.This is the first time hearing about Vipassana Meditation, its a good and helpful information . Thanks

  23. Thanks Priya for this valuable information..

  24. Hi Priya,
    Well done Priya. Really u have done a great job for society.

  25. Subrata Chakraborty says:

    Dear Priya,

    Thanks for your mail.


  26. Nagesh Rao says:

    Yes Priya, It is a old & effective form of Meditation to bring in Discipline & order to our Mind. Mr.Goenka has started this Vipasana Centre all over Maharashtra. He has written a book on this subject titled VIPASANA. Not only adults even youngsters are practicing this to have & maintain their Mental/physical Health.

    There is a in house Vipasana facility for the first timers for a period of 14 days where in you can sit quite across & meditate, yes initially it may be difficult for most of the people they take brake in between but as the day passed they medicate for long hours. Once they come out from this course for 14 days they look so fresh & confident. I have seen & personally interviewed lot of people who are satisfied & happy that they went through this Vipasana.

    A very few of them cld not meditate or continue for a long for various reasons, but their population is very miniscule.

    Recently Mr.Arvind Kejrival of IAC has attended this course to gain energy & mental strength to go for long fast irrespective of that he is a Diabetic patient.

    There are many Vipasana or Mini Vipasana Centres (for Students) here in Mumbai city it self.

    Once you are control of your Mind your entire system will be alright & peaceful.
    Vipasana is a experience.

    Thanks Priya for introducing good subject.

  27. parveen jolly says:

    I am going to attend this course w.e.f. 15/9/2012, for which I have already registered myself a month back. My son attended it last year & he recommended the same to me.


  28. R.RAMESH BABU says:

    This is really usful for each and every one with irrespective of age.

    Thanks for shareing such good deeds to others wher there life style may slightly get changed and take the self control on them.

  29. hi, Priya
    intially when i used to get mails from you i was just ignornig but now days i am really impressed by reading your messages as i really feel myself that apart from our bussy Timings we have take care our health as without our health we cannot achieve anything in life, good keep it up you are doing great job,but if we get to know about this course on net it will be more useful to over come the problems and make better enviornment to life peacefully.

  30. is this same as sudharshan kriya which has been running by the yes +

  31. Keshavaram says:


  32. sanjeev Sharma says:

    If you chant holy name of Krishna like Hare krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, because in this age of Kali you will free from all kind of stress to chant holy name of Hari. kalyug kavel nam adhara, japat japat nar utrahi para.

  33. nilesh gupta says:

    thank you priya ji for once again a newly information.

    nilesh gupta

  34. When someone says the word DHARMA the listener immediately starts thinking Is he taiking about hindu dharma or islam dharma or christian dharma or buddhist dharma etc as if, hindu ,muslim,christian,jain this adjectives r must before dharma then only it is dharma. There r quarrels happening every now & then because nodody knows the real dharma which is same for everyone . My friends Dharma has its own & vast existence it doesnt need this adjectives. Nowadays we all see people saying i m staunch hindu or a staunch Muslim etc but nobody says i m a staunch DHARMIC Vipassana helps u to become a dharmic person. My all doubts about dharma r cleared by doing vipassana course. I feel if there has to be lasting peace in india & world Vipassana is the only solution. May all beings be happy

  35. Really it is needed for those who lead traditional combined families
    to withstand the social,economical & moral obiligations in their lives.
    It also helpful to those who lead solitude life & stay alone from their relations.

  36. there are many such things happeneing in this world that we are unaware of . Good info for every one. Atleast it could help some one who needs this yoga badly.
    priya thanks for sharing the info.

  37. Hai this is an useful information for me. let me try out.thanks a lot

  38. KRISH KANNAN says:

    thanks priya for good suggession.

  39. Hi Priya,
    Well done Priya. Really u have done a great job for society.

    rajeev lochan

  40. Shri Ram Sharma says:

    Thank for your useful information.

  41. Hi Priya

    Thanks for the information, I am also hearing first time.

  42. I never heard about Vipassana Meditation ,,
    Thanks for your information.

  43. Bhanu Pratap says:

    Hey Priya,
    Your mail are always inspiring and helpful to me So Thank You So Much for being such a nice friend to Me Dear. And I really feel myself that apart from our bussy Timings we have take care our health as without our health we cannot achieve anything in life, good keep it up you are doing great job,but if we get to know about this course on net it will be more useful to over come the problems and make better enviornment to life peacefully. God Bless You Dear……………….

  44. I have heard the word somewhere but I don’t know what it actually means. Thank you so much for the valuable information.

  45. Thanks a lot.

  46. Dileep Kolhatkar says:

    Very importent information I have received from this e mail.
    Many many THANKS .

  47. Hi, I haven’t heard of this before, anyhow , thank you, Priya, for your efforts.

  48. dear priya
    thanks for the information, Thank for your useful information.

  49. You have provided us a great information. Thanks

  50. Many Many thanks PRIYA……….

    I knew about this Vipasana Meditation and was very keen to attend, but due to my own postponing attitude had almost forgotten it. Now seriously I make my plans and schedule it to attend Vipasana Meditation ASAP…

  51. Very nice of you to share such wonderful info. Thanks a lot……..

  52. Hi, Priya, I would like to know more about this meditation

  53. Suresh Shirthadi says:

    Thanks for your Information dear priya


  55. Thilaksgallage says:

    Thank you Priya,for the information.I have heard of Vipassana from buddhists .But I have never practiced it
    .I thought of to practice it ,if get an oppertunity


  57. I have never heard abt vipassana.
    Thanks for valuable information priya.
    love u so much.
    bye take care.

  58. priya bahan,

    try to do it. at last our govt. tell we sold the land to others. so pls.

    regards – babu

  59. Thanks for the information priya it is very helpful for all the peoples in the world. As we can expect from your posts all the time.

  60. N.R.Mishra says:

    Dear Priya,
    A lot of Thanx for valuable tips. I have never heard about this type of Meditation. Please take little pain and inform me about the process of doing it. I am from the state of ODISHA. Hence where can I get the opportunity to do the same ? Really I am very happy that from you I am getting lot of good thing.
    Niraj Mishra

  61. i just want to join these type of meditation camps just tell me where and how can i join this my present location is gurgaon plz. write to my mail i.e megha54@gmail.com

  62. thanks for information priya.

  63. Hi Priya, Thanks for this valuable information.

  64. srinivasan says:

    Hi Priya, you doing excellent job, U are Really great person.
    I am also hearing first time. thanks for information Priya

  65. Chandrashekara says:

    Great Priya,

    It is really helpful.

  66. Thanks priya for your information sharing with me. so pl keep sending.

  67. I have read about it in osho’s books. But I use another techniques.

    Thanks for your mail

  68. Very good information at this time of depression Priya. Good Job Keep Going God Bless You.

  69. thanksto u priya

  70. Rahim Khan says:

    Hi Priya

    Thanks for the Information.


  71. P.N.SHEDBAL says:

    Priyaji, thanks for sharing the information.

  72. i don’t know about that
    thank you priya for information.

  73. vinod kumar rana says:

    Dear Priya N,
    Thanks for giving me a valuable information i was not knowing that this type of events going on and sending me time to time updates

    Vinod Kumar

  74. Thank you for letting me know.

  75. no…. not heard about this… but hope it will b useful:) thnk u priya:)

  76. Trushant Thavakar says:

    I am doing daily meditation

  77. Dear Priyaji,
    thanks for sharing the information

  78. Ashish Biswas says:

    Hi Priya,

    Thanks for the information about such stress reliver

  79. Thank you Priya for good suggestion. I have heard about Vipassana.But I have never join in this meditation course.

  80. Hi! Priya its really informative and interesting.I also would like to do this kind of course if it is available nearby.Can you provide more information regarding this and the availability of this course near by porur-chennai.

    You can mail to baju_aricadan@yahoo.co.in

    Any way you are doing a good job to create an awareness among the public and by that way you serve the society.
    Thank you
    Keep going

  81. Hi Priya,
    Yes, I heard about this before in Om Shanthi Meditation Center. But i went there only once. Now I am doing yoga. I think I should start Meditate. thanks for the info ………. keep sending ………..Sujatha

  82. Hi, It is very useful to our daily life, reduce mental stress,but I have no time to practice it.

  83. karan bhola says:

    thanks priya for the information, but, I would suggest to learn REIKI from some
    renown Master where you can heal from all ailments and they also teach you MEDITATION

  84. Hi,

    Thanks for this valuable information. Good work from your side to spread Vipassana.

  85. Simon Ricky says:

    Have not heard about this Priya, But cheers to you… you give a lot of valuable information.. This is the best for all of us….

  86. Dear Priya,

    Ya it is good….i know very well about this vipassana…i went once for this vipassana and trained also…….ya it is good….

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